Chapter 6

The insolence of Tommy made Adam very upset. The vampire just wanted to spank the boy again and again, but seeing him crying and shaking like that made him realize that it wouldn't change anything. So, instead of beating him, he dropped the lube on the floor and wrapped his arms around Tommy. He pulled him up and held him against his chest, stroking his stomach gently.

"Shhhh…Tommy…It's okay…" Adam murmured in his slave's ear. "I know it's hard for you right now and I don't blame you for feeling so much hate and anger…But it won't change the fact that you are mine now, whether you wanted it or not."

"But you could let me go and find another slave…" Tommy suggested, sobbing. "Please…I don't want to stay here…I want to go home…"

"No, boy…It's not going to happen…"

Feeling the boy's ass against his hard cock aroused him even more. Adam knew that the blonde wasn't really in a good state to be fucked, but he was too horny to stop now. He decided to do it slowly and gently, to be sure his slave wouldn't feel any discomfort. So, keeping a hand on Tommy's back, he bent over and grabbed the bottle of lube from the wet floor.

"Now, boy, I'm going to have sex with you and feed on you," the vampire began, pouring lube on two of his fingers. "I'm going to do it slowly and I'll try to make it good for you, too."

"No…please…" Tommy protested, feeling the vampire's fingers in his crack and around his entrance.

"Shhh…just relax…I'm going to open you well first, so you won't be too sore tomorrow…" Adam explained, inserting one finger.

Tommy tried to move away, but the vampire wrapped an arm around his chest. When his whole finger was inside, he added another one and started thrusting them as slowly as possible to give the human the time to adjust.

When the first finger was almost all the way in, it hurt the blonde a little, but the pain disappeared quickly, replaced by only a discomfort when the two fingers were stretching him. He didn't like being invaded like that, but he wasn't able to do anything to make it stop; Adam was too strong.

Suddenly, Tommy felt something different that lasted for about 2 seconds; it was like a wave of heat that spread from inside his ass to his belly. It was so strong and unexpected, that he let out a weak moan.

"Did you like that, Tommy?" the vampire asked, smiling. He knew if he would take the time to rub his fingers against the right spot, he would obtain a good reaction from his boy.

Tommy didn't answer. He didn't want to show that he kind of liked it. Well, he didn't want to accept that it felt good. So, when Adam touched the same spot again, he bit his bottom lip to keep himself from moaning again. Unfortunately, his body betrayed him, because without thinking about it, he was spreading his legs a little further apart and was pushing back on the vampire's fingers.

After a few minutes, when Adam noted that Tommy was more relaxed and ready to be filled by something bigger, he pulled his fingers out, poured some lube on his cock and lined it with the boy's gaping hole.

The moment the fingers were removed, the blonde felt weird, like he was empty. Tommy didn't want to admit that he wanted the fingers back. He didn't understand what was happening to him. He guessed it was another of the vampire's powers that was responsible for this unwanted pleasure.

Cutting the tip of his tongue with his fangs, Adam cupped the human's chin and made him turned his head. He kissed the boy roughly, sliding his tongue in his mouth. When Tommy began to suck at his tongue, feeling the blood's effects, he inserted his length inside the tight heat with one thrust.

"OH! Mmmm…" the blonde moaned, loudly.

When he realized he was moaning out loud, he felt embarrassed and felt his cheeks being flushed with shame. He was being raped and he was making these sounds, showing he was having pleasure. He didn't want that; he couldn't like it.

"Yea, that's it, boy…It feels good, doesn't it!?" Adam noted, holding the boy by his hips. He kept a steady rhythm and tried to rub against Tommy's prostate with each thrust.

"Stop…mmm…Master…mmm…stop, please…" the human managed to plead between uncontrolled moans.

"What is it, boy?" the vampire asked, stopping his movement. "You don't seem to be in pain…"

"No…I…I don't want that…"

"I know you don't want that, Tommy…But I want to have sex with you, so you don't have a choice."

"No…I don't want to feel that way…I don't want you to make me feel good…"

"Oh…boy!" Adam said, laughing. "Too bad you don't want it…because I love hearing you moan!" he added, resuming his thrusting.

Tommy began to struggle, but the vampire held him firmly. Again, he had to submit to the blood sucker who was pounding into him faster, making sure he was still rubbing his cock against the blonde's prostate.

After a few minutes, Adam knew he couldn't last any longer, so he grabbed at Tommy's hair, pulled his head on the side to expose his neck and bit him. As soon as the fangs were into the tender flesh, the vampire felt the warm and tasty blood filling his mouth. The first swallow pushed him over the edge; he thrust one last time and came deep inside his boy's ass.

"Ahhhh…mmmm," the blonde moaned, feeling the cold sensation of the vampire's cum. The addition of the pleasure coming from his hole and the blood loss made his legs limp.

The moment that Adam was in control of himself again, he stopped sucking the blood and let go of Tommy's neck. He didn't want him to pass out; he wanted him to fall asleep in his arms. So, slowly, he pulled his cock out and kept his arm around the boy to prevent him from falling. He had noticed that the human was shaking a little and seemed to have problem standing.

