As luck would have it Hotch had brought a case for them. She had a date for goodness sake! Why did these cases have to come the wrong time. JJ thought as went to assemble the others. She was mainly scared that Emily might chicken out. That however was squashed when she got a text from Emily which said 'cant wait for the case to be done. I have a date with the hottest blonde in town…'

She had blushed when she had locked eyes with the brunette who smiled her sexy lopside smile. God if she could make her feel this way with just a text and a smile what more! Now she really couldn't wait for the case to be done. They barely talked throughout the case. Maybe they didn't know what to say or they just wanted to wait for their date. The case took only 2 days but to JJ it was like 2 years. In the Jet they sat opposite each other. JJ would look at Emily and when Emily looked her way she would turn away blushing. Emily thought she was so cute when she blushed.

JJ stood up and went to the bathroom. She could not take it just looking at Emily. She felt if she spent another minute looking at her she would just kiss her in front of the team. A minute later Emily followed. She could feel Morgan's questioning eyes on her but she ignored him. she got into the bathroom and shut the door. She found JJ looking at herself in the mirror.

JJ heard the door as it closed. She turned around and saw Emily standing there looking Oh So Sexy. They stared at each other taking each other in before as if whistled to go they made for each other. Their lips met in a frenzied, passionate kiss. They drew apart just a moment later but both were breathing so hard. JJ's hair was ruffled and both their lips swollen. "My place at 7?" Emily said in breathless whisper in JJ's ear. JJ shivered at the feeling of Emily's breath on her. "yeah" she managed to say. They kissed again and Emily left.

At the apartment

JJ stood outside Emily's door. She looked at herself one last time and knocked on the door. In 2 knocks the door opened and Emily was standing before her. JJ's jaw nearly dropped! Emily was in a fiery red dress which clung on her on the right places and showed off her slender frame. Her hair was down, wavy and she looked so amazing!

Emily could not stop staring at JJ. She wore a black halter neck dress that came to her knees. Her hair was done high clipped with a silver clip. She wore minimal make up and she looked breathless!

"you look amazing."Emily was the first to get hold of herself. She was actually surprised she still had her voice. Why did JJ always have the knack to make her tongue tied…

"hmm you too." Said JJ.

"come on in." Emily said giving her way. JJ walked in and what she saw nearly stopped her heart.

The apartment was bathed with candle light and it had this romantic atmosphere she only read about in her romance fiction books. There were roses strewn around the little table for 2 that was set in the dining. "we are eating here?"

"yeah if that's ok with you." said Emily suddenly nervous.

"its more than ok. This is so beautiful Emily."

"Good coz I made you your favourite meal. "

"You cook?" asked JJ surprised. Ok talk about Emily giving her one more thing to surprise her and make her fall deeper in love.

"don't sound so surprised agent Jareau. I grew up around the finest chefs in America." she said smirking then said "take a seat."

JJ was wowed. Emily had gone to all this trouble to make an unforgettable first date. It was unforgettable for sure. She had waited on her. They had talked, laughed and kissed during dinner. They had talked about everything except their love. They learnt a lot about each other and for the first time, JJ saw the real Emily. Unreserved and she loved it.

Emily could not take his eyes off JJ. She was just so captivating. When she smiled it lit up her whole face and her eyes sparkled like jewels. Emily could not believe that someone so pure and perfect like JJ could love her Emily Prentiss. She vowed she would always try and keep that smile on her and hear that beautiful laugh.

They finished their dinner and they went and sat on the couch facing each other.

"this was the best meal ever. You never told me you could cook."

"well that was a nice surprise wasn't it."

"right you are. Thanks Emily. This is by far the best date I have ever had."

"me too." she said softly and just as they were about to kiss Emily said "I have something for you."

"something for me? Emily haven't you done enough already? I have done nothing." said JJ feeling bad she had not got anything for Emily.

"hey you deserve to be spoiled. That way you leave me for anyone." she teased and JJ laughed and said "never!" Emily left and returned soon with a small box. She gave it to JJ who opened it and gasped. Inside was the most beautiful chain she had ever seen. It was pure silver and so delicate. The pendant was a sapphire stone surrounded by small diamonds. It was simple, elegant and clearly costed a fortune. She was speechless.

"I saw this and it reminded me of your eyes. I meant to give it to you on your birthday but today is also a special day. It's our first date. I can't tell you how much I have been waiting for this day." she said. When JJ didn't respond she asked tentatively "do you like it?"

JJ raised her teary eyes and looked deep into Emily's eyes. "yes. I love it. Its so beautiful."

Emily took the box softly from her. She took the chain and opened it. Slowly she leaned into JJ and wound her arms around her and clasped it. She drew back and looked at JJ. "you look beautiful." she leaned in again and they kissed. It was slow, emotional kiss that conveyed all their feelings. Emily drew back and looked into JJ's eyes. She felt she could do nothing but look into them the whole day. "I love you JJ. So much. I am so glad you are with me."

"I love you too Emily. So much it hurts."

This time the kiss was passionate and breathless, soon they began making out on the couch. Emily's hands ran up and down JJ's body who was laying below her, her hands also roaming around her.

"JJ wait." She said. JJ looked at her with eyes heavy and darkened with lust and puffy lips her hair ruffled. She looked so sexy.

"let's go to my room. I want to make love to you." She said and JJ happily followed.

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