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TIMELINE CHANGES: The Ryuukatsu Project has its own timeline. The Dragon Ball/Z/GT series takes place on Earth before the continents separated, which is the dinosaur age. Doesn't make sense, and I didn't see the point. So, I changed the timeline to modern day Earth, although it is set in the future.
Important Dates: Vegeta was born in 2010. Bulma was born in 2011. Goku was born in 2015. Vegetasei is destroyed by Frieza in 2012. And the Dragon Ball portion of my series (this story) starts in 2027.

That makes Goku 12 years old. Vegeta is 17 years old (you'll find out why I'm including his age later). Bulma is 16 years old. Just so you guys get a feel of the timeline here.

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Chapter One: The Cellar

She could not believe that her father was making her do this. With yet another frustrated sigh, Bulma Briefs moved another dust covered box in the equally dust covered cellar. Now that school was out for summer break, Bulma's parents thought it would be good for her to build some character, and her father thought chores were the best way to do this. With a groan the blue haired heiress pushed a rather heavy box into the corner of the room before turning around to face the others. She still had a mountain more to go. Of course, when her father said he wanted her to build character, what he really meant was that he was too lazy to come down here and do this himself.

"Typical," the sixteen-year-old muttered angrily. "The one week when all of the bots go under construction and that's when mom wants him to do this work, which he doesn't want to do so he of course makes me do it. Ugh, this should be considered child abuse." The cellar had always been a mess. It was large, like everything else in the compound, and filled to the brim with her father's old junk. Most of it was old inventions or old blueprints that never made it to the drawing board. There were quite a few boxes that contained personal stuff of his as well. None of this would even matter if Bulma's mother, Bunny, didn't want to do a bunch of redecorating. "Who redecorates a cellar!?" Bulma asked herself angrily, tossing yet another box into the corner of the room. She should have been gentler because her roughness caused a cloud dust to erupt right in her face. With dust in her eyes and mouth, Bulma squeezed her eyes shut and fell into a coughing fit, stumbling backwards.

She stumbled back into yet another box, and this time tumbled backwards over it. With her eyes still shut, she could hear the contents of the box spilling out onto the floor and she groaned in frustration. Rubbing her eyes clean she sat up angrily and glared heavily at the box, the contents on the floor, and then finally over her shoulder to glare at the door. Bulma grit her teeth together and stood up, brushing the dust off of the brown cargo shorts she was wearing.

"Alright, I'm over this," she muttered angrily. Whether her dad wanted her to or not, she wasn't going to do this. She was Bulma Briefs. Daughter of the famous Dr. Briefs who invented the Capsule technology and build the Capsule Corporation from the ground up. She didn't have to take this, especially from her dad. One of the maids could do it for all she cared. With one last stubborn kick towards the box, Bulma turned to stomp back up the stairs, until something caught her eye. In the dim lighting of the cellar, Bulma could see something incredibly shiny hidden behind one of the boxes. It seemed to have rolled out from the box that got knocked over it, whatever it was. Curious, Bulma reached around to grab it, and her hand enclosed around something round and very hard, but smooth; about the size of a baseball. She pulled her hand back to stare at the object, and her eyes widened at it.

"Whoa. What is this?" she asked herself, her voice hardly above a whisper. She had never seen anything like this before. It felt like glass, but it was a little lighter, and smooth to the touch. The ball was a bright orange color with a pink shine to it, and turning it over in her hands, she discovered two red stars embedded on the surface. Confused, Bulma stood up again and turned to leave, keeping her eyes on the object in her hand as she ascended the stairs that would take her out of the cellar. Reaching the first level of the multilevel mansion home she owned, Bulma turned her head left and right, wondering where her father would be. "Probably the lab…" she muttered to herself, heading left. She kept her eyes on the object in her hand most of the way there, becoming enthralled by it. It felt so mystical to her for some reason. And it wasn't anything that her father would normally keep in his possessions, either. "Probably why it was in the cellar to begin with," Bulma finished, reaching her father's lab and pressing the button to open up the sliding metal doors. As she had guessed, her father was sitting at a workbench filled with blue prints scattered all around him.

Bulma's father was a bit of a workaholic, and hardly ever left this place. A steaming cup of coffee was sitting on the bar above the workbench, and her father had wild crazy eyes, which meant he'd been up for at least two days straight. The papers all around him didn't make much sense to Bulma yet, but she could make out a few algorithms and formulas. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she picked up a piece of paper that had fallen to the floor and took a look at it. It was some sort of redesign for the service bots. Bulma made a face and sighed, tossing the paper back onto the ground. If he was redesigning the entire service bot line, they were going to have to hire more maids to pick up the slack. Finally, Bulma became impatient.

