Playful passtime

Disclaimer: Sesshoumaru, Rin and Jaken are copyrighted to Rumiko Takahashi along with the rest of the Inu Yasha gang.

I just adore Sesshoumaru and Rin, so I decided to write this little fanfic one day. I mean, Rin is a kid, and kids
want to play ^_^ Therefore, I decided to make her ask Sesshoumaru. He might seem a little OOC, but what the heck! I do my
best, and besides, it's MY fanfic, so there! ;) English isn't my mother tongue, so don't get all pissy if you find spelling errors
ok, just notify me of them so I can get them fixed.


The sun was shining today, its rays spreading across the western lands and lighting up the dim forests.
At the outskirts of one of them, under a tall tree, sat Sesshoumaru, the lord of these lands. Carefully
watching his territory, even during the rest he had ordered, Sesshoumaru didn't even pay attention the breeze,
Jaken trying to get the twoheaded beast, Ah-Un, to sit, nor the little girl that walked up to him.
The innocent voice brought the great demon out of his thoughts, and he slowly turned his head to move his
gaze at Rin.
"What is it, Rin?" he asked in a non-chalant matter. The pup couldn't be hungry or thirsty, as they had stopped for lunch
earlier that day, and there was a stream not far away from the trees they were resting underneath.
She seemed a little hesistant, then she spoke up, idly watching her feet as she kicked a small pebble.
"Rin's bored..."
Arching an eyebrow at her the youkai was about to question her why she had said that, but Rin continued.
"Can we play hide and seek?"
Truly surprised Seshoumaru blinked, eyes going a little wide. A human pup was asking him, the great lord of the
western lands, to play? Sure, he had a few vague memories of his childhood, laughter and playing, though not much.
"Can we?" Rin urged, giving his sleeve a slight tug and returning him back to reality.
"Not now, Rin," said Sesshoumaru, leaning back against the tree, letting out a slight sigh as he turned his eyes
to the leaves above him.
He lowered his eyes yet again to see the girl looking at him expectantly, her big, brown puppyeyes full of pleading.
... what was that feeling in the pit of his stomach? He hadn't eaten anything bad, had he?
Rin gave him another small whine, leaning closer and managed to get her eyes even more sad.
Realizing he was loosing this battle, Sesshoumaru sighed and rose to his feet, brushing himself off.
"Allright, but only for a little while, we have to move on soon," he added and gave his ward a stern look, letting her
know who was in charge.
The child however was more intent on the fact that her Sesshoumaru-sama was going to play with her, grabbing the ribbons
that adorned his waist and bouncing around.
"Oh! Sorry, Sesshoumaru-sama!" she excused herself after the slight grunt from the youkai, who coughed.
"Exactly how do play 'hide and seek'" he demanded, not recognizing that game from when he was a pup himself. The memories
were faint, he remembered little of the silly things he did during his young days, he rather cherished the day for his first
kill, his first solo hunt, things like that. But could really human pups play that different? Pups were pups, weren't they?
Rin's answer caught his attention again and he snapped out of his thoughts.
"You go hide while Rin look away, and after a while Rin go to find you!" she beamed before shielding her eyes and started
counting loudly.
"One, two, three... fooour, five, six..."
Merely arching an eyebrow before looking around, Sesshoumaru sighed before walking over to sit down behind a few bushes nearby.
The things he degraded himself to...

"Eighty-nine, eighty-ten... eh, eighty-eleven...?"
Making a mental note for himself to order Jaken into teaching the girl to count properly next time he was tutoring her, Sesshoumaru
wondered when she would start looking for him. He had better things to do than to sit here and wait for the pup to finish counting.
"Ready or not, here I come!" Rin finally shouted out, and the sound of small feet running was heard. Tapping his fingers on his knees
Sesshoumaru couldn't help but ponder; what was the fun in this game?
He couldn't help but let out a slight yelp, even though he knew she was close, as Rin pounced him from behind , giggling as she clung to
his youkata.
"Found you!"
Regaining his composure and dignity, he sighed and removed the child from his garments, setting her onto the forest ground infront of him.
"Yes, now what?"
"Now Rin goes hiding, and Sesshoumaru-sama counts and goes looking!" she smiled sweetly, getting to her feet and brushing her kimono off.
With a barely audible sigh Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and reluctantly started counting, hearing the pup run off to hide.
Deciding that it was enough as he reached fifty, he opened his eyes, sniffing the air. She hadn't gone far, her scent was close.
After getting to his feet Sesshoumaru headed towards where her scent was the strongest. Like a human pup could hide from a powerful
youkai like him.

It didn't take him long at all to follow her trail to an old big tree not far away. Not bothering to speed up his pace he calmly walked
over to it, still sniffing a little. As he came to the other side of the tree he saw Rin beaming up at him from a rather large hole in
the wood, large enough for a small pup to fit in it at least.
"You found Rin!" she giggled, crawling out of the hole, "now it's your turn to hide again!"
His eyes widened a little, this was the point of the game? Just go hiding and find eachother? No wonder humans turned out weird when they
became adults, with silly games like this!
"Rin, we have to go now," he sighed, turning to walk back to where Jaken was most likely waiting for them.
"Can we play more tomorrow?" he girl asked, looking a little sad as she half-ran next to him.
Avoiding her pleading look, Sesshoumaru stared infront of himself as he walked, allowing himself a barely visible smile.
"Maybe, Rin. Maybe."


