Cold. One of the first things that came into Clove Vanderbilt's mind as she stepped out of the plane and into the airport. She wasn't used to this temperature, growing up in LA didn't help either.

She was a Cali girl through and through; she like surfing, going to Venice Beach - she even had a tan from all the times she visited Venice. She also looked the part long dark hair (her mother was reluctant for her to dye it bleached blonde), size 6 waist and 5"11 - she didn't have to be told she was gorgeous she already knew, but being gorgeous comes with a price, you got to have street cred. And she was known around LA to be a "troubled teenager", maybe it was the fact that she her parents divorced just a year ago as her father left her mother for a woman 20 years younger than him; her mother never questioned her whereabouts before nor what she was doing as she thought it was all part of a phase she was going through but 6 months later her mother had had enough and had packed her bags and sent her to a Russian boarding school.

"Miss Vanderbilt? Miss Vanderbilt?" a man screeched, unlike Clove he was appropriately dressed for the weather as she was wearing a miniskirt in the hope of finding an attractive Russian boy on the plane.

She wanted to see how long he would call for her before he decided to just leave but after 30 seconds his screeching was getting on her nerves and also on some of the other peoples.

"Yes, I'm here!" she shouted back at the man. "What are you? My minder?"

"I am very sorry, Miss Vanderbilt, but I have never seen you in my life," his Russian accent was thick and Clove could hardly discern what he was saying. "Let me introduce myself: my name is Daniil Kropski and I am the groundskeeper of Achinsk Mixed Boarding School.