Challenge Omakes 2

Hotflower901 sent in this omake:

Subject: offers.

Harry was sitting in a muggle cafe just wondering what to do next. Daphne

said to give them time. Harry just wanted the world to stop spinning. "Mr

Potter may I join you", Harry looked up into the face of a man. This man was

older, steel blue eyes that noticed everything and grey short hair. Gesturing

toward opposite seat Harry said "Of course". "How is your recovery coming"

ask the man. Harry looked up to him, "fine". "Good, do you know what you

want to do after you school"? Harry, tilting his head, asked "What are you

offering"? "An opportunity to use your skills for survival, adapting, and

investigating. The pay is not great and the hours are long but the job in

rewarding". "Why me" asked Harry. "You have proven that you can observe,

adapt and overcome." "If you want more information, give me a call". Harry

took the man's card and shook hands. His hands were rough, like he worked

with wood a lot. NCIS- JL Gibbs. Hmmm, thought Harry, "maybe.

A/N: And, that's it! Please let Hotflower901 know you appreciated the effort. Now, here's a NEW Challenge!

Harry and Daphne's fourth child is a girl, Amanda Lily Potter, who is sorted into Slytherin to absolutely no one's surprise. Sadly, there are no more family lines for her to inherit. But, as a girl, she can reasonably expect to be a 'hot prospect' for young noble wizarding men wanting a mother for their heirs. After all, she's rich, well connected and beautiful. Unfortunately (for any potential suitors) she's got three older brothers. So, here's the challenge:

Franklin Longbottom, eldest son of Neville and Hannah Longbottom, Heir Longbottom and de facto leader of Hufflepuff, is desperately in love with Amanda Potter. The challenge is to write the scene where Amanda's three brothers give him 'the shovel talk' ("This is a shovel. Hurt our sister and we will beat you to death with it, and then use it to bury you."), and Franklin's response.

I look forward to seeing what you can do with that!