"Dad!" Dr. Briefs jumped slightly, startled, and turned, one hand over his heart. His dark eyes were wide and frantic, and his dull lavender colored hair was sticking to his forehead in places. Bulma wrinkled her nose, and then put on her best innocent smile. "Hello daddy," she said sweetly.

"Bulma, dear, you startled me," he told her, sighing and taking a look behind him. The chair that he was supposed to be sitting in had been scooted back so he could stand and reach across the table better, and he now pulled it forward again and sat down with a grunt.

"Yeah, sorry about that," she said impatiently. "I wanted to ask you something." She kept the ball covered with both of her hands. Her father blinked a few times, and then placed a hand to his chin.

"The cellar. Did you clean it?" Bulma huffed in annoyance.

"Oh, yeah, I'm not doing that," she said with finality. Dr. Briefs offered a lazy version of a glare towards her, which didn't seem to faze her in the least.

"Bulma, I told you. Cleaning the cellar for yourself for once will build you some character. You're far too spoiled," he told her, unafraid to be blunt or brash. Their whole family was that way, and they were comfortable with it. Bulma's expression didn't change as she stared at her father.

"I don't need character. I'm on my way to being a genius, not to mention I'm pretty. Now, seriously, dad, I need to ask you something." Her father didn't seem to hear her, however.

"Bulma, I really think you should—" he started, but Bulma cut him off with an impatient huff.

"Dad! I am trying to ask you something important! Nobody cares about the stupid cellar! Now would you please tell me what this is?" she asked, revealing the orange ball in her hand to Dr. Briefs. His eyes suddenly snapped to the object and he leaned forward with interest, taking the ball from Bulma's hands and chuckling a little as he tossed it up into the air and caught it again.

"Hey! Where did you find this thing?" he asked, a small smile on his face. Bulma glared at him.

"The cellar," she snapped. Dr. Briefs blinked a few times and smiled then, handing the ball back to his daughter. "What is it?"

"I believe the lady called it a dragon ball," he told her, tapping his finger against his mouth for a moment. "Yeah, she definitely said it was a dragon ball." Bulma stared at the ball for a moment, and then looked back up at her father.

"What lady?"

"The lady who gave it to me," he answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Bulma groaned and glared at her father. "You want to know who the lady is." Bulma placed a hand on her hip and waited as her father thought about it. "I can't really remember her name, to be honest. She gave it to me a very long time ago, you see. I was searching the world for materials to use for capsule technology, and I came across a village with a water problem and they needed water bad. Their water source wasn't hard to fix, but the head woman of the village wanted to thank me nonetheless with the dragon ball. I thought it seemed a bit much, but, she insisted," he answered. Bulma bit her bottom lip and looked down at the ball.

"So, where is this village then?" Bulma asked innocently. Dr. Briefs narrowed his eyes at his daughter.

He replied with a stern tone, "It's rather far from here. You couldn't possibly go by yourself." Bulma frowned and looked up at him with a pleading look.

"Please, daddy! I'll be careful, you know I will be," the girl pleaded. Her father sighed and leaned back in his chair, pursing his lips.

"Bulma, why are you so interested in it? It's just a little bauble. Sure, it's rather pretty to look at. But it's nothing special," he started. "Why do you want to go on some search for this village to find out what it is?" Bulma frowned at the question and looked at the ball once more before holding it close to her.

"I don't know. It just…seems important. It's nothing like I've ever seen before and it just…feels special," she said quietly, not realizing how attached she had just become to the thing, despite only having it for a very short amount of time. It was just so strange and bizarre; she had to do know what it was. "Besides, it's not like I'm doing anything else for summer break. I'm here with nothing to do." She pouted. "Please, let me go? This is really important to me," She told him, hoping he'd agree. Dr. Briefs offered a wary sigh before closing his eyes and thinking about it. After what seemed like an eternity, he looked at Bulma with a reproachful look.

"Only if you clear it with your mother first."

Bulma let out a happy squeal and threw her arms around her father's shoulder, hugging him, ignoring his startled laughter. She let go and bounced up a down and few times in excitement.

"Oh, thank you daddy! I'm going to go talk to mom. I'll be back for the coordinates of that village later!" She grasped the dragon ball tightly and ran out of the room, not even listening to her father's words as she exited the lab and ran at a full sprint down the hall. Her mother would either be in the kitchen or in the garden, and her kitchen was the first guess. Bulma stopped at the kitchen entryway, panting for breath, and searched the room with wide crystal blue eyes.

Nobody. Time to check the garden. Collecting her breath, she ran in the opposite direction of the large compound and headed for the garden on the second floor. There were times, such as this, that Bulma really hated how big her house was. Five and a half floors scattered in a modern style, Capsule Corporation was a massive square shaped house filled with complicated inner and outer different leveled structures. Her father's doing, of course. He wanted a 'cool looking house'. Bulma rolled her eyes and skidded to a halt outside the garden, placing her hands on her knees as she doubled over for breath.

