When the sun rose into the red sky on the third day, the Boy and the Girl went to ocean, compelled by something they could not define. They had become passengers in their own flesh, spectators to something beyond and above them. They gazed out over the crimson water, filled with the primordial soup that mankind had been consigned to. They had been there, only a few days recent. The Boy had rebelled, and rejected the bond that had been made. The Girl had been pulled with him, by a connection that was stronger than either had cared to acknowledge, or been able to admit. And now, they were here, three days later, pulled to the sea.

Here, a vast number of souls was about to reject the bond themselves. They had been called as witnesses. An operation had been enacted, for something…great…had been introduced to the mass of humanity before them. There was unrest. The bonds were starting to break. The world was quiet, but the seams were restless.

The Girl knelt down, in her red and tattered Plug suit. One blue eye and one red eye gazed over the ocean, pensive and quiet. The Boy knelt behind her, higher and braced against her back. They sat like this for a long time, no measure to mark the passage of it. Soon, however, something occurred. A wind blew, the sky warped, and ocean seemed to broil. A vast chorus of voices more felt than heard seemed to wash over them.

The Boy drew up his hands, and placed them palm down over the Girl's eyes. She brought up her own, placing the backs of her fingers over his eyes. They began to breathe, in time, slow and surely. There was a religion to this act, this trance that neither had planned but had been pulled to. It was demanded. Expected.

In spite of their hands, they could still See. The Saw the Rebellion. The Fall. The Return.

The crimson sea glowed, red light rising into the air. A sound like tearing cloth warped the air, and a great burst echoed through the sky. The Boy and the Girl stiffened, gasping as something electric seized them. The light dispersed, separate points of a star exploding through the ocean to cardinal points on the Earth.

The air grew silent, and the glow faded. As though their strings had been cut, the Boy and the Girl fell to the side, their arms still entangled. They lay there, unconscious, for a long time.

They were there when the first people walked from the ocean, naked and glistening under the sun.