Trust, the one thing he hadn't known or felt in the presence of wives, lovers and yet, looking at the sincerity on the two young faces he was tempted oh so tempted to say to hell with everything and let go. To vent and rant and rave. He scrubbed his hand over his face.

Tim caressed his face, smiling at the slight confusion he saw there. "Don't worry about it tonight. For tonight, snuggle with us." Tony put an arm around Gibbs waist, and Gibbs turned slightly, just enough for Tony curl up beside him, and put his head on Gibbs shoulder.

Tim smiled at the two men. Gibbs yawned and motioned for Tim to nestle beside him. Tim did so, and Gibbs put his head on Tim's shoulder. For the first time in years, he felt himself relaxing and actually wanting to sleep.

Tim's voice softened more than Gibbs thought possible and he found himself fighting to stay awake. His eyes close as Tim said, "Cuddle with us; there you go, watch the fire, relax and sleep. We'll figure the rest of it out tomorrow. Tonight just trust that we've got your six and sleep."

Calmness; it was a feeling he hadn't felt in over twenty years and yet here he was, lying between two men, sated by a night of surprises. A fire was burning softly, and he could hear the crackling of the wood as it burned merrily in the fireplace. Two men on either side of him, both sleeping contentedly as if this were an everyday occurrence. Tony snuffled slightly and tightened his hold around Gibbs' waist.

For his own part, Gibbs was oddly comfortable, sandwiched the way he was between his two...were they his lovers now? He thought about Tony the man who has had his six for several years and had it even now, snuggled up behind him. Then there was Tim, lying on his back, sighing in his sleep as Gibbs hand seemed to drift up of its own accord and lightly caress Tim's chest and neck.

Gibbs remembered Tim telling him to relax and sleep and more than that to trust. Trust was a word that while he could do it in the field when it came to personal trust at home, Gibbs has had issues. Especially with three ex-wives and numerous lovers and yet, he'd trusted this man with something he's never trusted anyone with and that was Gibbs losing control enough to enjoy not just Tim's words, but the entire act that had accompanied it. From the first light nip and touch to the powerful orgasm that had left Gibbs weak in the knees.

Trust, the one thing that Tony had once said was a problem for all three of them. . He knew why Tony had those issues, but why would Tim have them? Tim's words came back to him "... A lost lonely soul who wants to belong to someone."

Lost and lonely, was that what he'd seen in not just one but both men's eyes? Someone who could possibly sense the loneliness he felt yet couldn't seem to express no matter how hard he tried? He doesn't trust or feels like he can't after being hurt so much over the years. He'd belonged to a family once, and he'd failed them.

"You don't belong and you can't fail if you don't try." Tim whispered against his chest and Gibbs could feel a shudder run through that young body. The younger man was still asleep and he wondered who had told Tim that. Who had beaten down the younger man's self-esteem to such an extent. He yawned and pulled both men closer to him. Tim's words from earlier that night came back to him and he nodded as sleep overtook him. "We'll figure it out tomorrow."