Chapter 12

Adam and Kevin had business to do, so they left the slaves in the living room while they went in the office. Kris and Tommy sat on a couch and stayed silent for a few minutes, observing each other.

Kris seemed to be older than Tommy. He had short brown hair and chocolate eyes. He was wearing black leather shorts and a really tight white t-shirt. Through the fabric, Tommy could see that his nipples were pierced with small metal rings. He was also wearing a silver dog collar around the neck and black combat boots.

"I like your boots," Tommy said to break the silence after a few minutes.

"Thanks! But I didn't chose them…My Master did…" Kris said, raising one of his feet and moving it so the blonde could have a better look.

"Of course…" Tommy murmured, shaking his head. Slaves didn't have the right to choose their own clothes. At least, what Adam choose for him was more comfortable than what Kevin picked for Kris.

"You don't have a collar…How does your Master keep track on you?"

"With this…It's an ankle monitor," the blonde explained, showing the device.

"Cool …I don't like wearing that collar," Kris said, raising his hand to his neck. "But my Master forces me to wear it…so I don't really have a choice…"

"For how long have you been Kevin's slave?" Tommy demanded, curious.

"For almost 5 years now…I'm used to my life with him now. In the beginning, it wasn't easy; it was hard for me to obey him. Sometimes, it still can be rough, but I'm use to it."

"I know that all of this is new to me, but I don't think I'm going to get use to this new life…Like, for example, sharing the bed of another man…"

"You are sleeping with your Master?" Kris asked, stunned.

"Yes, I am…You're not?"

"No…After he uses me and sucks my blood, I have to sleep on the floor…But he gave me a carpet and a blanket."

Tommy gaped; he wasn't prepared for this. And he thought that being forced to sleep in a warm and comfy bed with Adam was a tragedy.

"You seem surprised," Kris said, interrupting Tommy's thoughts.

"Well…I thought that Adam was cruel with me…but apparently he's not as cruel as I thought he could be."

"You are calling him by his name! It's not really respectful," Kris warned, shocked. "And he's okay with that?"

"No, when I talk to him, it's always Master, but he's not around, so I'm calling him what I want," Tommy explained, wondering why Kris was so upset about it.

"Ah…My Master would never accept that kind of behaviour…I can't imagine how bad my punishment would be!"

"Adam punished me once…I gave me about twenty whip lashes…It was horrible!"

"Once!? He punished you only once!?" Kris replied, unbelieving. "My Master whips me almost each day…To punish me, of course, but sometimes, I don't even know why…"

They kept talking about the difference between their masters for about an hour. Tommy realised quickly that Adam was really nice for a master. Kris showed him a few bite marks he had at several places on his body and the piercing on his nipples. When the blonde told him that he only had one bite mark, he was obviously very surprised again.

"Your Master is treating you very well," Kris noted after a few minutes. "Maybe he's going to turn you someday…"

"Turn me!?"

"Yes, transform you into a vampire..."

"Yea, I know what 'turning' means…But I never talked about it with him…" Tommy said, pensive. Yes, he had read about vampires transforming humans, but he hadn't seen anything about vampires turning slaves. "And I don't see why he would like to turn me…"

"I don't know…Maybe to make you his mate…so you wouldn't be his slave anymore…"

"Naw…He's already got Sauli, and they seem to really love each other. And I'm just a slave for Adam…Even if I'm bonding to him, it doesn't mean that…"

"What!? You're a bond slave!" Kris interrupted, the excitement perceptible in his voice. "How is it?"

"I don't feel like I am myself anymore…" Tommy said, sighing. "It's like I'm losing the control over my needs along the days…"

"It's probably really weird to have that powerful link with your Master…"

Tommy looked away and nodded. To change the subject, he asked Kris how his life was before Kevin found him. They talked for another hour about that and they realised that they had a lot in common. They both like music and watching horror movies. When Adam and Kevin joined them in the living room, they understood that it was time for Kris to go.

"Come on, boy, we're leaving," Kevin announced, walking toward the front door with Adam.

