The next of the pitiful outside days, GLaDOS made sure to tune into the android pretending to be human body when it was needed. Not when a voice startled her.

Which meant an hour too early.

Caroline turned on the Aperture-TV again, and watched as test subjects got through tests, and nothing stopped them.

Then someone walked in.

"Would you like a drink?"

"No, thanks, I'm good." After the incident on the train Caroline was sure to never get in touch with water again.

The servant, which seemingly wasn't an Avox, then noticed what Caroline was watching and slightly freaked out. "Is everything okay with you?"

"Just reminding myself of what it is like at District 14."

"District 14 has its own TV channel?"

"Who do you think we are? Cavemen only learning to set things on fire? Actually, the first leader Aperture had, before Panem, was named Cave Johnson. Don't tell."

"Sorry. If you need anything, ask."

I'd very like people not thinking I'm strange or an android everywhere. The servant walked out, and Caroline realized she still had some time to kill.

After said time had dropped dead in the ever-growing pile of "the past", adding to the two Avox casualties and countless test subjects and employees that had died while GLaDOS was in control of Aperture, Caroline walked out of her room and noticed that Chell and Doug were also here. As they three descended to the training rooms, Doug asked:

"Miss GLaDOS-"

"I am Caroline Morality. Try to remember that."

"Fine. Miss Morality, what do you think of other tributes?"

"Twenty-five of them are going to die?"

"Very funny. But in reality?"

"Let's hope your involvement makes that twenty-six."

"You're still avoiding my question."

"I didn't meet any personally! Sure, the ones from one, two and four looked stronger than anyone else, but that's just TV."

As they finally reached the rooms, Caroline couldn't help but be amazed at the variety of lessons on both weapons and survival skills the organizers had to offer. As Chell and Doug took off to the lessons without a blink, Caroline just stood there, then looked around for other colleagues. Mentors, if you will.

But, of course, a mentor had to find her first.

"Laura Allen, district five. Nice to meet you."

"Caroline Morality, district fourteen, and thank you. Nice to meet you too."

"First Hunger Games, huh? How is it?"

"So far, fairly nice. You're preparing tributes fairly well."

"Fairly well? They won't listen to anything I say! Do they realize they're going to die?"

"Oh, sorry. So, as I heard, a mentor should have won the Games previously."

"Yes, I did. The seventy-seventh ones."

"And how they were?"

"People trying to kill me, and people killing other people. I learned to use the bow and arrow, as well as spears, so people who I kill wouldn't notice me and try to kill me as well. And how it was at District 14 before they joined Panem?"

"A huge artificial intelligence killing people, and people killing said A.I. only to have her strike back."

"How can a dead A.I.-"

"Robots never truly die."

"And how did she strike back?"

"Valuable allies. In particular, the current female tribute we have."

"That would be Chell Redacted?"

"Chell Merchant."

"I thought on the Reaping they said Chell Redacted."

"Well, then they got it wrong."

"Well, your tale is... interesting. In the least."

"And, as I see, the Hunger Games are not too different from Aperture Science-"

"Excuse me, Aperture Science?"

"That's how we were called before becoming District 14."


Well, that's one friend made. There are still twelve others.

A couple, much older than Laura or Caroline, walked by, and gave Laura an angry look.

"Who are they?" Caroline asked.

"Katniss and Peeta Mellarks. District 12. I killed their son in my games, don't tell."

"Wait, they're two mentors for one district?"

"Seventy-fourth games. Before I or you were born." And that's a complete lie. A memory, though bare, survived of a civilization before Panem. Something called the United States of America. "Something about the gamemakers establishing a new rule, then abolishing it, then establishing it again. Long story short, they both got to be the victors."


The friendly talk with Laura ended there, however, as Katniss and Peeta noticed Laura and Caroline talking, and couldn't help but intervene.

"Who do you think you are to talk to my son's murderer?" Peeta was first to talk.

"Caroline Morality from district fourteen?"

"Caroline Morality? What kind of name is that?" Katniss gave a strange look to Caroline.

"Hey, it's District 14. Give them a chance." Laura defended Caroline.

"We're not talking to you. Now listen, Caroline. If Chell or Doug dare touch Gale's son in the games..."

"Sorry, we don't have time for this!" Laura snapped Caroline's wrist, this time, thankfully, not the one which switched her forms, and both left the training room.

"You don't want to see them and me near each other."

Caroline remained silent for a while, then asked: "Who's Gale?"

"I can't tell. They could tell, but right now they're mad at you, so don't try."

Author's idiotisms: Look at my delirious attempts to make you contribute to my story! There are two places where I hint on character developments of characters that you're supposed to own. Try and find them. Maybe that'll spark an idea.