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Chapter 6: Not Your Typical Love Story

The Next Morning

Kate stirred from the deep sleep she had been in and cracked open her eyes. She was greeted by rays of sunshine at eight in the morning. Kate inhaled a deep breath and filled her lungs with the air coming in the room by the crack of a window. She rolled over and looked to Ben. He was still sound asleep and he looked peaceful. Kate smiled as memories flooded her mind. There was a brief clip playing in her head of them kissing coming into the room and her pushing Ben onto the bed. Then there was Ben stopping anything from happening further and just cuddling with her. Ben had been a gentleman and didn't push for something more than actually just lying in bed and sleeping together. Kate snapped back to present day and fixated her eyes on Ben's face. She lightly began to brush his cheek with her thumb which was just enough to wake Ben.

"Morning Katie." He said brightly looking at her after briefly stretching and opening his eyes.

"Morning." She replied giving him a soft kiss.

"Did you sleep well last night?" He asked genuinely.

"Yeah, only because a certain guy I know decided to go all gentlemen on me last night." She said feigning a complaint.

"I knew you weren't ready after one date Katie. I want you to be so sure of this before we go any farther."

"Maybe I was ready." She said leaving it open ended. Ben raised an eyebrow and she gave a little laugh.

"That's what I thought." He said with a smile. "So what, am I like your boyfriend now?" He asked unsure of exactly where they stood.

"That word is just so…" Kate said searching for the right word.

"Over used?" Ben suggested.

"Pretentious and vague." Kate said.

"So what do we call this? What do you call me?" Ben asked.

"My partner and lover in the night time." She said with a smile that made him laugh.

"Well there was no love happening last night." Ben stated. "How about just Ben and Kate; we're just two adults testing out the waters, and seeing each other."

"My Benny boy." Kate replied with a playful smile liking the sound of it.

"Why don't we just agree that this…" He said motioning with his hands. "Us, we're not your typical love story." Ben said.

"I'll agree to that." Kate said with a smirk. "We definitely aren't your everyday average couple. You're the one who cooks, we both work late, and we are complete opposites. That's probably why Justin was so sure I would never go for a guy like you. We have opposite ethics and methods. I'd say one of the few things we have in common is working at the same firm and looking very attractive."

"Well thank you." Ben said deviously kissing her.

"Oh you and your body are welcome." She said with a small laugh returning the kiss.

"Katie, I'm going to tell you something and I don't want you to say anything." Ben said seriously.

"Okay." Kate replied with a small laugh a little nervous by his seriousness but very intrigued.

"From the moment I saw you in that bar I liked you. You intrigued me. You sure as hell got under my skin and you still do." He said with a laugh. "But you've also driven me crazy out of my mind for the past nine months. I'd give you my all and you'd run away. I constantly kept pushing, trying to break those walls because I knew deep inside you felt the same way I did about you. I could feel it when you kissed me back, when you left the office with Justin with a smile but your eyes looking back at me showed guilt and pain, at Lake Tahoe I could feel that you wanted it I could see it in your eyes. I knew I was close to losing you when you started apartment hunting with Justin but I told myself that this was one of those time to be a dogged jackass because the truth is Katie; beyond this money hungry, cynical, jackass exterior is my heart and it hurts and breaks and I put up these walls to protect myself from getting hurt again, like I was with my ex-fiancé, but you have seemingly with ease managed to break down those walls around my heart because you make my heart beat faster and you break my heart and then you fix it making it stronger than it was before. You have changed me from the inside Katie and I want you to hear these last words very distinctly so listen. "Ben paused looking at her eyes that were watching him attentively taking everything he said to heart. "I love you…Kate." Ben watched her face for a reaction and saw that her eyes began welling up with tears that were about to begin streaming down her face.

The man lying next to her had just poured his heart out and he expected nothing in return. He truly had changed from the persona she knew when they first met and hearing what went on inside of him filled her with joy at his genuine confession of love. The tears began to fall and Ben wiped them away and held her in his arms as she cried. Ben Grogan knew that her tears were not sad but joyous tears and the look in her eyes said it all for him. When Kate finally stopped crying Ben's shirt had large dark circle of her tears. She lifted her head up to Ben's looking into his eyes and with a weak smile on her face whispered to him, "I think I love you too Ben."

Ben smiled and a single tear fell from his eye and onto Kate's hair as he pulled her in close for a hug. Kate took a shaky breath and relaxed into Ben's strong arms. "Thank God it's Saturday." Ben said softly. Kate laughed still lying in his arms.

"Who says love is supposed to be a cliché typical love story?" Kate asked rhetorically.

"The hell with those, we're the exception." Ben replied.

"Yeah." Kate said. "We're not your typical love story so you better watch out world because Kate Reed and Ben Grogan are gonna turn you upside down and spin you around." She said smiling defiantly.

"We sure are." Ben said kissing her head.

"Damn straight." Kate mumbled into his chest.

Ben rested his chin on her head and stroked her back. Kate would soon be falling in love with him just as much as he was falling in love with her to the point of already considering proposing a few months down the line. He smiled and looked at the sun shining through. It was bound to be a beautiful day and things with Kate were moving in the direction of walking on sunshine.

the end

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