Chapter 2

After Adam had left Tommy, he went out for a meeting with a vampire named Kevin. They were working together on the Committee. Kevin was much older than Adam and liked having humans as slaves, too. But he was crueler than him, thinking that humans were like pets and that he could do everything he wanted to them, even make them suffer.

They were at Kevin's place, drinking glasses of wine. Vampires weren't affected by alcohol, so they could drink as much as they wanted. They could also eat human's food, but it was to pass the time, because they didn't need it. It was a social activity, just like going to the opera or having a drink in a bar.

They were talking about a problem with a vampire who was killing humans and leaving the corpses in public places. As they were agreeing that they needed to find him and executed him, Adam decided to take a last drink before going back home.

"Why are you so in a hurry, Adam?" Kevin asked, filling the glass for his guest.

"I have business at home that I need to take care of."

"Really! Do you have problems with the good Georges?"

"No, of course not…Georges is still loyal and discreet," Adam assured, taking a sip of his wine. "I found a new slave…a boy…"

"Oh! And it's not going as well as you thought…"

"Well, he is very young…He is 17 years old…I didn't know until I saw his ID…But he was already at my place, so I decided to keep him."

"I can say that you are really courageous. He should be exceptional if you still want him. Well, at least, he's not your first slave, so you know what you're doing…How long since the last one?"

"Almost 10 years…I think it's time that I have another one…I missed having one during the last few years…"

"Yea, I know what you mean. I don't think I'll be able to live without one now. So are you planning to change the training?"

"I don't know, yet. I'll see how it goes first," Adam said, emptying his glass and standing up. "I'm sorry Kevin, but I really have to go."

"Don't worry, I understand," the vampire assured, standing up as well and leading his guest toward the door. "We'll talk about the case in a few days."

"Yea...Have a good night."

"You too!"

Adam couldn't wait to be home. Even if he knew the meeting he just had was really important, he couldn't stop thinking about Tommy. He began to get thirsty and just the thought of tasting his new slave's blood again was affecting his cock.

When he was back, it was already 6:00 am. He knew Georges was probably already up. He found him drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper in the living room.

"So, how did it go with Tommy?" the vampire asked, standing in front of his majordomo.

"Well, he ate his burger," the old man began, putting his paper on a table. "He cried a lot until he fell asleep. He did it a few times, I guess…"

"Okay…Thank you for your help with him…I think I'm going to wait at least another day before taking him out. I'm really hungry, so I'll go feed on him…"

Georges nodded and watched his boss leaving the room. It was not the first time that Adam had a slave while the old man was at his services. He was now used to having to help the vampire with the training and the caring of the slave. He knew the first few weeks were the most demanding time. The part of his job was to take care of him when Adam was out of the house and to cook healthy meals to make sure he stayed in good shape. But this time, when Georges found out how young Tommy was, he doubted it would be as easy as usual. He was sure the boy would give them some troubles.

Tommy woke up a few times during the night. Each time, when he found out that the nightmare of being kidnapped by a vampire was real, he cried. He tried a few times to open the door or to break a glass, but without success. Even if he didn't want to accept it, the vampire was right; now that he emptied the tray, he was feeling physically better.

When he heard the main door being opened and saw Adam coming inside, he began shaking again. He knew exactly why the vampire was back and what he wanted.

"Good morning, boy," Adam said, unlocking the door. "I see that you followed my advice…How are you feeling?"

"Please…don't do this…Please…" Tommy begged, backing away with each step the vampire made and raising his hands in defense.

"Look, I know you are scared," Adam began, slowly walking closer to the human. "I'm going to be as gentle as possible. If you want to stay conscious, I won't drink until you're passed out; I'll stop before you do…"

"I don't want that…I'm still weak, I'm sure I don't have enough blood left…" Tommy said, tears filling his eyes again.

The vampire understood the fear the boy had, but he needed to feed. So without giving him the time to react, Adam pinned Tommy against the concrete wall and grabbing his chin, made him turn his head to have better access to his neck.

"Shhh…It won't last long, boy," the vampire assured, smelling at the human's skin.

