Real House

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Okay guess here is the sequel to 'Playing House'!

I am so sorry for taking 3 years to update. I just couldn't focus at all. But I am working on the other stories this will just have to hold you all for a while. And in this story I will try to do both Tori and Jade's POV.


"Give me the remote." I say holding my hand out that the two West girls are holding.

"But Tori I had it first, Jade just came in here and tried to take it from me." Jess says in a whiney voice. I look over at Jade and she's guilty.

"Nunhuh, I had it first." Jade says sounding like a little kid.

"Liz who had it first?" I ask looking at the 9 year old sitting on the couch with a mischievous smile on her face. She's up to something when she smiles like that.

"I'll tell for a little something." I bet Jade regrets teaching her how to bribe people. Because if she came and took the remote from Jess she's going to be in trouble. I look at Jade and Jess and they're both looking at Liz with pleading eyes. I can't tell who took what from whom. I still know its Jade.

"Okay I'll give you extra dessert tonight." I say and her hazel eyes brighten up. We're having peach cobbler. Peach cobbler is her favorite.

"Jess did." Liz says quickly. I look over at them both and Jess is smiling at Jade with the 'ha-ha' face and Jade is glaring at Liz before for she looks at me with the puppy dog eyes.

"Told you." Jess says wearing a face of triumph.

"Give me a break Tori the new ep to my favorite show is on." Jade says giving in knowing she's caught. These guys really need to grow up.

"Whatever. Guys go get ready for dinner." I say shooing Liz and Jess off. Jess gets off the couch and skips triumphantly to the back.

"Snitch." Jade says snatching Liz up making the little girl squeal in surprise laughing when Jade lays her across her lap on her back and starts to tickle attack her.

"No, mama No!" Liz cries out in laughter wiggling around trying to get away from Jade.

"Jade stop." I say and she lets go of Liz whose still laughing as she gets off of Jade's lap.

"Bet you won't tell anymore." Jade says jumping at Liz like she's about to grab and start tickling her again making Liz run in the back laughing. I shake my head has I go to the play pen looking at the seven month baby play with her toys on the other side of the play pen.

"Hey." I say and she looks up at me with a chew toy in her mouth. She smiles while it's in her mouth. "Come to mommy." I say smiling holding out my arms for her. The toy drops from her mouth and she crawls to me smiling flashing me two baby teeth right in the middle of her lower jaw. She gets in my reach stopping and holding up one arm waiting for me to pick her up. I plant a sweet kiss on her cheek as I bring her to me. I turn to Jade who's watching TV again. "Here get her cleaned up for me." I say sitting Jori in Jade's lap.

"Hey munchkin." Jade says standing Jori up on her lap and instantly she starts to bounce on Jade's lap laughing and smiling. She is a true miracle. She has grown so much and so fast. If feels like yesterday when I brought her home from the hospital. She was born on June 11 weighted a tiny six pounds. She eats like Jess. When I say that, I mean she eats a lot. The thing that surprised me was how she gained weight but didn't gain a lot. When I took her to the doctor for her check up they said everything was fine.

When she used to wake up in the middle of the night Jade and I couldn't take turns getting her because most of the time she woke up she would be hungry. When I started using the pump Jade would not let me get out of the bed when Jori woke up in the middle of the night. Oh and Liz is so helpful with Jori. She loves her little sister so much. Sometimes when Jori used to wake up in the middle of the night she would get up too and help Jade or I. No matter if it was changing diapers or singing her back to sleep she still helps.

I smile one last time at the beautiful view of my wife and kid headinginto the kitchen. Tonight Jade and I are having steak because that's what she wanted. I'm having veggies with my steak but Jade didn't want anything but she's getting some veggies anyway. The kids wanted burgers and fries. Jori is getting mashed potatoes. So Icooked all of that and it's okay. As long as they're happy I'm happy.

"Is the food ready?" Jade ask coming into the kitchen. I continued flipping the burgers.

"Just about." I say turning to the fries. I just got finished with the steaks. I feel her arms wrap around my waist and she kisses the side of my head. I finish the burgers and fries putting them on a plate. I sit the plate on the counter and turn around in Jade's arms wrapping my arms around her neck kissing her passionately. Love this woman so much. We've stayed strong for so long.

"Here is what I say; Once your gross you're always gross." We hear Jess say and Liz starts to laugh.

"Shut up and go sit down." Jade says shooing them away. They laugh as they leave the kitchen. Once they leave, Jade leans back to kiss me again. I can never get enough of her lips. I force my tongue in her mouth and she moans pulling me closer. I tangle my hands in her hair pulling and she moans again sucking on my bottom lip.

