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Isn't it incidentally incestuous?

Chapter-1: Celebration Contd.

Our mother nature works in mysterious ways! These days though, we the human race, have become less and less thankful for the resources provided to sustain our existence. Thus, the irregularity in weather conditions, depleting structures at north and south pole, or sudden underground movements resulting in dreadful volcanic eruptions and many more examples. Oh no… don't get scared, this is not some random guilt-inspiring essay about 'The importance of going GREEN', although a small part in saving the planet EARTH wouldn't hurt , would it? Amongst the many wonders naturally constructed, there is this place; today it's a technologically advanced yet magnificently cultured country, an effortlessly natural archipelago, literally meaning a group of island, quintessentially called as Japan. In this group there is one small island known as Fuuka; lively, festive, and always cheerful place to reside and this is where it all began…

In the suburbs, nearby the downtown in Fuuka, there were numerous row houses. Decent, good natured, and friendly families lived there. In one such house, lived a small family consisting of only a mother and her daughter. Fall had almost begun and that meant another fresh start of college for the high school graduates.

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon, in this particular house, Seako Kuga was much reluctantly making preparations for an early dinner with a few specialties. Seako had always been wildly attractive. Even now, in her mid thirties, she showed no sign of rapid aging- dark black locks, flawless skin, perfectly proportioned body. It almost appeared as if she aged at her own convenience and comfort, against the rules of nature! Around an hour later, her daughter slammed the front door past her and went directly to her room. Who would want to face their parent after an eventful night of celebration, and much more, when the parent being Seako Kuga!

Taking half hour to get thoroughly cleaned up and fresh, she came out to the living area wearing a tank and boy shorts. Picking up an apple from the fruit bowl at the dining table, she made her way to the kitchen from where the sounds were coming. At the entrance of the kitchen, she released a knowing sigh and took a large bite of her overly sweet apple. Seako's right hand was busy trying to make some kind of thick white mixture and her left hand held a recipe book. They both didn't say anything. Half done with the apple, Natsuki took a seat at the breakfast bar opposite her mother.

"So who is coming for dinner", inquired Natsuki interestingly eying the apple in her hands. That lifeless fruit had no capability to glare at her after all, making it an easy target rather than looking directly at her mother.

Seako understood the insinuation of her daughter's question. She stopped her right hand motion and threw the recipe book on the hard granite. Frustration clearly had messed up her appearance, "and why would someone be coming to dinner? Can't I just make a special dinner to celebrate my daughter's acceptance in Tokyo U"?

Natsuki had to suck in her cheeks in an effort to not smile at her mother's obvious attempts. "Yes, you can", she said making a clean shot of the left over part of her apple in the bin. Bringing her eyes up to look at her mother she added, "except as I remember your cooking is anything but guest-worthy".

Seako was not really surprised at her daughter's taunt. She cleaned up and bent down on the kitchen counter, on her elbows, coming in level with her daughter. "Well, take out then", she sighed! The kitchen had never agreed with her, never! She had tried constantly but failed. Her own daughter, when young, had dubbed her attempts as 'Alien Food'! It did make her sad but no person can be good at everything. She had single handedly provided herself and her daughter a more-than-comfortable life! Just the inability of cooking would not change her efficiency as a mother now, would it?

Now that the menu for dinner was decided, they both relaxed on the couch in the hallway with television playing some repeat of a popular teen-drama. Natsuki lay down settling her heavy head in her mother's lap, knowing that she will start moving her fingers through her mane soon enough. Seako was lovingly combing her fingers through Natsuki's long locks. After a few moments of bliss and aided hangover, she decreased the volume and resumed the conversation that had started earlier, "tell me", she whined and shook her head furiously to gain her mother's attention. Seako stopped her motions and looked at her daughter with an obvious question. Getting the hint Natsuki calmly responded with her original query, "who is coming for dinner"?

"Oh", Seako started and paused trying to buy some time for herself as she knew her daughter won't take this news in a good way. Restarting her motions she said, "you know how I told you I have taken care of your accommodation in Tokyo", she waited for a reluctant hum from her daughter and continued, "well, I called her up for dinner so that you two could get a little acquainted before you had to shift".

