I was preparing dinner for my son and I on a cold and windy day in District 4. It was the middle of December and although conditions were harsh, the fishers were still working extremely hard. I could see them outside the kitchen window. A few of them I know. Some of Finnick's old friends. I don't speak to them anymore though. Not after they didn't turn up to Finnick's funeral. Maybe it was too much for them, I don't know. But they could have at least paid respect to their friend.

My house is right by the sea. In the summer the sea is a beautiful green colour, just like how my Finnick's eyes looked. But now it was the winter, the sea looked black and depressing.

I finish preparing the salad and place it on the table next to the cooked haddock. District 4's special fish which was also Finnick's favourite. Everything is ready so I go to find my son, Grandis. He's only five now but a very beautiful boy, just like his father. He has the same golden hair and emerald eyes. I reach the bottom of the stairwell and call his name.

"Grandis! Dinner is ready!"

No reply. "Grandis? Where are you darling?"

I make my way up the stairs, still calling his name. I search all of the rooms but he's nowhere to be found. I run downstairs, almost tripping, and go outside. The wind is really strong, blowing my hair in front of my eyes, slightly blocking my sight.

"GRANDIS?" He'd never be able to hear me in this wind. I look around but he's nowhere to be seen. What if I've lost my other boy too? I sink to the floor, in tears. Suddenly, I hear a small but familiar voice. I get up and make my way to where the voice is coming from. The voice gets clearer and clearer as I near the sea. Finally, I see Grandis, sitting on a rock by the sea, talking to himself. Or maybe not himself.

"Mummy always says how you loved to fish. She doesn't know much about it but she said she'd try to teach me someday." I walk to him and put my arm around his shoulders.

"Oh, hi mummy. I was just talking to daddy." My eyes prick with tears. How sweet.

"That's nice darling. But dinner is nearly ready so you'll have to come inside now. You need to be careful in this terrible weather too. "

"Can I just say one more thing to daddy?"

"Of course." I stand back and Grandis gets up and takes a few more steps towards the ocean.

"I didn't ever get to meet you but I drew a picture of you and put it in this glass bottle. I hope you like it daddy. I love you." He throws the bottle into the sea and makes his way to me. I wipe my tears in my sleeve and Grandis takes my hand.

"Come on dear. Let's go inside and eat some of daddy's favourite fish."