"There…it's over, boy," Adam said, turning Tommy so he could face him. "Are you okay?"

The blonde nodded and kept his head down. He was so angry at the vampire because of what he did to him but also at himself because he felt pleasure while being fucked. However, he was so tired that he didn't want to argue with the blood sucker; he just wanted to go to bed.

"I'm just going to wash you and myself quickly, and we'll go to sleep," Adam informed when he noticed Tommy's sleepy eyes.

When they were done, the vampire dried the blonde with a towel and led him in the bedroom. After Tommy was laid down in the bed, Adam covered him with the blankets and laid next to him.

"Are you warm enough, boy?" the vampire asked, wrapping his arm around the human's waist and pulling him closer.

"Yea…I'm fine…" Tommy murmured, rolling on his side to have his back to Adam.

"Good…You can sleep now, boy."

The blonde was already half-asleep. He didn't care if he was in the vampire's arms; he was warm and comfortable, and that was the only thing he needed.

Adam gave a light kiss on Tommy's neck and fell asleep as well a few minutes later.

The next three days were really similar. Tommy would wake up in Adam's arms around the end of the day. Since the human was always hungry at this moment, he would take a light snack in the bedroom. Next, they both would head downstairs, in the vampire's office. They spent a few hours there, Tommy sitting on the couch or taking a nap while Adam was working. Later, they would meet Georges in the kitchen to have dinner. Twice, the vampire left the blonde with the butler to go back to work in his office. After dinner, Tommy would go back with Adam. He had nothing to do, so it was really boring for him. A few times the vampire talked on the phone with a guy named Kevin and with another one named Sauli. Tommy had heard these two names before, when Scarlet came to visit. He also heard the blood sucker talked about him, saying that he was young and so pretty, and about another guy named Malcolm, whom he didn't seem to like at all. Usually, the human would fall asleep on the couch and wake up by Adam in the morning. Tommy grabbed something to eat in the kitchen and they would go back upstairs. They would take a shower and go to bed where the vampire had sex with him and feed of him. Each time, Tommy fell asleep in Adam's arms.

When Tommy woke up the fourth day, he was alone in the bed. He sat up and looked around, but couldn't find the vampire. So, the blonde stood up, and walked to the door; it was locked. Sighing, he went to the bathroom for his morning needs. Fortunately, he was allowed to 'touch' himself when he was using the toilet. He looked at himself in the mirror, and noted bloodstains at different places on his body. Disgusted, he decided to take a quick shower. When he was done, he came back in the bedroom and sat on the bed. He began to feel nauseous and had a headache. He was also still really tired. He guessed he was maybe hungry, so he got dressed and ate a banana with a blueberry muffin and an orange juice. It was a good thing that Adam had a small fridge in his room, because like the vampire told him, Tommy was hungry really often. He was finishing his muffin when Adam entered the room with a kind of metal ring in his hand.

"Good afternoon, Tommy!" the vampire said, smiling. "How do you feel?"

The blood sucker would ask him this question so many times. The human wondered if he really cared about the answer he was giving him.

"I'm okay," Tommy answered even if he wasn't feeling good.

"Good…Today is going to be different for you," Adam began, sitting next to him on the bed. "I'm going to go out tonight and I'll be back early in the morning. Georges is going to take care of you while I'm gone," he added, patting the human's thigh. "Since I know that you are not happy here and that I don't think I can trust you enough to behave well without me around, for now, you'll wear this," he announced, showing the metal ring to Tommy.

Now that he was seeing it closer, the blonde noticed that it looked more like a bracelet than a ring.

"Master…What is that?" he asked, wondering what he was supposed to do with that.

"It's an ankle monitor, boy. I will put it around one of your ankles and it will give a signal of your localisation in the house. So, if you try to escape and you manage to go outside the mansion, the system will produce a siren. So Georges will know where you are and I will know it when I come back. And of course, I will take you in the Dungeon and punish you more severely than you can imagine."

At this information, Tommy swallowed hard. When he learned that Adam was leaving the house, he hoped for a few seconds that he would be able to escape, but obviously, the vampire knew him very well, so he destroyed his project before he tried anything.

"Put your left leg on my thighs," Adam ordered, opening the ring of the monitor.

Tommy didn't really want to obey but he knew he would be punished if he didn't. So, sighing, he raised his leg and gave his ankle to the vampire.

Adam put the monitor around the boy's ankle and closed it with some kind of lock.

"There you go…" the vampire said, letting go of Tommy and standing up. "I need to go…You better be a good boy, Tommy…I'll see you later," he added, kissing the human's head and leaving the room.

As soon as Adam left, the blonde took a look at the new device he was wearing. It wasn't really heavy and had a small green light on the top. He tried to take it off, but it was well locked. Raising his shoulders, he stood up and headed downstairs. Since the blood sucker had left the door opened, he guessed he was allowed to move around the house like he wanted to. When he arrived in the living room, he had to sit down; he wasn't feeling well. His headache was worse and he was tired. He decided to look for Georges and asked him for pain killers. He found him in the kitchen. He was obviously getting ready to start cooking dinner.