Natsuki did not react at first. She knew her mother won't allow her to be by herself even if she wanted to. Nao had a family home in Tokyo and at first they both decided to live together but her mother did not agree. So, Natsuki had reluctantly agreed to let her mother decide where and how she was going to reside if it meant she still got to get away from Fuuka! "Yeeaah…but who is this person"?

"Well, she kind of is family", Seako uncertainly answered, "actually might even be my half-sister or something", she looked at her daughter who was getting more confused now. "I really don't want to go into family history right now, please! Just know that she is nice and a responsible person and she will be an excellent guardian to you in Tokyo", Seako provided a half-way answer still unsure. At least I was told that she is family, who knows!

"Wow…so all of sudden you have family now", Natsuki pushed herself off the couch and started towards the fridge for something to drink. "We have lived here all our lives and you don't have a family! You only have these neighboring crazy ladies as your 'Poker' friends", she was irritated by the fact that her mother was not okay with her living with a long time friend and yet she was okay with sending off her daughter to live with someone she had no idea even existed a minute ago!

"Hey", Seako countered a little offended, "there are a few things about the family history you don't know, so no judging", she really was not ready to disclose every single detail about her own childhood and past to her daughter yet. "And do not insult my friends okay"?

Natsuki was sipping the left over soda from the can and she had by now gotten the drift that her mother was really not going to go into history right now. So instead she let it go. But the next part was true to her knowledge and she retaliated, "I don't have to insult them! Their existence is already a natural offense". She got a warning, "Natsuki, mind your tongue", in turn. She huffed, "okay may be not everybody but that Satou something woman is definitely a pedophile".


"Oh come on you had to have noticed"!

"Notice what exactly? She only thought you were too cute and so she used to hug and pet you. That is not molestation mind you", Seako only half wondered how the conversation has taken such a turn and defended her friend, "and since you have become quite an expert at avoiding her, what does it matter anymore"?

"It matters mom", Natsuki shouted. "I was sixteen! And it was not only hugs and petting. She always tried to grope me for God's sake", she had this crazy look in her eyes by now and she flailed her arms in every gesture possible, "oh and excuse? Wanting to see if I was developing properly! I mean who does that"?

"Natsuki you are overreacting", Seako knew her daughter had always been not much fond of any intimate physical contact except for her and she also knew that the friend being mentioned here was in fact a little handsy. "You know how these women can be sometimes, and besides she is so bad at poker! It's always easy money for me, I can't just stop being friends with her"! She restrained herself from telling Natsuki that the new high-top sneakers she had gotten for her were in fact from one such easy win at the last weekend's game.

Natsuki' s jaw dropped at her mother's antics and reasoning. "Freaking unbelievable", she muttered under her breath. "Oh guess what, I am currently congratulating myself! YAY…my mom is friends with my future potential rapist! Oh it's a dream come true", she dramatized the whole thing with hand gestures and over-expressiveness. "I will be in my room. Come get me when your 'somewhat half-sister' shows up"! With that she was hopping on the stairs for her room on the first floor. Seako only laughed lightly on her daughter being so theatrical!

After having a relaxing nap herself, she ordered for take-out from a nice nearby restaurant before heading into the shower. An hour and forty five easy minutes later she had set everything down at the dinner table and had woken up her daughter to get ready and come down. Natsuki had been on the last few stairs when she heard another voice, apart from her mother, in the doorway. Step by step the voice became clear and vaguely very familiar. She had to stop and trail down her memory for an answer but her mother calling her name interrupted her discovery. Her mother and the other person, the woman, seemed to be of same height. She could see the silhouette of a few chestnut locks running down by the side of her right hand. She saw that woman hand over a bottle of wine or sake to her mother and walk further into the house after toeing off her sandals. Seako moved completely out of the way and instructed Natsuki to show their guest the way to the dinner table.

Her vital body functions started failing once she came face to face with her guest. I know her! She was now spellbound with the most dangerous and wild eyes ever and the crimson color only added to the ferocity. When the opposite person's lips formed a smirk the memories from last night started surfacing, but still it was painfully slow. She could not blink, could not breathe, could not move, could not speak, and most of all could not feel anything. Nothing! Wide eyed, her mind only focused on her memories to pin down the reason why she was reacting the way she was? There was definitely alcohol involved and also if she was remembering correctly it was sometime last night when she was out with her friends yet again celebrating the end of high school era!

