Hey guys, welcome to my first JP fanfic. May you please enjoy!

Chapter 1


Isla Sorna, Pacific Ocean.

In the midst of a forest, a Male & Female Tyrannosaurus rex have carved out a nest. There, the female lays 16 eggs each. The female then lays near the nest for protection whereas the male goes out for a hunt. The temperature was hot & humid. Awhile later, the male brings back a young Corythosaurus from the bushes. The mates have a feast for two days. Two days later, the female incubates her eggs via twigs & leaves, before going for a hunt.

However, dangers always occur every time. Meanwhile, a group of small, egg-eating Compsognathus scamper nowhere in the conifers. It was a group consisting of 8, the leader, being yellow-striped. The Compys had to take some of the eggs quickly, as the parents would arrive soon. The Compys quickly react as they take 4 eggs & escape. The T. rex's return late & quickly find out that the eggs have been reduced to 12. The Rex's have to be more careful next timeā€¦..

After two months, the eggs finally start to hatch. After hatching, the male's colors were green & the females were pinkish-brown. However, there was one male who was colored strangely. He had a creamy underbelly, like all the others & had some green hues. But however, the whole body was grey & dark-red. The parents, however, allowed him to join the family & immediately started to hunt for insects. The grey/dark red one was the first to catch one as he caught & snapped up a dragonfly. The whole family went to the river as if to drink. While drinking, a lone, bull Triceratops came to the river to drink as well. The male, Rex, searching for a meal as well, attacked the Trike. The Triceratops showed an enormous amount of aggression & attacked. With its three horns, neck frill, size & sheer aggression, the Trike seemed to have the upper advantage. When fighting against Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, usually aggressive bull ones seem to have the advantage. This happens when the Trike manages to jab the male's legs. But, however, it can't face against two T. rexes at once. This happens as the female grabs the Trike's back leg. Unable to fight anymore further, the Trike began to flee. Now was the advantage for the parents. The male, although he had an injured leg, was fast enough to catch the Trike's injured back leg. Weakened by shock, the Trike fell to the ground. Both parents flipped the Trike to the surface. At this point, the female finished the helpless herbivore off with one-massive bone-crunching bite. The family then began to have one, huge feast.

Sometimes later, the family travel to the plains, where they find a huge laboratory, where they also find a large sign which was written "InGen" on it. The family was curious about it, but however, they decide to investigate the fallen lab.

The grey/dark reds Rex, now named Redback, investigated most of the portions. He took a feast on an already dead specimen which was a Corythosaurus. Soon, thereafter, the family decide to join up & leave due to it having no food & life source in it. However, another, large carnivore had already tracked the Rex's & was moving in for an attack. When the family left the facility, a large carnivore attacked. It was an Allosaurus! The Allosaurus roared at the parents, thinking that they were trying to steal their territory. The Allosaurus, without knowing, attacked the parents, despite the fact, Tyrannosaurus would easily kill the Allosaurus easily. The Rex's roared furiously, but the Allosaurus wasn't startled. It attacked again, but the female almost bit him. Not backing down, The Allosaurus then noticed the children back at the parents. Taking the advantage, the Allosaurus attacked without mercy, trying to take a snack at one of the Tyrannosaur infants. However, the male quickly rammed the Allosaur at the side, knocking it down. The male was about to kill the Allosaurus, but then, suddenly, a larger Allosaurus pounced at the back & managed to slash the male's neck, causing a large, horrific scar to be produced. Enraged, the male effortlessly grabbed the smaller Allosaur & crushed its back neck, killing it instantly. However, the larger Allosaurus took advantage & killed a female infant before swallowing it. More enraged, the female attacked at fury. The Allosaur climbed to its jaw, ready for attack. However, the female grabbed the Allosaur at its arms. The Allosaur struggled trying to free its arm to no avail. The female then crushed its arm, causing the Allosaurus roared in pain & tried to use its remaining arm to attack. But it was too late. The female flipped the Allosaurus & grabbed its tail, before delivering a swift throw, smashing the Allosaurus into a wall & destroying it. The Allosaurus managed to survive the impact, but critically injured, unable to move. Taking revenge on its fallen infant, the female smashed the Allosaur's skull with her strong feet, killing it. Gaining victory, the parents roar at the skies. They have now another feast. Redback, along with his other siblings soon joined. This marked the dawn of the beginning of the life of Redback.

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