This story was written for the 2012 White Elephant Exchange on another site with the Prompt Set being:

1. McTibbs, that's Tim, Tony and Jethro: "We'll figure that out tomorrow."
2. Gen: Zivaism: You could have knocked me over with a ...
3. McGee and Abby (friends or romance or both): Broken computers
General guidelines:
Longer than 1000 words please.

Rating: any

Her first prompt is the one I chose, but the bunnies decided that the story had to be set just before the series begins and so far extends into seasons one and two.


Homicide detective Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo sighed in disbelief when he saw what his latest assignment was: going out on a series of demonstrations with his partner, trying to recruit college kids into joining the police force or at least some part of law enforcement. He stomped out to the cruiser they'd be driving in and his partner, John Smythe smiled at the grumpy look on his face.

"Oh, knock it off DiNozzo. It's not as bad as sitting at the office writing up a report."

"Might as well be. Who actually wants to go and sit in a lecture these days?" Tony grumbled and John grinned at him as he started the engine. John had once said the same thing to his former partner and two days later he'd been going out with a young lady that had ended up marrying him. Four years have passed and John was still happily married.

"You'd be surprised, besides it's a good way to pick up chicks if you know what I mean. It's how I met Carla actually," and laughed when Tony stared at him in stunned disbelief.

"Come on partner, let's go to college."

Johns Hopkins University minutes later:

"Veritas Vos Liberabit," Tony muttered under his breath as he waited for John to finish using the restroom and one of the college students passing by stopped and smiled.

"It stands for 'The Truth Shall Set You Free.'"

Tony turned to look at the student who smiled at him again in a friendly manner. The student had sandy brown hair and a slightly pudgy body and face but it was the open gaze that held Tony's attention. No guile or anything else was in that green-eyed look, just an open gate to an innocent soul. Tony sucked in his breath as he tried to think of an appropriate response. Jesus, what was wrong with him? He was never this tongue tied.

"Hi, are you one of our speakers today?"

"Yeah, I'm Tony. I'm a detective on the police force here in Baltimore."

"Cool. I'll see you inside then." The young man said flashing Tony another welcome smile as he was pulled away by one of his friends. John came out of the bathroom and laughed at Tony's bemused expression.

"Found your dream girl already there partner?" He teased gently and Tony flushed.

"I don't know what that was." Tony whispered to himself as they walked to the back of the auditorium.

Later that night: Hands caressed him, full lips brushed over his face tracing a path down his neck and chest as they followed the hands from collar bone to pectoral muscles. His nipples hardened as white teeth nibbled on first one then the other while callused fingertips pulled on the aureole that wasn't being licked or nipped.

He always slept nude, and he felt the covers being tugged away, exposing his erection as those hands crept closer to their ultimate target. He waited with baited breath for that tongue to caress him and for those teeth to tease him into the orgasm he could feel building. Those hands that caressed him slid down and gently squeezed him; a finger nail flicked over the slit that leaked with pre-cum.


Tony silently screamed as he wrapped a hand around himself and finished what his dream had started. He hated not knowing who his dream lover was, and yet at the same time, he dreaded finding out who that person might be. He wasn't gay! He wasn't and yet he could have sworn those hands were not female. They'd been soft, that much was true, but the calluses on the fingertips...he didn't dare speculate just who those hands might have belonged to. He finished his hand job and stepped into the bathroom. Just before he turned on the shower he stopped and stared at himself in the mirror.

"You are not gay, you are not gay. It was just a dream a sexy, perverted dream. You are Anthony DiNozzo Jr. and you are not gay."

A/N: I kept saying to myself...this is similar to one of my other stories...and yes, it might seem similar to An Acquired Taste...but the first few paragraphs are the main similarity...the stories will end up being entirely different. ^)^