Late night visitor

Emily woke up with a start. She glanced around in the soft glow. The TV was still on the voices gently speaking. She had fallen asleep on the couch. She groaned as she tried to move. Her neck was stiff. Then the doorbell rang again. So that was what had waked her up. She looked at the time and frowned. It was almost midnight. She rose slowly and staggered to the door. She glanced through the peep hole and panicked. JJ? She immediately straightened herself up and opened the door.

"Hey! What's up? Is everything ok?" she asked anxiously. It's not like JJ to knock on her door at midnight. The last time she did was when Henry was refusing to stop crying and when she had broken up with Will so she knew something was definitely wrong. Not that she didn't realise already that JJ was not herself at all. She had been worried sick.

"Come on in." she said giving her way before locking the door.

"want a drink?" she offered. "no I'm fine. Thanks though." JJ replied. Emily rearranged her clothes and sat on the couch facing her.

"What is it?" she asked softly. She tried to think what could be wrong with her but couldn't. She certainly didn't like the way JJ looked. She looked like hell. She seemed to have had no sleep for a year! She had circles under her eyes and they were red. She looked so not like JJ. Her heart went out to her and she it broke her heart. They shared almost anything and right now she could not think of what was wrong. It had been some time since she had been with the blonde so she couldn't be guaranteed.

"is it Henry?" that was the only thing she could think that could be bothering her friend.

"no its not. he is with my mum" she said softly. "then what is it?" she asked. JJ did not respond. Emily went over and sat close to her. she took the small woman into her arms.

"talk to me JJ. You know you can tell me anything.'" She urged as she looked at her friend. she removed a strand from J's head as she stared in those beautiful eyes.

"really? Anything?"she said nervously. When was JJ ever so conscious about what she said to her? she was getting scared. What was it? "yes. Anything."she reassured her. as soon as she said that JJ looked a little relieved then said again

"promise not to leave?" she was now panicking. What had happened? She sounded like she had killed someone. She couldn't show JJ her panick though so she said "I promise."softly.

"Emily I am in love with you." She said softly looking at her.