"O-okay J-Jade this has to stop." I say breathily smiling as Jade tries to lean back in but I push her away.

"You're lucky its dinner time because I would have-" Jade is cut off when Jori starts crying.

"Mama." Liz calls and Jade groans a little.

"Go get your daughter." I say and Jade kisses me again trying to deepen the kiss but I push her away.

"What's the matter with my baby?" Jade calls as she walks out the kitchen. I smile has I make the plates. I take Liz and Jess's plates first, then mine, Jade's, and Jori's little bowl. I go back into the kitchen one last time to get the drinks. Kids get water till they finish their food.

"Mommy do I still get dessert?" Liz asks making Jade give her a playfully dirty look.

"Yes you do." I say feeding Jori.

"Yeah me too?" Jess says with a mouth full making me scrunch up my face in disgust, Liz 'Eww' and Jade laugh slapping her a high five making me shake my head at her. Sometimes they both can be total boys.

"Yes, and please don't do that again." I say gesturing to her eating with her mouthful. She does take a bite out of her burger before opening her mouth again making Jade laugh again this time harder.

"So gross." Liz comments looking away from Jess.

"Jade that's not funny, and Jess knock it off or you won't get any dessert." I say and she stops laughing and close her mouth. "I thought so." I see that Jade is still laughing a little. I give her a stern look and she stops leaning over kissing my cheek. She's so whipped. I look at Jori and she's digging her hands into the mash potatoes and just putting it in her mouth making a huge mess. She is so cute I can't help but to laugh at the little messy baby. I reach over using her bib to wipe the mess from around her mouth making her fight me. She hates getting her mouth clean. I'm starting to think she likes a messy mouth.

"Mama can I have a dog?" Liz asks Jade, and then looks over at me. Liz wants a dog so bad. She's been asking for one for the longest and I keep saying no cause dogs are a lot of work and take a lot of responsibility. To be honest I'm surprised Jade said no to the dog. I know she wants one too. Then again I'm not she said she wants to wait till Jori is a little older till we get a dog. She doesn't want the dog to make a chew toy out of our baby because she wants a big dog not one of those ankle bitters. Liz doesn't care what type of dog we get she just wants one.

"We talked about this Liz." Jade says cutting her steak.

"I know but I really want one. I promise I will take good care of her all by myself." Liz says trying to plead her case.

"I believe you, but no." Jade says and Liz huffs loudly folding her arms frowning. Jade looks at her raising and eyebrow daring her to get out of line. Liz holds her look for a second before looking at her lap refusing to eat. She starts to mumble something under her breath and that's one of Jade's pet peeves. "What was that?" Jade ask sternly.

"I said you're giving me some lame excuse has to why I can't have a dog." Liz says loudly. Oh no. This is so bad. This isn't the first time Liz has done this. When she doesn't get her way she tends to get out of line. Jess knows what's about to happen because her eyes go wide and she gets a scared look on her face. Yeah, Jade scares us even when her anger isn't directed toward us. I look at Jade and she's pissed. I'm not jumping into this one. Like that time Jade start chewing at my ass off for undermining her with Jess not going down that road again.

"Liz you're NOT getting a dog. Why? Because I know me or mother will be the ones taking care of it. Come talk to me when you learn to keep your room clean." Jade say making a good point. Liz does have a hard time keeping her room clean.

"My room and a dog is different." Liz argues back.

" A dog is more work. Your room doesn't need to be washed, fed, it doesn't need to be trained not to poop, pee, bark, and chase the mail man. A dog does." Jade says sounding like she's getting frustrated.

"My room isn't alive so of course it can't do all of that." Liz says and I know she's just being smart and so does Jade. "You're acting like I won't be able to train it." Jade bangs her hand on the table making all of us jump. She closes her eyes and she breaths deeply. Jade has learned to control her anger. Not saying it was real bad before but she as keeps it in order. She opens her eyes and the look on her face could kill any living thing.

"Elizabeth I'm going to say this one final time so listen closely," When she says any of our whole names you know she's serious.I hate when she does it to me. And when she does we end up arguing and I hate that. "You are not getting a dog. You ask again you will never get anything else. Do you hear me?" Jade says slowly and Liz looks like she's about to cry and I hate that. Her hazel eyes really show when they are watery like they are now. She gets up from the table and runs out of the kitchen and up stairs. Everything is quiet till we hear her room door slam making Jori cry. I shush her and she stops to whimper a little.

