Ugh I am killing my self do you wanna know why? Because when I got this account I promised myself that I wouldn't have more than one story out at a time oh well enjoy it's kinda based off of a youtube video I did


Sam walked into Carly's apartment with a pregnancy test in hand, too shocked to say anything. "What how?" Carly asked she was shocked when she saw the little plus sign on the pregnancy test. Sam was speechless she simply shook her head. "Well who's the dad?" Carly asked. She was hoping that Sam would at least know that.

"I don't know" Sam said she was hurt and confused and then Carly looked angry.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU JUST DON'T KNOW?" Her best friend exclaimed. Sam was shocked that Carly Shay her best friend goody-two-shoes cursed. But it wasn't the time or place o point that out. "I-I'm sorry okay? I just kinda I don't know" Sam said and then Carly's expression softened.

"It's okay I mean I shouldn't have said that" Carly said in a softer tone.

"I don't know what to do… I mean I'm pregnant and there's a 50/50 chance that the baby isn't Freddie's" she said.

"Yeah let's just hope that Freddie doesn't find out anytime soon" Carly said. She felt bad that her best friend was pregnant and it wasn't because of rape or abuse. "Everything will be alright" she said but Sam shook her head.

"No, it won't be I'm 17 and pregnant I've messed up my life. And to make things worse I don't even know if it's Freddie!" Sam cried.

"At least Freddie doesn't know" Carly said but Freddie walked in at that exact moment. Since both of their backs were turned Sam and Carly didn't see Freddie walk in. "At least Freddie doesn't know what?" Freddie asked.

"Uhhhhhh" Sam was lost for words. She was shocked. "That I'm pregnant" she honestly said. 'Lying to Freddie would make the situation worse than it is so if I tell Freddie the truth then maybe Freddie won't be as mad' she thought to herself. Freddie stared at Sam with disbelief. Then Sam's eyes welled with tears. "I know you're gonna leave me that's exactly what my dad did to my mom when she got pregnant in college. She got kicked off of campus and then my dad left" she said. Then she quickly whipped away the tears so then no one could see her cry. "Baby I would never leave you I'm not like your dad" Freddie said and then Sam's eyes filled with hope. She knew that Freddie loved her but he loved her enough not to leave her even though she may have had sex with another guy? "So do you think that you know who the dad is?" Freddie asked. He wanted to at least know that.

"Remember a few weeks ago at your cousins' party?" Sam asked recalling the day clearly. Freddie's cousin was trying to get her in bed with him but she refused. Freddie nodded his head. "Well your cousin might be the father he was trying to get me to sleep with him but I said no. And then he gave me a drink and he could have put a pill in my drink so I wouldn't remember it" she said. Freddie shook his head.

"No Sam my cousin is horny not evil he won't go as far as drugging a girl just so he can have sex and besides he's only 15" Freddie said he refused to believe that his 15 year old cousin would lose his virginity to a girl 2 years older than him. "Well you did kinda get drunk and I think that we had sex but I don't know I was a little drunk that night too" Sam said. Before they went to the party they made a promise. That was that they would both do something that they never had done that night. And they both lost their virginity. "Well you're a daddy!" Carly cried and then Freddie had a shocked look on his face.

"Oh my god I'm a dad!" He cried. "I'm a father" "I'M NO LONGER A VIRGIN!" Freddie yelled but a little bit too loud because then his mom walked into the Shay's apartment. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO LONGER A VIRGIN?" She cried. Freddie got that uh-oh look on his face, Sam almost fainted and Carly was simply enjoying the drama. "Well mom congratulations you're a grandma!" Freddie said trying to sound positive.

"YOU SLUT!" Mrs. Benson immediately turned to Sam. "Freddie what did she do to you? Did she give you the pill?" Mrs. Benson asked.

"Maybe you're just jealous that you're forever a virgin" Sam mumbled she was tired of people calling her a slut, and a whore, and a skank just because she had sex. But she is 17 that's almost an adult so why are they talking? "Just because I decided to get the sperm from the bottle to get pregnant doesn't mean that I'm forever a virgin" Mrs. Benson said now she was mad.


"SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH I HATE YOU! FREDDIE I FORBID YOU FROM SEEING SAM EVER AGAIN!" Mrs. Benson screamed and then Spencer ran down the stairs.

"Why such explicit language? Please Sam Mrs. Benson take it somewhere else" Spencer said he doesn't allow cussing in the household.

"Just sit down and enjoy the drama" Carly said and then Spencer sat down right next to Carly.


"Oh things just got interesting" Carly commented. Then all three of the people arguing glared at her. "I'll shut up" Carly said slumping down in her seat a little.

"Good call Shay" Sam said then she looked at Mrs. Benson. "I'm tired of being called a skank, a slut and a whore. I love Freddie and Freddie loves me you can't change that so quit bitching over it and get over it" Sam said and then Spencer opened his mouth to protest but Carly gave him the 'shut up' look so Spencer closed his mouth. "Freddie you may be my son at home but until you get your facts straight you're not my son anywhere else" Mrs. Benson said and then she walked off.

"Oh you just got disowned" Spencer said and then Carly gave Spencer 'the look again.' "Sorry too soon?" He asked and Freddie nodded his head.

"Freddie I'm sorry maybe we should just break up" Sam said she was very truly sorry that she had caused all of this.

"No Sam I'm not letting you go I love you too much we'll work it out" Freddie said as he put his arm around his girlfriend. Then he kissed her forehead. "Lest get on the computer and do some research" Freddie said as he sat down on the chair and Sam sat next to him.