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Ingo is not mine.

Sapphire's POV~

"Hey, Conor, I'm going down to the cove," I say. My brother turns from making himself a banana sandwich and looks at me in a scrutinizing manner. I squirm impatiently and raise my eyebrows at him, as if to say: "You can't stop me...". Conor sighs and nods. "Just don't swim outside the cove...". I'm out of the door like a cannonball, yelling, "Yes, Mum!", back at him sarcastically. I can just envision his expression.

Scrambling over the rocks, I think I see a figure out at the mouth of the cove. As I climb out farther, I see the person more clearly, and my heart leaps into my throat with some undiscernable new emotion. I'm going to try sneaking up on him...

No use. Either I'm too noisy, or Faro's too quick. Or both. Plopping down on the rock next to him, I make a face and say: "You seem to be spending alot of time in the Air lately". Faro raises his eyebrows at me. "And you seem to be coming to the cove alot," he annoyingly imitates my voice. I frown and look out at the sea. He's right, actually. I have been coming down here alot. Mostly to escape the fact that Mum and Roger... well, they got engaged last month, and I suppose their getting married soon...

"Interesting...", Faro muses. I start, then glare at him. "I really, really wish that you'd stay OUT of my thoughts!". Smiling impishly, Faro changes the subject: "So what do you think?".


"Your mother and the diver."

"Oh, um... well, I don't really know. I mean, I'm not mad or anything, but...". I notice that Faro's looking at me with the strangest expression. "But you wish things could have happened differently? Way back before you even knew about Ingo?", he supplies. I think for a second. "Well... not exactly. I mean, what's happened, has happened, and I suppose I've learned to accept that... but I do wish that things could stay the same, at least for a little longer...". Faro nods understandingly and takes my hand. I squeeze back, feeling grateful that I have someone to talk to, since Conor seems to be quite content about Roger becoming our stepfather. I, for one, am not ready.

Faro lets go of my hand and shifts himself to dive into the water. Once he comes up again, he just floats, breathing air and looking steadily at me. After a while, he hauls himself back up onto our rock, grinning to himself. "What?", I demand, noticing that he's kind of stealing little sidelong glances at me. Faro just shakes his head, expression now impassive. "No, really...", I attempt to make my face as serious as his and stare at him face-on. He smiles and says: "Well, you just looked so... glum... I don't know. It was funny". I roll my eyes and push his arm. Some people sure know how to get on your nerves.

Maelbron's POV~

Fenstral shakes his head and spreads his arms, then speaks to the four men gathered around him. I can't hear what he's saying, but the old Mer man doesn't look happy. Arcvand frowns and gives a small, impatient flick of his tail. Then he starts to speak, interrupting Fenstral, and the two start arguing.

There has been a growing sense of discontent lately. Humans have been diving around in the waters that we call our home. Thankfully, they don't see much, but it's still rather dangerous. A small child can easily swim into danger at any time, and put the rest of us Mer at jeapordy. Several have been talking about moving to different, more isolated waters.

Somewhere where we can find fresh meat.

Sapphire's POV~

When I finally get home, it's dusk, and the cool air is cutting through my wet clothes, making me shiver violently. Can't wait to get inside... at least Mum's not home yet; she's working late tonight.

At the door, Sadie greets me... or jumps on me. "Hey, girl! You miss me all day?". Sadie sniffs my clothes. "Is your nose working overtime?". Sadie gives a little dog-sneeze and pads off. Conor shuffles in, his expression denoting that I'm in for an unpleasant experience.

"Did you swim-", Conor begins, but I don't let him finish. "Con, if what you want to know is that I went to Ingo, then yes, I did". There. Might as well get it over with. Conor frowns. "Did you see Faro?", he asks. I throw up my arms in exasperation. "Yes! Yes, yes, and yes! What is this, twenty questions?".

"Just asking..."

"No! You're not just asking, you-are-being-paranoid," I punctuate my last four words by jabbing my finger at him. Conor's expression changes. "Take it easy, Saph. You usually don't mind my asking you things...". Groaning, I sink into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. Conor just stands there, looking strange. Then he shrugs and leaves the kitchen. Once I can be sure it's safe, I head towards the bathroom.

It's just as well that Conor doesn't know what's really going on... not only did Faro stop calling me "little sister", but I don't even feel that way anymore.

Do I... do I love him?

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