"The food is really good Tori." Jess says awkwardlyafter a few minutes of silence taking another bite out of her burger chewing it slowly. I look over at Jade and she's back to eating like nothing happened. I look back at Jess and nod a thank you and she continues to eat. I look at Jori and she stops crying but she has a pout looking at where Liz was. She doesn't like to see her big sister cry and it's the cutest thing cause when Liz cries or is upsetshe would crawl to her and sit on her lap hugging her and make attempt to give her a kiss on the cheek but just ends up slobbering on her. Later on I'm a take her to Liz so she can give her 'kiss' and hug. We finish our food having a small talk Liz didn't come back down to finish her dinner I'm a get her to finish it later. I'm a keep her and Jade away from each other for now. I know she's hungry.

"Jess send Liz down here for me." I say has Jess gives me her plate.

"Okay." She says before leaving the kitchen. Jade comes in with Jori handing me her little bowl.

"It seems she got more of her food on her on clothes then in her mouth." Jade says making me laugh as I look at Jori who still has food all over her mouth and clothes. I lean over kissing her forehead and Jade's. Liz walks in and her and Jade have a little stare down. I look at Liz and I can tell she's been crying. I look at Jori and she has the pout again looking at Liz. I reach over wiping her mouth making her fuss a little before she get that pout back. I take her from Jade bending down leaning her over to Liz and Jori leans over grabbing Liz's face with her little hands 'kissing' her on the cheek. When she pulls away she has a big smile on her face and so does Liz.

I stand back up handing Jori back to Jade. I look at Liz who looks back at Jade and she frowns again. I look at Jade and she's frowning again. Jade turns to leave and she and Liz begin their little stare down again. Once Jade is out of the kitchen Liz rolls her eyes and huffs as she goes back to island sit down.

"You still hungry?" I asked looking over my shoulder at her and she nods. I smile taking her food out of the microwave. I already heated it up a little bit. I give it to her and she digs in right away.

"So no dessert?" She asks and I look over my shoulder at her giving her the 'What do you think?' look and she nods eating again. I finish loading the dish washer before standing in front of her across the island.

"You know why your mama keeps saying no right?" I ask.

"Yeah cause she's a," I give her the 'Don't even finish that' look before I start to talk.

"She's saying no because you really do need to learn how to keep your room clean," I say and she tries to talk but I hold my hand up shutting her up. "And because of Jori." I say and she looks confused.

"What does she have to do with anything?" She asks biting into her burger.

"She's too little." I say and she gives me the 'So?' look.

"Get a little dog." She says and I shake my head.

"No, she's too little period. Me and your mother don't want her around any type of animal yet. I know you don't want a dog to make a chew toy out of your sister do you?" I ask and her eyes go wide shaking her head making her head 'no'. "Okay then so just be patient. Wait till your little sister gets a little bit older then we might get a dog okay?" I say and she nods finishing off her food. "Good now you need to go apologize to your mama for being disrespectful." I say and she groans. She hates saying sorry. I told her you wouldn't have to say sorry if you didn't do anything to say sorry for.

"Okay." She says and I smile leaning over kissing her forehead. "Soooo dessert?" She suggests and I shake my head. "Ahh man." She groans getting off the island and leaving out. I smile has she leaves grabbing her plate to wash it before heading upstairs going to Jess's room when she stays here. I knock on the door seeing at how teens 'need their privacy'. That's funny because I use to tell my mom that same thing.

"Come in." I hear her say on the other side of the door. I open the door peeking my head inside seeing her putting stuff away. Her room is yellow like the one she had at home. She still likes yellow just to make Jade mad. Again some things never change. It's really girly but tom boyish at the same time. She has stuffed animals but she has race cars. She likes racecars cause they're fast and some of the drivers are hot and I can't lie they are. Don't tell Jade I said that.

"All ready for bed?" I ask and she nods.

"Just about. And you know I'm not five anymore?" She asks making me laugh.

"Yeah, I know and I don't care. I'm going to check on you and tuck you in even after you have kids, so ha." I say and she laughs rolling her eyes has she climbs into bed. I walk over sitting on the bed with her. "Remember that time me and you pulled that prank on Jade when she was sleep and she wouldn't wake up so we threw water on her?" I say and she laughs and nods.

"Oh my god, she tried to murder us. We got the silent treatment for like two weeks." Yeah Jade was so dangerous. When she woke up she tried to kill us. She told us she would get us and boy did she. For those two weeks we got the silent treatment and pranked. Left and right Jess and I were getting water thrown at us whether we were sleep; or watching TV water; or just hanging outtalking to each other.

Jess and I got so used to it; we just started wearing our bathing suits. The second week I would always wake up in the pool and Jess would just get a lot of water thrown on her. Jade didn't want to throw her in the pool cause she was so little but on the last day of the second week Jess and I were assaulted with water all day. Then Jade finally throw us both in the pool Jess in the low end. Well after all that water Jess and I got sick and Jade had to take care of us.