The garden had glass doors, unlike the metal doors of her father's lab, and Bulma could see straight through them. Luckily, her mother was in here, feedings the animals she kept. There were four habitat gardens inside of Capsule Corporation, each one a different kind of habitat. One for sea animals, one that had a lush rainforest, one that required a snowy mountain top environment, and finally one that required the environment to resemble the desert. Fortunately, her mother was in the 'rainforest habitat'. Her mother was an animal activist, as well as a humanitarian. Though it was really more of a hobby. As of now, Bunny was feeding the toucans and the macaw birds. Bulma entered the room and immediately felt the effects of the climate, frowning at the uncomfortable humidity.

"Hello Bulma, darling," her mother called out to her, waving a little. Bunny Briefs was a rather tall woman, with the body of a Victoria's Secret model. She had the same crystal blue eyes that Bulma had, and even though her hairstyles were ever changing, the hair color always stayed the same, a beautiful blonde color. As of right now, Bunny had thick ringlet curls piled up on top of her head in an intricate bun style, a few ringlets falling down to brush her shoulders, and her bangs cut sideways to give her that edgy look. Making sure to stay on the stone pathway, Bulma made her way through the forest to where her mother was standing.

"Hey, mom. How's it going?" she asked, brushing a few strands of her aqua marine colored hair off her forehead. She had pulled it back into a French braid this morning, but she had small baby strands that refused to cooperate, even less so in this climate. They were starting to cling to her forehead and face.

"Wonderful dear. I've been spending the day with my birds." She pulled a macaw close to her and delicately stroked its head. All of the animals were docile and tamed, for the most part anyways. Though there were still a few that Bulma wasn't sure why her mother got. Though it didn't really matter; all of the animals loved her mother and would never harm her. As far as everyone else went, well, it was fair game.

"I see that. I had a question," Bulma stated, nearly jumping out of her skin when a baby spider monkey crawled onto her shoulder. Breathing a sigh of relief, Bulma patted the little monkey as the monkey's mother climbed onto Bunny. "Man, these guys come out of nowhere don't they?" Bulma asked with a smile, causing Bunny to laugh.

"They certainly do. Such curious animals. So what did you want? Do you want me to make you some lunch?" her mother asked, always eager to please or do something for someone. She really was a sweet woman. Bulma shook her head though, stroking the monkey's fur for a moment longer before letting it climb into tall feeding bowl her mother used to feed most of the animals.

"No, nothing like that. I found this is in the cellar, and dad told me that he got it from some lady in a village a long time ago," Bulma said, showing Bunny the dragon ball. "He said it was a dragon ball, and…well, I'm curious. For some reason, I really just want to find out what this is and more about it." Her mother smiled with understanding.

"You want to go have your own adventure, huh?" she asked, winking at her daughter. Bulma smiled sheepishly and nodded.

"Dad said I had to ask you, but he said it was alright with him." Bunny thought about it for a moment, going into mother mode.

"Well I certainly hate to trap you here. You're a young girl, and you should have all of the wonders this world has to offer you. However, you are still only sixteen. And you have school," Bunny started, stroking one of the adult spider monkey's fur. "And you do have responsibilities. So, how long are you planning to be gone?" Bunny asked.

"Well, I'm not really sure. First I need to find out what this is, and if it's something special or just some sort of design bauble. If it's the latter, then I should be home relatively quick. But, if it's the first, then I really can't say. But, mom, this is really important to me. I've never asked to do something like this, and I know I have responsibilities. But I'm learning about the company all the time, and I wouldn't actually stop studying just because I'm gone. As far as school goes, I'm already way above my class. I could graduate right now if I wanted to," she said stubbornly. She really wanted to go. Her mother let out a sigh and thought about it, before laughing slightly and nodding.

"Well, I won't keep you trapped here. Just remember to behave and to be safe, make sure you're prepared the way both myself and your father have taught you to be," she said, the last part sternly. Bulma, now excited, jumped and down in excitement and vigorously nodded her head.

"Of course! Of course! Oh, thanks mom!" She hugged her mother and turned, rushing out of the habitat after ducking underneath a perched macaw, the multicolored bird flapping its wings in annoyance at having to move. Her mother called after her, but Bulma wasn't listening. She was already sprinting across her house and to her bedroom. The first thing she needed to do was do a little research. After that, she'd have to pack, and pack well. She was so excited she could hardly stand it. Throwing open the door to her lavender princess themed bedroom, Bulma gasped for breath as she turned her laptop on, throwing herself into the silver computer chair.

She had work to do.