AN: this is pretty short, but it seemed like it needed to be separate. The one shot series is going to be called "Hold These Truths to be Self Evident." Take a look! :)

"US Deputy Marshal Sam Gerard. I don't think we've officially met."

Caro shifted the ice pack, which was very cold (but refreshing) against her sore neck, to her other hand in order to shake the one he held outstretched. "Caro," she said. "I remember. Thank you."

"We'll have to take you in to ask you some questions, but I don't think it will take long," Sam said. "This kid can look after you 'til then. That okay?"

"Sure," Caro said with a smile, glancing at Noah. He hadn't really left her since he caught her.

She didn't mind.

"So this is Noah's girl, huh? She's pretty," A shorter man with a beard said, coming up to him.

"Caro, this is Cosmo Renfro," Noah said. "And that back there is Bobby Biggs and Savannah Cooper."

"Pleased to meet you," She said, smiling.

"You're practically family now," Sam said. "Speaking of family, your mother's been worried about you. We couldn't find you after Noah got himself shot."

"Hey," Noah objected. "Not my fault."

Mom. "I tried to call in the beginning, but it was…ah, discouraged. I did get her a couple of times, though," Caro said, "Just to tell her I was alright. Can I call her now?"

"Sure, Cosmo's got a phone," Sam said, and Cosmo handed it over to her. She thanked him and walked a little bit away to call home.

" 'Discouraged'?" Noah repeated, feeling more than just a little angry.

Sam cursed.

"Man, wouldn't ya just like to get your hands on that guy…" Cosmo muttered.

"I wonder if she'd be willing to testify," Savannah murmured. "That'd be something else to slap down on whatever the DA's got."

"That's a good idea, Cooper. You ask her once she's done with her phone call; use that female intuition you've got," Sam said. "Newman, you and Cosmo take her to the office where we can get her statement. Biggs, you and I and Cooper will wrap up here. Capiche?"

"Yeah, we got it, Sammy," Cosmo said. "Alright, I'll get the car. Newman, go get your girl."

"She's not 'my' girl," Noah said.

The whole team stared at him.

"Son," Sam said, clapping him on the shoulder. "She is most definitely 'your girl'."

His face might or might not have been turning red as he looked at Caro. She was still on the phone, but she met his eyes and smiled widely.

He didn't mind.

The End