*Keep in mind, I don't own Diary of a Wimpy Kid or any of the characters. But I do own Christina. This takes place after the second movie. Before the movie Dog Days.

Chapter One

Rodrick and his band was practicing in the garage. Susan knocked on the door and came in. "Rodrick, guess who I just got off the phone with?" Rodrick stood up. "Hold on guys." He dragged in mother in to the kitchen. "Who is so important that-" She shhed him. "Don't tell Greg yet, but Christina is! She is moving next door to go to high school for Senior Year, like you!" Rodrick nodded and smiled. "Really?" Rodrick always had a crush on her until she moved. But it wasn't so bad because he saw her everyday, on the TV. "She is going to be here in a few hours. So, I want all of us to have dinner together." Susan interrupted Rodrick's daydreaming. "Ok mom. I have to go practice now…" Susan ran into the living room and told Greg and Manny. "Hey guys, guess what!" Rodrick left into the garage. "What was that all about, bro?" He picked up his drumsticks. "Remember Christina Kelly? Our old singer?" They turned to him. "Yea? What about her?" He chuckled a bit. "She is moving right next to us!" They laughed. "Sweet, bro! Hey, are you going to date her?" Rodrick's face turned a bit red. "No! Practice is over you guys can go home." He opened the garage door and they walked back to their car and drove off. Greg ran to Rodrick. "Is it true! Christina is coming over?" Then Rowley bumped into him. "Yea! Is it?" Rodrick pushed Rowley left and Greg right to get through them. "Yes it is. Try and act normal."