"So where are we going?" Rai asked. "My hometown, my bother has a friend I think him would let us stay with him and maybe my brother will there!" Angel said hopeful. "And long are we walking for?" asked Hak. "A day or two." said Angel. Rai sighed in angry knowing Angel is not thinking of the 'what if'. "So what if your brother is… not… there" Sena choosing her words carefully

. Angel turn around still walking.

"What do you mean?" asked Angel the tone in her voice is almost like she know but is not want to believe it.

"Like he's dead?" said Sena worry about Angel's react. Angel stop cause Tori, Donha, and Rai to smack into her. Rai was about to yell at her when he seen to look at Angel's face, it look like Sena just say "she was going to died".

"My brother is not dead, he's clever and smart." Angel said very sad. Soon night time come. Donha was cooking, Tori was on watch out with Sena while Angel, Finn, and Rai was looking for fresh water to drink when Rai asked angel a question she hope the avoid a bit longer.

"Why is your activator white?" Rai asked Irritated.

"I paint it because it look like the clothes my aunt would wear." Angel said Depressed to remember her past. "Ok." Rai said not should what to say about that. So after getting water they start to walk only to heard a women voice

"So it's looks like you find friends you little freak." The three to see a women with blond hair, a red shirt and shirt.

"A-a-aunt sally?" Angel said in fear.