'Will Adrian and Jaeger. Of all the people i have ever met Will Adrian is perhaps the most hypocritical. Will is an honest, by the book cop. Jaeger is a selfish, devilishly practical assassin and as cold blooded as they come, but sometimes Will says or does things and you wonder 'Are they really so different?' Mark Graves

3 years ago: Jaeger sat on the rooftop and watched the offloading of the cargo ship. It was early morning and after following the paper trail of import / export to docks to source to destination Jaeger was ready to tie this up and call it a night. Working homicide by day and then following up on his own triad investigation by night was starting to take its toll. He only ever meditated 5 hrs a day instead of sleeping, but still fatigue and mental exhaustion was inevitable. There was only so long you can burn the candle at both ends before you run out of wax. He massaged the bridge of his nose to assuage the growing migraine that was growing in his temples.

He ran his hand through his short stark white hair and traced his hand over his features. The change always amazed him even after so long. The scar that Arashi had given him as he was fleeing the village, it ran from above his left eye to just parallel with the bridge of his nose, just under his eye socket, if Will hadn't pulled back as the sword came down he would be called 'One eye'. The village was his home for twenty years. Framed for killing the head of the village, outcast and hunted by his friends and 'family' and he had even lost Akako, his love. Arashi was in charge now and all the past commandments and dictates that the previous head had put in place were gone now like smoke after a fire. Arashi was now part of some of the shadiest characters in the golden triangle. The village was involved in assassinations, drugs, guns and stuff that Will didn't even want to know about

He reached back and made sure his short sword was loose in its scabbard but not too loose that it falls out. He started getting nervous, no excuse for it, Will guessed but it was a bad sign when a police officer and lethal ninja couldn't do surveillance without the jitters. Looking down he spotted a young man in slacks and a t shirt with a baseball cap pulled low over his face, Will guessed, to obscure his features and he was of slim build. trying to stealthily sneak closer to the offloading. Jaeger shook his head

"He's going to get himself killed', Jaeger thought to himself. The triads were not the most well known or 'glamorous' of crime families, but they were dangerous and experienced. Looking back along the man's trail he spotted two triad gunmen following the man. He ran across the back of the roof and flipped off the rooftop to land on some packing crates tied up with netting for transport.

Stealthing along behind the two triads, Jaeger rounded the corner to find both gunmen unconscious and the man standing over them, cracking his knuckles and smiling. Jaeger casual stance dropped into a defensive fighting style.

"Who are you?" Jaegers voice was heavily accented Japanese but the words were clear enough. Will was American through and through; part of the change was that they were essentially two different people in one body. Jaeger was Asian, he looked Asian and he sounded Asian, he thought Asian. The mindset was so different to the western mind; it sometimes confused Will if what he was saying made sense to anyone but him.

Will had always wondered how deep the change went. Did it affect his personality? His views? His morality? His very essence?

To keep his mind clear from concerns or letting his worries distract him from what he was doing he would look on his Jaeger persona as a tool. Just another weapon in his fight to escape from the clan he so desperately loved when he was younger.

The man jumped back a step and smiled

"More meat for the barbecue" an electrical arc spread between both his outstretched hands

Jaeger started warily circling the stranger, while keeping his peripheral vision on objects around him. They were under the overhang of one of the warehouses and ensconced in shadow, so they should be safe from guards for a while, but if explosions started going off then attention would inevitably follow. Jaegers hands flashed through arcane hand signs as he strove to weave his spell before his assailant managed to electrocute him, it was easier near the docks as he had plenty of water to work with. If he was most other places it wouldn't be this easy or quick.

As he finished his final sign, mist rolled in from the sea as he obscured everything. Mist swirled round his body as he concentrated it in one place as he stealthily moved behind the packing crates that had so cushioned his fall earlier. The mist coalesced into a man sized figure of approximately jaegers build and height as he worked his way round the back of his electrically charged assailant.

"I don't need to see you to hit you, mist is made up of water and water conducts" the man shouted

A giant dome of bluish white crackling light filled the immediate area, Jaegers water substitute was vaporized as the electricity broke it down to its constituent parts, the packing crates burst into flame, the concrete of the warehouse took on horizontal scorch marks as the arc of lightning flashed across its surface. Mobile phones blew up in owners hands, interference drowned out radio broadcasts (both civilian and other) and electrical equipment short circuited. Jaeger was in mid leap to take down his opponent when the lightning arc hit him. His clothes burst into flame and he was thrust backwards over the edge of the dock, his system spasmed and then he hit the frigid cold of the sea, the shock to his system made him black out.

Jaeger awoke and noticed that he was sitting down, tied up with his hands and fingers bound by rope and his feet lassoed to the chair legs. He looked up to spot the man he saw at the docks sitting down behind an executive oak desk reading a book. He spotted the title 'Mass Effect'

"Good afternoon, it's nice to see you are still alive, i have some questions and i need some answers."

Jaeger cursed in mandarin

The man put the book gingerly down and walked round the desk and sat on the front edge of the desk facing Jaeger

"My name is Michael Garth and you are...?"