Kris stood up quickly to be next to his master and Tommy followed them.

"Thank you, Kevin," Adam said, doing a hand shake with his friend.

"You're welcome…I hope it helped," the vampire said, opening the front door and getting out.

"Bye Kris…It was nice to meet you…" Tommy said while Kevin and his slave were walking away.

Kris didn't say anything; he just turned to look at the blonde and smiled. When his master noticed that he wasn't walking at his side, the vampire roughly grabbed him by an arm and pushed him into the back seat of his car. Kevin closed the door and, walking to the driver seat, waved at Adam who waved back. The car left a minute later, the tires screeching.

"So, boy, how did you get along with Kris?" Adam asked, tracing small circles on Tommy's back with his fingers.

After Kevin and his slave had left the mansion, the vampire and the blonde had taken a shower before going to bed where they had sex. Tommy was now laying on his stomach next to Adam and was slowly falling asleep, relaxing under his master's touches, when the vampire ask him about Kris.

"We got along very well…I think…" the human said, yawning. "Thank you for this, Master…"

"My pleasure, boy…I was sure you would like to spend some time with him."

"Master, I'm sorry," Tommy said, rolling on his side to face the vampire.

"Sorry about what?" Adam asked, pulling the blonde closer.

"Well, with what Kris told me about his life with Kevin, I realised that my life here isn't so bad after all…Did you make me meet him on purpose?"

"I wanted you to meet another human like you asked me and at the same time, I wanted you to talk with another slave so you can have a better understanding of your situation," the vampire explained, removing a lock of blond hair that was hiding Tommy's eye.

The blonde was grateful to have met Kris but he was so sad to know that his life was so miserable. Kevin was really cruel with him and he wasn't able to stop thinking about how much the boy suffered. He wished he could do something about it, something to help him.

"Master, we need to do something for Kris…" Tommy proposed, shifting so he was half laying on top of the vampire and could look at his face.

"Something for him about what?" Adam demanded, running his hand down the boy's lower back and ass.

"We need to get him out of there…Kevin is treating him like shit…He's hurting Kris…We can't let him suffer…"

"Boy, Kevin is a vampire and he's Kris' master…he can do everything he wants…"

"But he's beating him up each day for no reason…You're powerful…I'm sure you can do something to help him," Tommy pleaded, hoping to be convincing.

"I'm sorry, Tommy, but it doesn't work like that," Adam apologised, understanding that it was important for the human. "Kevin didn't break any rules or laws…So there's nothing I can do…I'm sorry…" he explained, patting the blonde's hair.

When Tommy realised that Adam wouldn't do anything, he got sad and disappointed. He wanted to move away from the vampire, but Adam, wrapped his arms around his waist and his shoulders to keep him where he was.

"Let me go!" Tommy hissed, struggling to get free.

"Boy, calm down…I know you are upset, but it's how my world works. So, I don't want you to be angry at me; it's not my fault," Adam said, authoritatively. "And you're not turning your back to me again; I hate when you do that."

A few minutes later, Tommy stopped fighting; he was exhausted. Knowing the vampire wouldn't let him go, he rested his head on his chest and closed his eyes. When his breath deepened, Adam loosened his grip on the blonde and kissed him on the top of the head before closing his eyes as well.

Two days later, when Adam and Tommy woke up in the afternoon, they found a note under the door. It was from Georges and told that he got sick and he would stay in bed for a while. Sad to discover that the butler wasn't feeling well and that he was going to be alone for dinner, Tommy decided to prepare chicken broth and bring it to the old man's room. Georges welcomed him with a smile and invited him in. The butler sat in his bed and took the tray brought by the blonde.

"Thank you very much, Tommy," Georges managed to say between coughs.

"It's the least I can do after everything you did for me in the last few weeks. You are always so nice to me, now it's my turn!" the blonde said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"You are a good person, kid; keep that in mind…" the butler assured, before coughing strongly again.

"Are you okay?" Tommy demanded, worry.

Georges nodded and raised his index to make him wait a minute.