"I don't wanna pass out…" Tommy managed to say weakly between sobs.

Adam nodded and bit in the tender flesh of his slave who whined in pain. The boy gripped at the vampire's shirt and held still. Tommy was so close that it made Adam's cock harden, begging to be touched. Even if he was a little lost in the delicious taste of the blood and the pressure in his crotch, the vampire was very sensitive to the boy's pulse. When he noted a difference, he took his fangs out and licked at the wounds, but this time letting the skin form scars. He licked his lips and looked at Tommy's face.

"There, you see, it's over now," he said, running his finger on the boy's cheek, wiping away his tears.

Even if it lasted only a few seconds, Tommy was still shaking and sobbing. He let Adam carry him to the mattress, keeping his grip on his shirt. When he was laying, he let go of the vampire and curled up in a ball, his back to Adam.

"You better get used to it, boy, because it's going to happen at least once a day and there's nothing you can do against it," the vampire said, getting out of the small room and locking the door.

When Adam was heading to his bedroom, he was feeling bad about Tommy's state. But he knew he had to leave him like that. He took his clothes off, and laid in his bed. His cock was still aching, so he decided to take care of it. Stroking it slowly at first and increasing the pressure and the speed after a few minutes, he thought about how wonderful it would feel when he would use Tommy instead of his hand. But he wanted to wait a little longer with his new slave and he wanted to take his time with him; he was already so scared and lost. The vampire came a few minutes later with the image of his boy under him.

The next days were similar to the first one; Tommy was still scared, insisted on eating only when he was really starving, keeping himself weak, and was sobbing a lot. At the end of the third day, Adam joined Georges during dinner. They talked about different subjects concerning the house and the two maids who were working at the mansion twice a week. When the butler was eating his dessert and drinking a cup of tea, Adam began to talk about Tommy.

"How was he today?" he asked, hoping the situation had improved.

"The same, Sir…When I went to see him and give him his meal, he begged me to let him go," Georges told, sipping his tea. "When I left him, he was laying on the mattress and was crying."

"Damn it! It's been three days and nothing has changed," Adam said, sighing. "Maybe I should begin the second phase, with the bench and the whip."

"Sir, can I suggest something?" the majordomo demanded.

"Of course…You know that I like hearing about your opinion and ideas."

"Well, maybe the training doesn't suit him," Georges explained. "He is very young compared at your previous slaves. Maybe he needs something else."

"What do you suggest?"

"Well…instead of letting him alone, maybe you should keep him with you. So, if he's spending more time with you, maybe he wouldn't be that scared anymore."

"Maybe you are right…I will think about it."

Adam spent the evening out to take care of different affairs. Around midnight, he came back home. The first thing he did when he entered the mansion was to go directly to the Dungeon. When he opened the door, he saw Tommy asleep peacefully. The vampire walked closer and looked at him. He was so beautiful, so young, so pure…and probably a virgin. At this thought, Adam cock twitched in his pants. He unlocked the door, waking up the human who rolled on his side, facing him.

"Hey, boy!" the vampire said, getting inside the small room.

It took a few seconds to Tommy to figure out where he was because he wasn't totally awake, but when he did, he retreated quickly in one of the corners.

"Do you want to get out of this room?" Adam asked his hands on his hips. "What about a nice shower?"

Tommy looked at the vampire suspiciously. Of course he wanted to get out of there and a shower would be more than welcome since he hadn't showered for about three days. But he was sure there was a trick.

"You're coming with me, Tommy, whether you like it or not," Adam informed, crossing his arms in front of him. He was horny and hungry; so it was not the best time to test his patience. "You can choose between the soft way and the hard way…So, your decision?"

Tommy thought about it a few seconds. He knew the vampire would be probably able to hurt him badly if he didn't want to cooperate. So he stood up and lowered his head. Adam grabbed him gently by the arm and led him outside. They walked into a long corridor lighted by several electric candelabrums. They ran up the stairs and arrived in a vast lobby. Tommy was looking everywhere, finding out for the first time what the rest of the house looked like. He realised that the mansion seemed to be really big and looked like a castle, just like the room where he was held. He tried to look in the opening of different rooms, noticing a living room, a library and a kitchen. He wanted to be able to find his bearings if he had the chance to escape. They took other stairs and walked down another corridor. When they finally stopped in front of a closed door, the human noted that he didn't see or hear anyone else, so maybe it was just both of them. Adam opened the door and pushed Tommy inside, following him and closing the door behind him. They were in a big room, with a huge bed in the middle, cover with red sheets. There were several candelabrums on the walls and vast windows framed by dark red curtains.