Few seconds passed by and the other woman leaned into Natsuki to whisper, "ara, don't forget to breathe Nat-su-ki", and made her way inside the hall on her own leaving the dazed girl by herself.

The Kyoto accent and the peculiar 'ara' fueled her thoughts! The last night events flashed by her in a matter of seconds and she could not believe her luck! "Ara, Nat-su-ki will remember me won't she"? Before her lungs could collapse, she found the will to breathe again and blinked away the dryness of her eyes. This is just so freaking im-fuckin-possible!

Life never stops for anybody. After passing up a phase, we welcome another. But still we take out a few moments and enjoy the things we have overcome before marching one step closer to our future. Like, for example, before going off to college students celebrate their survival through high school, don't they? Likewise, a group of friends were enjoying the end of their high-school ride and goading about their respective acceptances in different universities at a local bar in Fuuka. Although no one really gives a shit about being of proper age to be able to consume alcohol, but it certainly is amazing what a fake piece of paper called 'ID' can get you!

Last night, Around Nine:

"Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug"! Now, it isn't a hidden fact what hard drinks can do to the human liver, but a more surprising reality is when friends support the over intake of this so called heavenly liquid just in the spirit of having a nice time together, completely ignoring the torture they are putting their 'temple of a body' through! Every person on this particular booth watched intently as a dark haired girl let the last delightful drop of this delicious malt brew fall on her clumsily protruding tongue.

"Aaahhhhh", Natsuki placed the empty bottle on the table in front of her accompanied with a loud clank, "I finally did it", she exclaimed smugly looking at half dozen empty beer bottles that she alone has finished and that too in the matter of few minutes!

At this an attractive short haired red headed girl stood up, swaying, "a huge round of applause for Natsuki Kuga, who finally has proven that she is not a little wuss anymore", she commented quite honestly. The friends really did support by clapping and included a round of sweet standing ovation too.

"Yeah, yeah…I am all grown up, look at me-REBORN! Ha ha big joke, can we move on now", Natsuki remarked sarcastically. "Blegh…..I don't feel so good".

Mai noticed the contorted face and scooted closer. "A burp making its way up", she asked with a little genuine concern but more in a jabbing tone.

Natsuki did not reply for the next sixty seconds in hopes of pushing down the revolting stomach contents eager to make its way up. If only, it was so easy to overcome hurling! After a few failed attempts at gulping the embittered saliva down she said, " I really don't think it's only a burp", and ran off in the directions of restrooms.

After a good twenty minutes of bravado with the toilet seat, she was back at the booth trying to argue her way out from getting pushed into another dare. As the last one did not really stand. Thanks to Nao's twisted logics. According to which Natsuki had vomited out the beer within two minutes of consumption and so she technically did not go through the dare. Ridiculous but somehow it made sense coming from this particular red headed girl. After everybody's agreement she did not really have a choice and that was the cue for Chie's intervention.

"My turn", Chie jumped in leaving Aoi's side for the first time since the arrival at the bar. "3 o clock", she said and all five heads turned to their right, investigating the target.

"A woman! Should have known", Natsuki muttered knowingly assuming what she might have to do. "What do I have to do"?

"You really need to ask", Chie questioned back. "Well, I was gonna say to get her number but she seems too smart and cocky for you. So, just acquire as much information as you can about her".

"That's it", Mai and Aoi chorused, surprised!

"That's it? That's it? Really? I mean look at her", Natsuki was about to lift her right hand to point at the lady's back but the leftover sobriety stopped her, "she has to be seven or eight", she stopped for a moment to take a few swigs of new drink and examined the figure in question for few minutes before proceeding, "or may be even ten years older to me! Do you really expect me to go hit on her"?

"God Natsuki", Chie came the attractive woman's rescue, "Don't insult her! In the last hour alone she has turned down three guys and a girl, back to back", she continued praising. "And believe me she does it with so much compassion, it's almost heartbreaking to watch", she tried to put up a hurt expression.

"That's good no", Mai absentmindedly asked not having any idea about 'girl-pick-up-girl' routine.

"Nothing about this is good", Nao protested forcefully. "I mean, come on…this mutt here can really get us all in trouble", she hoped bringing everybody in the loop might help her get Natsuki out of the situation. But as thick headed as the dark haired girl was she clearly did not get the hint that Nao was trying to help her.