"It's just a nasty cold," the old man finally said after he had stopped coughing. "I'll be okay in a day or two…"

"So it's better if I let you get some rest…If you need anything…"

"Thank you, Tommy."

The blonde got out of the room and closed the door. Like Georges had guessed, he was very sick for two more days and Tommy took care of bringing him everything he needed while he rested in his bedroom.

When Georges began to feel better, he helped Adam with the organisation of the Halloween party that would occur at the mansion in twenty-four hours. It was supposed to be at Scarlet's friend's house, but he had to be out of town, so they had to change plans. Adam proposed to do it at his place, since he had the biggest house. Halloween was probably the vampires' favourite day, and each year someone was throwing a party at his or her place to celebrate. Guests were coming wearing fancy costumes and a few humans, like slaves, were brought to please and entertain the vampires. Adam was glad to do it at his place; he would have the chance to show Tommy to all his friends. Even if the bonding was doing well, the vampire thought the blonde wasn't ready to go out; he couldn't be trusted, yet.

When Tommy woke up, he was alone in the bedroom. He got dressed and headed downstairs to find fake spider webs everywhere on the first floor. He found Georges standing in the main hall.

"What's going on?" he asked the old man who was looking around, his hands on his hips.

"Do you like it?" the butler demanded, apparently proud of his job. "Do you think I should add more?"

"Depends…Why is there web everywhere?"

"It's for the party…It's Halloween tomorrow…"

"So, you're planning a Halloween party, here? Did you inform Adam?"

"Actually, he's the one who's throwing a party…He didn't tell you…" Georges supposed, walking into the kitchen.

Yes, he remembered the discussion Adam had with Scarlet a few weeks ago, but he had no clue it was a Halloween party and he didn't know it was planned for tomorrow.

"No…I didn't know…So the house will be full of vampires," Tommy guessed, following the old man. "What is that?" he asked when he saw big white coolers on the counter.

"Blood…Just in case there's not enough humans around to satisfy the guests," the butler explained, opening one of the boxes and counting the number of blood bags.

"Where's Adam?" the blonde asked, feeling suddenly anxious. He didn't like how this new info sounded. "I need to talk to him…"

"In his office…"

Tommy got out of the kitchen and ran to the vampire's office. The door was half-opened, so he decided to knock first.

"Come on in, boy…"

The blonde let himself in and as usual, he found Adam sat behind his desk, absorbed by something on his laptop.

"Master, can I talk to you?" Tommy demanded, politely.

"Of course, boy…What is it?" the vampire asked, pushing is computer away and giving his attention to his slave.

"Georges told me about the party…"

"Isn't it exciting?!" Adam said, smiling.

"Yea…Well…He told me that humans would be there to provide blood for the guests…," Tommy informed, playing with the strings of his hoodie. He was uncomfortable and worried about what the vampire had planned for him.

"Yes, it's true. Vampires who own slaves will usually bring them and others will just pick a human for the night," Adam explained. "Kevin will probably take Kris with him."

"So, each vampire will have their own human…"

"No, not necessarily. Some will come alone," Adam specified. "But it doesn't matter, because we usually share humans with each other."

Tommy looked at his master and bit his bottom lip, worried. What did he mean by 'share'? Did that mean that every vampire would have the right to suck his blood and to have sex with him? How would he be able to stay alive if all of them drink his blood? He already had enough with providing some for Adam. And he didn't want to be touched and fucked by other people. How many guests would come for the party? Would they be mean to him? Would they hurt him? Would Adam be there to protect him or would he be busy using other humans? He really wasn't ready for that. Maybe Adam knew that he was uncomfortable with that kind of event, so maybe he would ask him to stay in their bedroom instead of taking him to the party.

"Master, what about me?" Tommy demanded, feeling the panic in his voice. "What are you going to do with me?"

"Well, I'm going to do like the other masters do," Adam said, obviously looking forward to it. "I want my friends to know how beautiful and delicious you are, boy."

Tommy lowered his eyes. He could feel a knot forming in his stomach; he was suddenly so scared. He couldn't see how he was going to be able to get through this new ordeal.

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