"This is my bedroom and if you're good, it's going to be yours, too," the vampire explained, walking to the windows and closing the curtains. "Come with me, the bathroom is over there," he added, pushing Tommy on the lower back and leading him to another room.

The bathroom was also huge and very clean. There was a shower, an immense bathtub, a toilet and a counter filled with makeup, impressing Tommy.

"There…Take off your clothes," Adam said with an authoritarian tone.

The blonde looked at him and frowned. There was no way he was going to get naked in front of another man. He remembered that the vampire had said something about using him for sex, but he didn't have the intention to cooperate for that.

"I'm really not patient right now, boy…So don't push my buttons," Adam warned, turning on the shower.

"I'm able to shower by myself," Tommy informed, feeling his voice shaking a little. He was still so scared of the vampire.

"Yea, I'm sure you do…But not here…You are going to shower with me," Adam said, taking off his shirt.

The boy looked at the vampire in terror and froze.

"Okay, fine!" the vampire said angrily when he was naked.

He grabbed Tommy firmly by an arm and pushed him into the shower. When Adam was inside too, he closed the glass door and turned to face the human whose clothes already wet and was trying to stay away from the vampire. But Adam was faster and stronger, so he took Tommy's throat in one hand, and undressed him with the other one.

"No…stop…please," the human begged, struggling and trying to push the vampire away, but without success.

After about a minute, Tommy's clothes were tore up and laid on the shower's floor. He was shaking and sobbing and tried to cover himself.

"Don't hide yourself, boy…You are so beautiful," Adam assured, beginning to be very aroused.

The human noticed the vampire's hard on. He had never seen a penis so big in his life.

"Hahaha…Don't worry, boy, you will get used to it!" Adam assured, laughing when he saw Tommy's expression while looking at his member.

The vampire took a washcloth and the soap and began stroking the human's back while immobilizing him by holding one of his arms. Tommy was trying to get away at first, but he realized quickly that he was losing his energy. Adam was impatient, so his gestures were rough; but he didn't care. He needed blood so badly but he wanted to fuck his boy while sucking his blood. And he wanted to do it in his bed. So he quickly finished washing Tommy and washed himself, too. When he was done, he dried himself and the boy's body with a black towel.

"Come with me," the vampire commanded, walking, naked, in the bedroom.

Reluctantly, Tommy followed, trying to cover himself again with his hands. He was learning that even if he didn't want something, Adam would force him to do it and that he wasn't strong enough to fight.

"Lay in the bed," Adam ordered again, looking for something in the nightstand.

Again, the human did what he was told and laid under the sheets. The air in the bedroom was a bit cold and Tommy was starting to freeze again. So, even if he didn't like the idea of what was coming, he was glad to be covered by a blanket.

The vampire put a small bottle next to the bed and laid on his side, next to the boy. Adam could feel that Tommy was shaking lightly. He wrapped his arm around his small waist and pulled him closer. The warm feeling of the boy's body was amazing, making his cock even harder.

In defense, Tommy raised his hands and pushed on the vampire's chest. He didn't like the feeling of another man touching him like that. When Adam began to kiss him and smell him in the neck and behind the ear, he panicked. He started struggling and kicked the vampire.

"Shhhhh…Calm down boy, everything is going to be okay," Adam whispered in the human's ear. He wrapped his arm more firmly around the boy and moved one of his legs over Tommy's, preventing him from moving.

The only thoughts Tommy had in his head were that he was laying, naked, in a bed with a male vampire who wanted to drink his blood and have sex with him. So, he wasn't able to see how everything could be okay. Scared and worried, he wasn't able to stop his body from shaking and to hold back his tears.

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