"Gee thanks", Natsuki mumbled, "Really Nao, the support and confidence is just what I needed". She took another moment and watched the woman's actions. The woman seemed pretty oblivious to the stares and looks she was getting. She was reading and making some kind of notes while drinking what seemed like iced tea or may be Scotch/whiskey. Her calm demeanor was making Natsuki more nervous. Okay Nats…this is time to grow up. You are a grown up now… you gonna be in college soon…just get up and go talk to her! How hard could it be? I am gonna do it….I am gonna do it….YES I am going to do this! YEAH BABY! "Okay I am going to talk to her", she declared after having a self pep talk and started toward the bar counter where this lady was sitting with her study materials.

"She is so gonna get bombed", Chie snickered. She moved beside Aoi again but well, as predicted was received with a cold stare. She tried putting her left hand on Aoi's shoulder but was shrugged off. Jesus …Not again!

Nao was intently watching Natsuki's progression step by step. She was so positively sure that this was not going to end up well. "You know Chie, not everybody is a smooth talker like you".

Chie who was busy reasoning her way out with Aoi for watching that woman with such interest stopped and only shrugged clumsily at Nao's accusations. Mai poked Nao's side for attention. For next two very long minutes they watched Natsuki, who now only stood mid-way visibly swaying. Nao stood up instantly regretting the sudden jerk of her head and moved out of the booth. Reaching the other girl, she held her by her elbows and dragged her to the bar counter. She sat herself and Natsuki at the empty stools beside the woman, who still was engrossed in her work.

Taking a deep breath of courage she tried hard not to slur out, "excuse me", to the woman gaining her attention. Nao could not believe the eyes that were observing her with mild interest. No matter how much older this woman was she could not stop herself from staring blatantly at her. Eyes still saucer wide, she tried to calm herself down by at least trying to do what she came here to do. "I am in heaven aren't I", she sighed heavily and kept looking at the beauty with dreamy eyes!

The woman's smooth honey-laced laugh brought her back to senses and she blushed hard! She noticed that the woman was now watching someone behind her. Curiously she looked over her shoulder and cursed under her breath remembering the real reason for sitting down here. Clearing her throat and making herself as steady as she could she stuck out her right hand offering it to the woman, "Nao and this drunk idiot here is Natsuki ".

The woman, at first only smiled and took the hand offered and reciprocated, "Shizuru". She saw Nao struggling to maintain her balance as the other girl, Natsuki, slouched all her weight on her friend. It was Shizuru's turn to get surprised. She was now gazing in the most amazing, beautiful, and painfully expressive emerald eyes. She slowly traced the flushed features of this girl and her smiled widened at her cuteness and the furrow of those slightly thick brows. "So Nao, what can I do for you both"?

"My friends kind of dared this idiot", she lightly bumped her head into Natsuki's, which caused the furrow to deepen, for emphasis, "to talk to you and know more about you. So, you can tell her all about yourself and ask her anything you wanna know in turn". She freed herself from Natsuki and hopped down the stool, "my work here is done. It was nice meeting you Shizuru". And she walked away from the bar counter to the booth from where she was sure her friends had watched everything with interest. For a moment she also wished if she could swap this dare! Ehh..well at least I stopped Natsuki from making a fool out of herself!

All four of them kept their eyes at the same thing. They all saw Shizuru keep away her work aside and lean towards Natsuki to talk. For another fifteen or twenty minutes they saw, what seemed like Natsuki blushing, pouting, and huffing childishly at anything Shizuru would say. In the end, everybody in the bar was surprised by the 'good-bye' this dark haired girl had gotten.

Gathering her belongings in her left hand, Shizuru pushed herself off the stool gracefully. Taking two steps ahead she stood in Natsuki's personal space. She ignored the stares she knew were directed towards her and leaned down a little to reach for this emerald-eyed beauty's left cheek. Placing a soft lingering kiss on the rose-y cheek she whispered, "Ara, Nat-su-ki will remember me. Won't sh", and walked off with a smug smile on her face without looking back for other girl's reaction.

Due to everyone being wasted beyond hope, they decided to crash the at Chie's place which was nearest to the bar. At the end of the night, Natsuki's alcohol affected mind pushed the happenings as far back as possible. But subconsciously she did remember the color of those ferocious eyes, the sweet melody of that voice, and the feel of those soft rose-petal lips on her left hot blushing cheek.

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