Clove was sitting in her dorm room trying to get her homework done (can you believe it? Homework on her 1st day of school!). Glimmer was on her side of the dorm playing her music so loud that Clove couldn't even think.

"Can't you turn that down?" Clove yelled, as she didn't think that Glimmer would be able to hear her over the music.

"No, not really," Glimmer replied nonchalantly like it was a normal thing for her to be dancing in her dorm room on a Friday night. Clove's eyes wondered over to Katniss who just shrugged in a what you gonna do way. At least there was 1 sane person in her dorm.

"Hey, Katniss!" Glimmer screeched. "You going to that party tonight?" Before Katniss even replied she got up and cut the music and said in a flat tone: "No, Glimmer, some of us have to study."

"But it's the beginning of the weekends, and you know I can't go by myself."

"Why not?" Clove asked, curious.

"Because-" Katniss started before she was cut off by Glimmer.

"None of your business!" Glimmer said in that annoyed tone she usually saved for her brother.

"So, Clove, you going to the party?" Katniss asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"She obviously didn't get invited." Glimmer sneered, acting like the spilt brat she was. Clove remained silent. She did get invited - by Marvel, actually. But she declined saying that she had "too much homework to do" and if she turned up at the party he would obviously get the wrong idea and think that Clove ditched homework just to see him (which was not the case) and furthermore she had nothing to wear, she hadn't even bothered to unpack her suitcase since she had arrived. Clove felt like telling her that she was invited just to rub it in her face. Glimmer could be such a bitch.

"C'mon, Katniss! I really need you to be there!" Glimmer whined.

"You know I can't go, Glimmer! Just take Clove!" Katniss repeated for the 500th time.

"But it won't be the same! You are my one and only wing-man!"

"First off: I'm a girl, so shouldn't it be wing-woman? And second: how many times do I have to say "no", Glimmer?"

"You won't have to say it again if you just say "yes" now! Anyway, I heard Peeta was gonna be there s you can have fun with him and as soon as me and Cato get together we can go on a double date." Katniss sighed.

"Do I really have to?"

"Yes," Glimmer answered with eager eyes. "C'mon it'll be fun!"

"Okay, let me just put some make-up on." Katniss replied walking over to her dresser.

Clove was still sitting on her bed reading her chemistry textbook, Professor Snow wasn't the one to give light homework, she had overheard their conversation and hoped that Katniss would invite her so she would have a reason to stop studying and have some fun- "You coming, Clove?" said Katniss, breaking into Clove's thoughts.

"Sure, why not?"

The hall in which the party was being held in was at full capacity, Clove was used to parties like these and was not going to have a claustrophobic attack. As soon as they entered Glimmer separated from them and headed straight for the bar.

"They have alcohol here?" Clove asked Katniss.

"Of course, but we hide it by putting it in mugs making it look like we're drinking coffee - oh look, there's Peeta! Let me introduce you! Peeta! Peeta!"

The boy that was Peeta turned around, looking to see who was calling his name. As soon as he saw it was Katniss his handsome face broke out into a huge smile - a smile you only show to someone you love. Katniss ran into his arms and giggled while Clove stood in the background not quite knowing what to do with herself.

"Peeta, I want you to meet Clove." Katniss said cheerfully.

"Hey." Clove and Peeta said in unison and then laughed.

"So, Clove, how come I haven't seen you around before?" Peeta inquired.

"Well, I just started yesterday."

"Really, what did you get sent here for?"

"Peeta! That's so rude! Excuse my boyfriend!" Katniss said.

"C'mon, isn't it a bit weird that she got sent here in the middle of the semester?"

"Totally true, Peeta. I was sent here because of some stuff I did in my old school."

"What kind of stuff?" Peeta asked, now very intrigued.

Clove sighed she hated telling people about the incident. "I was caught "smoking" ecstasy on my school campus." she said, using air quotations on "smoking".

"Why the air quotes on "smoking"?"

"Because I was never smoking anything, my friend told me to hold it for her as she went off to do something, someone must've snitched and called the cops on us and I was caught."

"Wow," was all Peeta could say - he was shocked. He never met a girl like Clove before. Even Katniss was shocked - and she's from Texas! "You definitely need a drink." Peeta grabbed her arm and led her to the drink bar. The bar was situated on the other side of the dance floor and for her and Peeta to get there they had to push past sweaty, gyrating teenage bodies - which wasn't really a pleasant experience for Clove.

"2 beers, please!" Peeta shouted over the ruckus of the music. The guy from behind the bar looked up from texting on his phone and Clove was surprised to see it was Cato, still looking as gorgeous as ever. Her breathing hitched again like it did at lunch but she had no idea why. Yes, he was gorgeous but Clove had no attraction to him whatsoever.

"2 beers for yourself, Peeta? I don't think Katniss would like that." Cato said with a smirk.

"Nah, dude. 1 for this pretty lady right here."

"I'm not sure she's used to her drink, Peeta."

"Please," Clove cut in, having enough of them talking like she wasn't there. "I think I've drank more than you in your entire lifetime."

"Really, now." Cato replied with that stupid smirk of his which Clove found really infuriating at times. "Wanna bet?"

"You're on."

"Okay, let's see who can drink the most beers in 1 minute. If I win," Cato paused, trying to think of a horrible prize. "You gotta kiss Marvel!"

"What?" Clove shrieked. "NO WAY! No way in hell!" Clove said starting to turn away.

"Fine," Cato said, calling after her. "But that jut means you've gotta admit that you I'm better when it comes to drinking." Cove cringed, no way was she gonna let him say that.

"Fine." she said in a syrupy, sweet voice. "But if I win you gotta strip I the middle of the dance floor." Cato's eyes bulged out of his head, he wasn't thinking that she would pick such a good prize (for her).

"Deal." they shook hands cementing the deal.