Author's Note: I've had the most part of this lying on my computer for a year now... Some parts are still missing, but I hope I will be able to write them soon. Until then, I'll just upload what I have in chapters, not all at once. Enjoy :)
Oh yes, in case you don't know about "Cold Case", it's a TV series in which an investigative team re-opens old cases. Along the way, they talk to the people associated with the victim and via flashbacks, the puzzle is slowly filled in over the course of an episode. It's usually quite sad and (personally) tragic, especially the endings that are always underlain by a fitting song.
In this story, the major time lapses (thus, also the flashbacks) are always marked with a page devider.


Cold Case: Beneath The Shade Of Blue


Ten years ago.

Five friends are sitting around a table in an ice cream parlor, chatting, laughing, having a good time together.

".. so in the end, I fucked up that test so much that they'll have to invent a wholly new grade to be able to mark that..." a spiky-haired redhead laughs, making the others laugh or chuckle as well.

"Then be glad it's over with - for now." a blond boy smiles brightly at him.

A girl with short, brown hair perks up "Ah yes, that's right; aren't you going on vacation with your family for a month tomorrow, Daisuke?"

The other boy only has time to nod before another girl with round glasses and purple hair grins suggestively "Then you'll have to make sure you and Ken make good use of your time today, right?" She looks over at the quiet, blue-haired boy sitting beside Daisuke.

The redhead crosses his arms and rolls his eyes dramatically with the faintest blush on his cheeks "Oh come on, guys..! I thought we agreed on "no talking about that in public"..?" making both of the girls laugh.

Ken simply smiles before taking his friend's hand, standing up and saying "It's a good idea though, Miyako."

After a bout of surprised silence the girls laugh even harder, the blond boy gives a crooked smile.

The two other boys themselves chuckle as they wave their friends good-bye and walk away together.


Few weeks later.

The blue-haired boy now lies as a corpse in the nightly chill on the street beneath a bridge, dead from the impact of a fall. A short, straight cut mars his left wrist. His case is put away as 'Suicide'...