"Hi, Tommy…How are you?" the old man asked, filling a cauldron with water.

"Well…I have a big headache…Do you have some kind of pills that can help?" the blonde demanded.

"Yes, of course," the butler assured, turning off the water. "Can you help me with the dinner; we'll have steaks with veggies?"

"Yea…okay…I don't have many things to do…so…"

"Good…I put potatoes on the table. Can you peel a few, wash them and put them in the cauldron, please?" Georges asked, whipping his hands with a towel. "I'll go find the pills," he added before getting out of the kitchen.

Tommy grabbed a knife from a drawer and sat down at the table to take care of the potatoes. When the old man came back, the boy had just finished with the peeling. Georges gave him two white pills and a glass of water. They prepared the whole dinner together, in silence, except when the butler was telling Tommy was to do. When they were done, they sat at the table to eat, facing each other.

"For how long have you known Adam?" Tommy asked when he finished his plate. He had thought about asking the old man this question for a while now, but wasn't in the mood to do it before now.

"For several years," Georges said, smiling.

"How did you become his butler?"

"My parents died when I was 10 years old," the old man began, standing up to make some tea. "I had no family left living close to me, except my uncle, Alfred. He was Adam's butler at that moment. I knew Adam was different, but I didn't know he was a vampire. At first, Alfred didn't want to take me with him, because of Adam. He thought a vampire's house was not really a place for a child. But Adam convinced him that they could figure this out and that they shouldn't leave me being raised by a stranger. So Alfred accepted to take care of me. When my uncle died, 19 years ago, I replaced him as your master's butler."

"So, you know him really well…"

"Yes, I do. And I respect him very much," Georges said, coming back at the table with two cups of tea. "You seem surprised…"

"I was wondering how well you knew him to always have so many good things to say about him. It's just…In my opinion and my situation; I can't see how good he could be."

"Well, I guess you'll learn more about who he really is during the days you'll spend here, with him."

Tommy nodded, even if he wasn't sure about it. The vampire seemed to be good with everyone except him.

They finished their tea and cleaned the kitchen. When they were done, they went in the living room. Even if he ate enough, the blonde wasn't feeling better. His headache was still there, he was tired again and he was cold. So he laid down on the couch and curled up in a ball to stay warm.

"Are you okay, Tommy?" Georges asked, worried. "You look pale…"

"I'm just so tired…and so cold…"

"I'll bring you a blanket and start a fire," the butler said, leaving the room for a minute and coming back with a thick blanket.

He covered Tommy and started a fire in the big fireplace of the living room. After a few minutes, the boy fell asleep, looking at the flames. He didn't know for how long he slept, but when he woke up, he was feeling dizzy. He sat up and looked around; Georges wasn't there. He wondered how late it was…or early. Suddenly, he felt nauseous and thought he would be sick. So he stood up quickly, but found out too late that he wasn't strong enough to stay on his feet. So he fell on the floor, next to the couch. He just had time to yell Georges' name before everything went black.

Adam had spent a few hours in town with his friends Sutan, Isaac and Sauli. In the middle of the night, Sauli invited him to his place; an invitation that Adam couldn't refuse. The minute they stepped inside the blonde's house, Adam pinned him on the wall roughly and kissed him. Taking off their clothes, they managed to make it to the bedroom where the taller vampire pushed Sauli on the bed and covered him with his body, biting him at different places. Vampires were used to drinking each other blood during sexual intercourses for example, but vampire blood wasn't as nutritive as the human blood. So they couldn't stay healthy by drinking only the blood of their own species.

"Please…fuck me," Sauli pleaded, moaning.

Adam was more than happy to oblige, so he turned the blonde on his stomach and lined his cock with the other vampire's hole. He pushed and in one thrust his cock was fully inside. The good thing with having sex with another vampire was that the top didn't have to be always careful with the bottom. Vampires were very strong and could support the pain really easily. So, being fucked roughly and without being prepared wasn't something that could hurt a vampire.

While the two vampires were having sex, they bit at each other several times. When Adam finally came inside the blonde, he took Sauli's cock in his mouth and blew him until he came as well.

Lying next to each other, they were getting back from their sexual high when Adam's cell phone rang.

"Yea," the vampire said, absently.

"Sir…It's Tommy…I found him unconscious on the floor…He's really pale and cold," Georges informed, panicked.

"Call ," Adam recommended, standing up. "I'm on my way." The vampire hung up and started to get dressed.

"What's going on?" Sauli asked, worried

"Tommy is sick or something. He passed out."

"Oh my god…I'm sorry," the blonde said, sincerely.

"I have to go…" Adam said, kissing Sauli quickly.

The dark haired vampire ran outside the house and got into his car. "I can't lose another one," he thought, driving back to the mansion.

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