"Well it was good for us cause she had to take care of us for two weeks." I say and Jess nods. She's grown up so much. Her hair has gotten longer and she looks even more like Jade. She's a beautiful thirteen year old. I lean over kissing her forehead again. "Goodnight sweetie love you."

"Goodnight Tori love you too." She says giving me a kiss on the cheek. She always gives me a kisses goodnight. Love that. I smile getting off the bed turning off the light leaving the door cracked. I walk down the hall going to Liz's room that's very colorful. She hates dull colors I don't think anything in her room is colorless but that's okay. Right now her room is a colorful mess. Not too messy but the thing that irks me is that she has clothes everywhere.

"Hey." I say walking inside seeing her reading this book she's been reading for the longest. It's a pretty thick book but I'm surprised she's not done, she loves to read and I'm glad she does.

"Hey." She says not looking up from her book.

"You know it's time for bed right?" I ask sitting at the end of her bed. She nods still not looking up.

"Mommy tomorrow is Sunday why can't we stay up late?" She ask finally looking up from her book.

"Because you have chores, I have to get you signed up for that reading thing you've been begging me to get you into, then we have to go shopping, and you have karate class." I say and she groans rolling her eyes throwing herself back on the bed.

"No mommy, I don't feel like going to karate." She whines making me laugh.

"You begged for this. You said you wanted to be like your Auntie Trina. Plus tomorrow is Sunday and you know that's just your free day. If you go I will take out anywhere you wanna go."She sit up happily smiling. Her eye really bright up when she's happy. Love that.

It may be hard to believe but Liz looks up to Trina. She always wanted to learn to fight like her when I told her about the time we faked that mugged on principle Helen and Trina beat Robbie up.

"For real?" She happily with a big smile on her face. She has such a beautiful smile. I loved it when she didn't have any teeth it was the cutest thing.

"Yes." I say and she squeals quickly wrapping her arms around my neck. "Did you apologize to your mama?" I ask and she nods. "Good so you sleep on where you wanna go tomorrow."I say pulling her covers back letting her get under it before tucking her in. "Let me know what you get in the morning. Love you, goodnight." I say leaning over kissing her forehead.

"Love you too goodnight mommy." She says kissing my cheek. I smile standing up pushing some of her clothes out of the way with my feet has I go to the door. Yea she really needs to clean this room. I leave the room, turning off the light and cracking the door. The last one I need to check on is my little Jori. I get to her room and a huge smile breaks onto my face. Jade is in the rocking chair reading to herself because Jori fell asleep on her. Reminds me of Liz. She always used to fall asleep on Jade and I.

I lean against the door frame looking at Jade and our baby. Before Sikowitz made us live together and made us take care of a real baby you couldn't tell me years later that Jade and I would get married, adopt a beautiful little girl, and have one of our own. Jade and I bumped heads too much to even consider that. Looking at the view now is so surreal.

I walk the rest of the way in the room and Jade looks up at me smiling. I smile back pointing to the sleeping baby. Jade laughs quietly putting the book down and picking the baby up cradling her in her arms. She stands up slowly and I walk over kissing the baby's forehead and she frowns a little. Jade kisses her on the forehead and her frown deepens and it's the cutest thing. She always frowns when she gets kissed or touched while she's sleep. When she's awake and she frowns I love it because the Jade side in her comes out. Jade walks over to her crib laying her down pulling the little blanket half way over her. She turns on the baby monitor turning on the night light before we both wish her a goodnight and I love you, flicking the light off, cracking the door, and going to our own bedroom.

"Don't you just love children?" Jade says letting sarcasm drip off her words as she starts to undress getting ready for bed.

"I do and she apologized Jade so don't do that." I say and she mocks me using that dumb voice. She still does that when she knows I'm right. I just roll my eyes has I start to get ready for bed.

"Yeah I know Tor I just hate when she gets like that. I don't like to get all 'mean mom' on her but she brought it out of me." Jade says changing into the pajama pants.

Like Jade said she doesn't like to get all 'mean mom' on Liz. I've told her it's not being mean,it's being a mother. She would just mock me with that dumb voice and still say she was being a 'mean mom'. I stop trying to correct her because she knew I was right.

Her being 'mean' to Liz makes Jade upset cause, I'm sure you already know Jade is more of the 'fun parent' I guess. Jade gets the kids anything they want. Not anything but anything. I do too but not really. When it comes to the kids she likes to play with them and take them out all the good stuff. I do too. I like to take them out and stuff, have fun but I like to work first then play. That saying 'Work hard Play hard.' That's me. According to Jade she likes to work and play then play even harder. When we clean up around the house Jade turns on music and she finds a way to make a game out of cleaning fine with me as long as it gets the house is clean.

