Author's Note: For the song in the end: /watch?v=WdYOQ0BYTGM

"Last chance now, Daisuke." Lily Rush states sternly.

"You chased after him, right? So what happened next?" Valens demands.

"I didn't do anything!" exclaims Daisuke.

"Except that you almost cheated on him not one hour after your fight?" the blonde detective drawls.

Hurt and guilt flashes across the young man's face but it is held back by defiance. "He should just have told me what the fuck was wrong with him! I would have helped him with anything! But to answer your questions, yes, I chased after him, but I didn't find him. End of story."

After that statement, a long silence spreads in the interrogation room. Eventually, Rush sits down beside Daisuke. In a calm voice, she asks

"Do you really want to know why he was so detached? Do you, Daisuke?"

The other frowns at her, not having expected this. "..You know? Really? Of course I want to..!"

"He was attacked in your absence. Attacked and almost raped." She pauses while the redhead's eyes widen impossibly. "This is why he did not want to be touched. The things he said to you - he didn't actually say them to you, but rather to that delinquent. He probably came back to apologise… maybe even talk to you about it. Instead, he found you - the one he trusted the most - with Takeru."

Pale-faced, Daisuke stammers "You're.. you're lying! This is impossible! No, he.. he couldn't..! No!" He gets up, shaking his head desperately. For a minute, his loud and shaky breathing is all that can be heard.

Eventually, he breaks down crying. "Shit!"

"You found him, didn't you. And then? What happened then..?" Rush gently presses him after a while.

"Yes… I found him, he was sitting on the parapet of that bridge… But I.. I didn't…"

"Didn't what?" asks the male detective.

"I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to..." the young man shakes his head where it is buried in his hands. "I loved him so much. I still do. So why…" he looks up at the detectives through teary eyes. "Why didn't he just tell me..? Why…?"

"Ken!" Daisuke runs towards his boyfriend as he spots him on the bridge.

"Don't come near me!" the blue-haired boy yells when the other has come close enough to reach out.

"I'm so sorry, Ken, I really am…" the redhead regretfully says. The other only jerks his head away to hide tears.

"I have no idea how that happened…" Daisuke continues. "It's just, those things you said before - they really hurt me… But I love you. I love you, you hear me..?"

No reaction besides a sad lowering of the head by the boy sitting on the parapet.

Miserable brown eyes fall upon Ken's left wrist. Shocked, Daisuke exclaims "Hey, you're bleeding!"

Wordlessly, Ken brings forth his right hand holding a slightly bloody shard of glass.

"You did this to yourself? Why?" Daisuke asks incredulously.

"Because…" the other starts, his voice cracking a little "Because I…" But then shakes his head, unable to proceed.

"Alright, we can work this out…" the shorter boy tries to soothe both Ken and himself. "I have no idea what has been wrong with you all day, and I know I just made a.. a horrendous mistake, but.. we'll be fine. We'll be fine, I promise. Just come down."

Ken turns to look at him for the first time, sadness and hope shining through his eyes. He nods slowly, causing Daisuke to breathe out his relief.

The latter gently grabs Ken's shoulders to support him. However, the other immediately reacts to the touch. Struggling, he yells "Don't touch me!"

Taken aback, the redhead shouts out "What? What is it now?", not releasing his hold on his boyfriend.

However, Ken's final shove against Daisuke creates a momentum that pushes himself over the edge. With a last, wide-eyed look, Ken falls.

"NO!" Daisuke screams and reaches out in vain.

But the other boy is lying motionless on the street below.

"Fuck, no! KEN!"

In the distance below, the desperate boy suddenly looks into the eyes of 15-year-old Joselyn Parsons, who is staring up at him frightfully. He takes a few gasps of breath, then runs away.



/ You're beautiful, so silently,
It lies beneath the shade of blue,
It struck me so violently when I looked at you.
But others pass, they never pause
To feel that magic in your hand,
To me you're like a wild rose they never understand. /

Daisuke is led out of the interrogation room at the same time as Takeru. They look at each other shortly before Daisuke averts his face in shame and remorse and Takeru's gaze saddens.

/ I cried for you when the sky cried for you
And when you went I became a hopeless drifter.
But this life was not for you,
Though I learned from you
That beauty need only be a whisper... /

Joselyn is standing on the bridge, peering down, when Mrs. Ichijouji walks up to where she stands. Smiling tearfully, she leaves blue roses on the parapet. The younger woman begins to talk to her.

Meanwhile, the 'Suicide' on Ken's case box is crossed out by the detectives.

/ I'll cross the sea for a different world
With your treasure, a secret for me to hold.
In many years they may forget
This love of ours or that we met,
They may not know how much you meant to me... /

Daisuke and Takeru leave the building to find Hikari and Miyako waiting for them outside with sad expressions. Miyako immediately walks up to hug Daisuke as Hikari does the same with Takeru. They all stand together now, joined as a group again. Like Hikari said, despite the personal distance, their bond has never truly been severed.

/ Without you, now I see
How fragile the world can be.
And I know you've gone away
But in my heart you'll always stay. /

Still standing beside their two friends, the girls turn around. The four of them see Ken standing down the stairs. He gives them a small, regretful smile, lets the shard of glass fall to the ground, slowly turns around and walks away into nothing.

The four friends hold onto each other tighter, crying.

/ This life was not for you,
Though I learned from you
That beauty need only be a whisper,
That beauty need only be a whisper... /



Author's Note: The song in the end is "I Cried For You" by Katie Melua. Here: /watch?v=WdYOQ0BYTGM (a vid I made specifically for this fanfiction).
Like I said, in Cold Case, they always use sad songs, and usually, those sound a bit "older" (often to fit the time in which the murder took place, but not always), so when a friend of mine showed me this song, I immediately thought "*That's* the song for my story." and that decision never wavered, even though I made it years ago ^^

In case you don't know Cold Case... well, then this story must have seemed weird to you in many ways first of all... xD But anyway, here is a typical episode ending: /watch?v=YIDY2ZnBb1Y
So you see, this "apparition" in the end is nothing out of the ordinary ^^

Hope you enjoyed the story :)