"Yes, Rin?" he replied, not moving his gaze from the forestline at the other end of the clearing. This day was as clear and beautiful as the one
prior. They had been travelling for a few hours since sunrise, and had just recently stopped for a break and some food on Rin's behalf.
"Can we play another game today?" she asked innocently, wiping her mouth after finishing her meal.
"Hah!" Jaken snorted from where he sat opposite of her at the campfire, "the mighty Sesshoumaru-sama doesn't play with human whelps!"
Chosing to ignore his servant Sesshoumaru moved his gaze to Rin who was blinking expectantly up at him.
"We don't have time for the 'hide and seek" game now."
"Not hide and seek! Tag!"
Both Sesshoumaru and Jaken sat still for a moment, then looked at eachother before returning their attention to Rin.
"What is this 'tag' game?" demanded Sesshoumaru, wondering if it was a bore like hide and seek had turned out to be.
"It's fun, one person has to chase and tag another person, and if that person tags another person, that another person has to chase and tag!" Rin
explained with her usual smile.
Now that game seemed to make more sense. At least pups could learn something from it, both to chase and to escape. And this was something Rin had
to learn. While getting to his feet Sesshoumaru nodded slightly.
"Very well then, we shall play 'tag' then, but not for long."
"Sesshoumaru-sama?!" Jaken exclaimed.
"Hurray!" Rin beamed and grabbed Sesshoumaru's hand, "Jaken has to tag first! TAG, you're it!"
Just as he had gotten to his feet, Jaken yelped as Rin hit him on his shoulder, making him fall forward as the girl ran away, giggling.
Sesshoumaru arched an eyebrow down at his servant and looked over at Rin, shook his head a little, then he turned to walk away from Jaken,
not degrading himself to run.
"S-sesshoumaru-sama?" croaked Jaken, pushing himself off the ground, "do we really have to... PLAY?! With a human whelp?!"
His lord stopped for a second, then looked over his shoulder to give him a slight glare.
"She will tire of it soon, and then she won't have enough energy to be a bother the rest of the day."
With a sigh Jaken got to his feet, then sighed and ran after the child.
"Can't catch Rin!" the girl cried when she spotted Jaken running after her. Jaken grumbled under his breath, wondering why he and his master
let this annoying human girl follow them around. How he longed back for the good old days, when he, Jaken, would serve the great youkai lord
Sesshoumaru without having to answer the brat's silly question, give her a whack over the head with his staff when she was too loud or simply
because he needed something to take out his anger on.

Sesshoumaru stopped to halt, watching as Jaken chased after Rin. At least his servant was wise enough to not chase after him. Well, he
was quite certain that when Jaken finally caught up to the pup, she would most likely run after him. Untill then, he chose to watch the
two in their silly chase/escape game around the trees at the outskirts of the forest. Deciding it was ok just this once, the lord of the western
lands allowed himself a slight smile.
In not too long Jaken finally managed to tag Rin rather hard, grinning as she toppled over in the grass.
Then he scurried away as his short green legs would allow, hurrying past Sesshoumaru.
The youkai froze for a second, then he sighed for himself. Did this mean he actually had to degrade himself by running... from a human pup?
"Sesshoooouuuumaaaaruuuuu-saaaamaaaaaaa!" cried Rin as she began on the run towards him, giggling up a storm as pure glee shone from her big
brown eyes.
So Sesshoumaru came to the conclusion that he could let himself run a little, just enough to not ruin the game. Just this once.
Just as Rin was about to reach him, he swiftly dodged her hand, jumping backwards gracefully. Rin looked confused for a moment, then she merely
laughed some and raced over to continue the chase.
At least it looked like she was having fun, Sesshoumaru thought for himself, smirking inwardly. Maybe he should let her catch him after a few dodges,
just to please her. Not that he was letting her win that easily. So after a few minutes of ducking, jumping and dodging Sesshoumaru dodged half-heartedly,
and then Rin managed to tag him on his arm.
"TAG! YOU'RE IT!" Rin beamed, then quickly turned to run away.
He froze then. Oh, now HE was supposed to chase her and Jaken. The latter was rather easy he decided, so he turned to look at his servant.
"H-h-hai, Sesshoumaru-sama!" the toad-like Youkai cried out, scurrying over to obey his master's command.
Upon hearing the order, Rin blinked and turned around, wrinkling her nose in disapproval.
"Hey, that's cheating!" she cried out and ran over with Jaken, "don't you know the rules, Sesshoumaru-sama?"
Just in the moment the two were a few feet away from him, Sesshoumaru quickly swept up Rin, giving her a slight smirk.
"Fooled you." ((Author's note: Haaa, gotta draw that! **giggles**))
Rin blinkblinked, then giggled and squirmed to be let down.
"Game's over now, we gotta move on back to the castle," Sesshoumaru concluded, rising to his feet.
"Awwwww, already?" pouted Rin, giving him a pleading look.
Then Sesshoumaru made his way back to where Ah-Un was waiting for them on the other side of the clearing, Jaken hurrying after in with Rin in his heels.
At least this game had been better that the one last day.
As he helped Rin atop Ah-Un's back, the girl smiled at him.
"Can we play another game tomorrow, Sesshoumaru-sama?" she asked sweetly, making sure to look as cute as possible, people seemed to fall for that.
He gave her a slight look, then a barely recognizable nod.
"We'll see."


Soooo, whaddya think? It was short, I know. I have more ideas for more chapters, but I wanna know what you people think before I finish them up and post
them. Ideas and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism are gladly appreciated.