Oracles of Olympus: Episode 4
21st Century Oracles: Conclusion

The Soul Lock, the mystical lock that now holds the Titans. But a lock, even as powerful as the Soul Lock, needs keys. The seven keys, Alpha, Fury, Deimos, Nemesis, Thanatos, Morpheus, and Omega unlock the lock using the souls of mortals, were hidden away in different locations after the war. One has been found and a new front has opened in the war.

Zephyrus raced to save the bus full of innocents on Aiden's orders. The Ghouls never stood a chance, not with the speed the eagle was given out, and one by one each turned to dust. Ash looked on surprised, but he was impressed and gave Aiden an approving grin. "Let's go, ki- I mean Aiden," Ash said.

As Ash and Aiden fight the Behemoth, Hephaestus looks on above the bridge seeing his investment in action. "Hello, old friend," a voice calls out. Hephaestus eyes widen with surprise as he knew the voice. A man appears in black flames. "Did you miss me?" he said tauntingly. The man looks down at the battlefield and his face twisted to a face of disgust. "Disgusting little monkeys," he muttered coldly.

"Prometheus, why are you here?" Hephaestus said as he attacks him. Crimson flames erupt from his hammer, but Prometheus smiled and absorbed Hephaestus' flames into himself. Hephaestus steps back, looking to attack again, but hesitates. "Why are you here, you're supposed to be in Tartarus," he angrily. Prometheus just smiled tauntingly. "ANSWER ME!" he yelled.

"Oh, but I was until I gotten a present from a little friend," Prometheus said. In his hand, a gem appeared and Hephaestus looks at his hand in horror. "I'm sure you recognize this little trinket," he said while tossing the gem up and down.

"Where did you get that?" he said shocked. Hephaestus' power grew and the metal he was standing on started to melt. His fury manifested in his powers, and the land shook almost as if the earth was scared. Prometheus wags his finger in a taunting manner.

"Uh-Uh, I wouldn't do that if I were you, unless you want to take the bridge and the two oracles down," he said. Hephaestus realized this and stopped. "Pathetic, you traded your place in this world for power, such is the Will of Chaos," Prometheus said. Hephaestus asked what he was up to.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the ghouls and the behemoths were dead and Zephyrus saved the bus. Using up all his strength, Aiden started to fall, Ash caught him. "Get a good rest, Aiden, you deserve it," Ash said with an almost proud look on his face. As the two Familiars vanish, the sound of sirens filled the air. "Uh-oh, looks like it's time to go," he said. Ash took the exhausted boy on his and ran to a dark alley on the other side of the bridge.

Still on the bridge, Hephaestus and Prometheus continued their 'talk'. "We will stop you and you brethren, Prometheus," he said defiantly. Prometheus stood there unfazed by the empty threat. He turned, done with the Olympian. "Don't you turn your back on me!" he said furiously grasping his hammer.

"You shouldn't worry about me, after all there are six keys left and time is not on your side," Prometheus said. His arrogance radiated from his every being "I can't wait when the Wills of Gaia and Chaos clash again, "he said with a gleeful, sadistic smile on his face. He left leaving Hephaestus with a feeling of uncertainty about this war.

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