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Not Your Typical Love Story

Chapter 1: It Was Only Just a Dream

Ben looked at his two thousand dollar gold Rolex and read the time again for the tenth time in less than a minute. It was 8:50. She was already more than an hour late, an hour and twenty minutes to be precise. Ben grabbed his black 60 GB iPhone sitting on the table and texted Kate. It's just dinner Katie. Less than thirty seconds later his phone began singing to him. 'Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.' Ben smiled fondly and answered the phone.

"Hi Benedict Yancy." She said playfully

"Hi Katie. Where are you?" Ben asked.

"Nice ringtone." She said. Ben could hear the smile on her face through the phone.

"You're here! Wait, where are you?" He asked his heart suddenly jumping for joy. Ben turned around looking amongst the sea of people hoping to catch a glimpse of his date. He heard a chair move at the table he was sitting at and was about to chew the thick skulled person that would dare sit there when he looked up at the person and his breath left him instantly.

"I've always been in front of you." She said with a smile. Ben looked upon her awestruck in amazement at her beauty. A white slimming dress that she had obviously just bought. She had taken the time to curl her hazelnut hair and it looked absolute gorgeous. She was wearing her favorite shade of lipstick and her eye shadow and mascara was minimal but it still accentuated her hair. Ben slowly brought his phone down from his ear and hung it up putting back on the table.

"You… you… you l…look…"

"You can save it cowboy." She said playing it off even though her heart was beating a hundred beats a minute. "I'm sorry I'm late. I've been standing outside pacing watching you for the past hour. I was nervous." Kate admitted looking at the table a little embarrassed.

"It's just dinner Katie, I'm not proposing."

"I know I'm sorry. Can we ditch this place and go to your place for dinner." Kate asked with a lost puppy look in her eyes.

"Uh yeah, if that's what it takes." He said nonchalantly.

"Great, I'm sorry Ben. This place just has bad memories." She said taking a shaky breath. Ben got up and helped Kate back into her coat and quickly grabbed coat and phone following her out of the pretentious restaurant.

Ben led Kate around the block and to the parking garage by the small of her back. Even through her coat his touch sent a warm chill up her spine. All the while they are walking Kate keeps glancing at Ben with sorry puppy dog eyes. They walk into the elevator and Ben hits the tenth floor button. Kaye shifts her feet and looks at him.

"How early were you?"

"Seven fifteen." He said matter of factly.

"I'm so sorry Ben."

"You came, that's all that matters." He said softly with a smile looking into her hurt eyes.

The door dinged and opened. Kate and Ben stepped out and the first thing Kate noticed was the lack of cars except for the one she could identify in her sleep.

"Why did you park way up here?" Kate asked earnestly.

"Why not?" He countered raising an eyebrow. He walked her over to her side of the car and opened the door u for her like a gentleman. Kate tossed her bag and coat in the car but then leaned on the car door that Ben was holding open for her.

"Is something wrong?" Ben asked confused.

Without warning Kate planted her lips on his. At first Ben was taken aback but soon closed his eyes and moved them away from the car door. He wrapped his arms around her waist deepening their kiss and pulling them together. Kate broke away and Ben reciprocated the kiss. He could feel her hand in his hair and then around his neck. They both pulled back breathless and amazed. Ben opened to mouth to speak but all that Kate heard was a loud, shrill, continuous beep beep beep beep. Ben began to slip away and Kate desperately tried to reach out and grab him until he was gone.

She jerked awake and sat upright breathing heavily. She looked beside her in her bed and said with a little disappointment, "Just a dream. It was only just a dream." Kate felt a little unsure of how she felt about the dream and everything that happened.

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