Jaeger spat at him

Garth reached out and put one finger on the ropes encircling his hands. A bright blue spark jumped from Garth's finger to the ropes, Jaegers body spasmed in pain, he bit back the scream that was forming

"You don't have to hold in your screams, this office is soundproofed, but I WILL have my answers"

"...had worse..." Jaeger mumbled.

"Oh my dear 49er, I know you are Triad and I know you aren't very high in the organization, although the whole finger wiggling, mist thing was very impressive."

Jaeger tensed against the ropes

"Not 49er..." he managed to gasp

"Maybe a red pole but no higher, mind you, I have always thought that the titles you Triads come up with, sound crazy to me."

"...not Triad"

"Lies, lies and more lies"

Garth sighed and took a deep breath; he walked round behind Jaegers chair. Jaeger could feel the hair on the back of his neck standing as static was discharged. He craned his head back to spot Garth standing in the middle of the room, lightning was emanating from his very pores, it ran up and down his body, his hands were glowing a deep blue, Jaeger couldn't even see his hands anymore as from Garths wrist down there was just energy. Bright blue, destructive energy.

Jaeger tensed and awaited the killing blow.

Gunshots were heard outside the door.

Garth let the energy dissipate as he ran to the desk and hit the intercom

"What's going on, Kita?"

"An intruder making his way up towards you sir, security can't seem to stop him, only delay him"

"Tell security if it gets too dangerous or if he starts breaking though, tell them to withdraw"

Jaeger started visibly struggling against the ropes

"Forget it, you'll never break free, I've treated those ropes, never gonna happen my Asian friend"

Jaeger picked up a hint of an accent, maybe Georgia but it was only for a split second, then the facade was back.

"Let me go, I can help, he is going to slaughter you"

Garth eyes started crackling with energy, arcs if lightning started coruscating up and his down his forearm, circuitry could be seen underneath the lightning itself.

"No one is going to slaughter anyone, not here!"

A patch of darkness slid under the door to the office and seemed to detach from the floor and form into a costumed figure, dressed as a ninja, but the attire was powder blue, not the traditional, black, grey or white. The figure pointed at Jaeger

"I only want him then i will be on my way"

Garth stepped between the two ninjas

"No, you can't have him; he is going to answer for his crimes. I am not going to let him vanish"

The ninjas hand flashed forward and Jaeger heard a whirring noise as a salvo of three projectiles arced towards Garth. He leant to the side and they whistled past him.

Garth smiled

"Bad shot"

Jaeger stood up, freed from the ropes. The shuriken embedded in Garths desk as they cut the ropes on the way past

"No, he wasn't"

Garth tried to turn round but Jaeger struck him in the neck and Garth collapsed

"Hello, Ryukin"

The figure bowed

"Jaeger. You have crimes to answer for, come back with me"

Jaeger shook his head

"I can't do that, I am sorry. I'm innocent, I can't come back until i clear my name"

Ryukin growled underneath his mask

"I cannot let you leave here."

Jaeger looked around the room and spotted a wraparound tinted mirror that was used as a wall behind Garths desk. He vaulted the desk and landed on the mirror feet first the glass shattered and Jaeger went into free fall hundreds of feet above the ground

He didn't even have time to think as he spread his body out in free fall to slow his descent. He gathered the energy for one spell as he clasped his right wrist with his left hand and poured all the energy he could into his right hand. There was dryness in his throat as he started absorbing moisture from the air, a ball of water started forming in his hand, a whirlpool effect was seen as the water coalesced in his palm.

He struck out and plunged his hand into the concrete of the building, marking a deep groove sliding downward in the wall, shards and concrete dust showered him as he hand jammed in the wall and slowed his pace. He looked down, he estimated about another hundred feet to go. He looked around for any smaller buildings, he could perhaps alight on. A man shaped spot of darkness flowed down the wall until it was just over Jaegers position and then detached from the wall, coalesced into a man and kicked Jaeger free from the wall, then using the momentum of the kick the figure retreated back into the shadows and reattached itself to the wall.

A voice sounded in Jaegers mind

"If I cannot bring you back alive, then I will take you back in any form I can get"

Jaeger thought about a snappy retort but he was never very good at the mental aspects of his training. He focussed his attention away from Ryukin and looked at the approaching ground. He resumed the same posture and start forming a ball of water in his right palm, he started drawing on more and more energy, unlocking more and more moisture from the air, as he formed more and more water, and he ultimately started using his own moisture locked within his own body

Before he struck the ground he lashed out with his spell and hit the ground with as much force as he could generate in the hopes of cancelling out the inertia from the fall. There was as sickening crack as his shoulder dislocated, he felt his wrist snap like so much dried wood, his elbow cracked and he felt his forearm sliding up his arm. He rolled as he landed and came to his feet. He looked down at the damage and spotted that he had changed back into Will Adrian. He was wearing his dress shoes, smart brown trousers and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and with his shoulder holster and regulation sidearm within

Cradling his arm against his chest he ran away as fast as his legs could carry him and hoped that once the adrenalin wore off he hoped that the pain wasn't too bad