"I know honey but she understands now so you don't have to worry about her pushing it and you getting all 'mean mom' on her again." I say as I put on a big shirt with nothing else but my underwear. Use to wear these all the time when I was pregnant with Jori. Did like wearing pants to bed made me feel restrained and my hormones were all wonky so in the middle of the night I would wake up feeling like I was about to go crazy if Jade wasn't inside me right away. That was fun.

I look over at her and she's glaring at me. I smile at her going over to her kissing her softly. She deepens the kiss pulling me against her pushing her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues start to caress each other slowly making me moan. She leads me back to the bed I feel the back of my legs hit the bed. Jade gently pushes me back so that I'm sitting not breaking the kiss. She pushes my shoulders letting me know to scoot back and I do. Once where in the middle of the bed Jade lays me down still kissing me passionately. I moan into the kiss has she bites my bottom lip sucking on it. I tangle my hands in her black now much longer hair. I feel her hand go under my shirt and I know where this is headed and it has to stop. I push against her shoulder making her groan.

"What?" She groans looking down at me in confusion and annoyance. She is so cute when she's like this.

"We can't." I say and she rolls her eyes groaning again.

"Why?" She ask plopping down on top of me burying her face in the bed below me knocking the air out of me. She always does that when I reject sex.

"Ugh, Jade I hate when you do that and we can't cause Jori and Liz have a checkup and remember we're throwing BJ's birthday party here so we have to shop for that and get the house ready." BJ is Beck's son. I think we all know what the BJ stands for. He is turning three. Beck and Alyssa had their kid before Jade and I so yea. Beck and Alyssa got married a little bit after Jade and I did. BJ is the cutes thing. His a mini and I are known for throwing some pretty good parties so Beck asked us to throw one of his kid and I said yes Jade didn't want to. I don't know why and I didn't ask because I'm afraid of the answer. Every now and then I think Jade is still mad at Beck for breaking up with her. I don't like to think about it so let's leave it alone.

"I told you I didn't want to do that party." Jade says into the bed but it's muffled. See what I mean?

"Why?" I ask and Jade huffs.

"Because I don't want to." Jade says and I roll my eyes.

"That's not a reason."

"It's good enough for me." I roll my eyes again in annoyance.

"Do you have something against Beck and Alyssa?" I ask knowing she does I just want to see what she say.

"Let it go Tori." She says rolling off me going to her side of the bed turn her back to me. God I hate that. Every time we fight or she doesn't want to talk about it she turns her back to me and that makes me feel like she's pushing me away. She knows I don't like when she does that. That's not a part of communication and a marriage needs that, if it's going to work.

"Jade." I call her name and she doesn't respond. "Jade." I call her name a little louder and she still doesn't respond."We need to talk about this." I say and she flips over looking at me sitting up and she looks pissed.

"Look Victoria," That saying my whole name shit again. The way she said it sends a shiver down my spine. "There is nothing to talk about. I don't want to throw the party. You can throw it just don't expect me to be here while it's going on." She says angrily before she turns her back on me again. I don't know what to do now. I can't make her come but that not the part that upset me the part that did is the way she talked to me. Like I'm Liz or Jess I'm her wife.

I just sigh not finding any use of fighting with her. I get off the bed turning the light off closing the door. I leave the room. I can't be in the same room with her right now. Usually I would make Jade talk so we won't go to bed mad at each other or one of us leaves to sleep in the guest room or couch but not this time. No use. I know she isn't going to talk. Especially since it's about Beck and Alyssa.

The way she talked to me made me feel…Small. Jade has never made me feel like that. She as always made me feel like a way she talked to me fucked my emotions up. I want to cry, yell at her, and hit her for making me feel like her daughter or even Jess. I'm her wife, Damn it!

I sigh again loudly as I go down the stairs to the living room. I go to the hall closet grabbing a blanket and a pillow going to the couch laying down. Making an attempt to go to sleep but failing. I need somebody to talk to. I wish Jori was up she would listen to me even if she didn't understand what I was saying or talking about. Can't call any friends they're all sleep at this time. Maybe we should get a dog. I can at least talk to it late at night when something like this happens. Maybe I should go make friends with the liquor cabinet. The liquor will most definitely listen and talk back. No I can't do that I have kids and I have to get up in the morning and I know Liz is going to be a diva about something then we are going to fight causing me to get into a fight with Jade over fighting with Liz and getting drunk really don't have time for it.

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