Chapter 3:

It's Your Chance, Charlie Brown!

I'm still wondering if I'm alive, Charlie Brown thought, well, since my brain is working, I'm alive. Charlie Brown woke up, floating on a peaceful lake. He was surprised that he lived, after melting. In fact, he exclaimed the fact, "I'm alive everyone, impressive to like me!" He saw nobody floating, being sad that he had no friends in his whole life, save for Linus and Schroeder, the only friends in his life. He sighed at the fact that he couldn't be a hero, even realizing that he couldn't impress the hot girl with the white sock-hat. Although, he didn't realize that she was a certain girl: Dawn.

Dawn woke up after thinking the same things as Charlie Brown though before he woke up. Charlie Brown saw the pretty preteen chick and tried to talk to her and impress her, expecting himself to fail. "Hi, I am a random pedestrian…I mean…Brownie Charles!" Charlie Brown nervously and randomly greeted. Dawn had her jaw dropped at the fact that the round-headed hero (Charlie has yet to know this) was actually alive. "Here goes misery, like all the days I try to impress someone." Charlie Brown stated. There was silence between the two for 60 seconds, until Dawn said something, "Come with me." Charlie Brown was so confused, "Huh?"

Charlie swam with Dawn to a small cavern in the middle of the lake. "This is a sacred place that had been placed here since that start of Sinnoh, a place where unexpected legends await." Dawn explained, "Here is the current legend that has been awaited by people of this world since ancient times: The Chosen One." Charlie Brown thought, It might be Lucy, or Linus, definitely not Rerun, he later came to the true thought a few seconds before Dawn began reading the ancient text. "Please, tell me who is it." Charlie Brown begged. "Charlie Brown is the Chosen One." Dawn read.

Lucy entered the small cavern, unsatisfied by the melting/bus disaster, then by Charlie Brown's happy face. "Please don't tell me you have an official fiancé." Lucy complained. "That and something even better." Charlie replied. Dawn answered for the round headed hero, "Yes, he's the Chosen One, the hero to save this different world." Lucy laughed at the "used-to-be" blockhead. "Charlie Brown, a hero? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! He's clumsy and a sore loser! There's no possible way for that idiot to become a hero. Whoever thought of that couldn't throw a ball, LIKE STUPID CHARLIE BROWN!" Lucy protested.

"He'll make it, and everyone throws a ball here for a reason: to capture Pokémon, then you." Dawn defended. Dawn punched Lucy in the face and threw a Pokeball at her. Lucy was captured, and everyone saw it. "We will support Charlie Brown on his journey since we're his friends, and that girl was bad news to us." Linus announced. "I guess a sixsome can defeat Team Galactic. "Who?" Schroeder asked.

"Team Galactic is the group of Pokémon thieves of Sinnoh." Dawn explained, "They're reviving the time-space takeover plan, using another dimension again, but this time, they plan to use Dialga and Palkia, not just Giratina."

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