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Abby reached her hand over to clasp her husband's… husband she thought…what a wonderful word.

"Yes, Abby," said Connor looking at her with a dimpled smile, brown eyes shining with happiness.

They were seated alone at the head table in the reception hall. The first moment they'd had to themselves in quite a while. "Look," Abby whispered with a smile.

Connor turned to follow her gaze. The band was playing another slow romantic song. On the dance floor, couples were swaying to the gentle melody. Becker was holding Jess carefully, one hand at the small of her back, whilst the fingers of his other hand were entwined in hers. Jess had her eyes closed, leaning her head on his chest with a sweet smile. Just past the pair, Connor could see his sister dancing with Duncan, arms extended with straightened elbows.

Connor snorted, "Love, do you think I should go help out my sister?" he asked.

Abby smirked at his question, "Yeah," she agreed.

As Connor made his way down the length of the head table, he saw Jack getting up from the next table. Connor watched as Jack made a beeline to where Becker and Jess were dancing. He started to reach one hand up to tap the soldiers shoulder, when Becker frowned. Jack abruptly took a step back, then another.

Connor started to chuckle, but when he saw Jack turn his head to look in his sister's direction, he remembered his task. Stepping forward quickly, he tapped Duncan on the shoulder. "Hey mate, mind if I cut in?"

Duncan stepped back, gratefully, wiping a hand across his sweaty brow.

Connor smiled down at his sister, "Hey brat."

"Hey geek," the young woman said relaxing her arms and starting to sway with the music. As they twirled away from Duncan and the approach of Jack, she added, "Thanks for rescuing me."

Duncan was walking slowly towards his table when a woman with bright purple hair accosted him, grabbed him by the arm and returned him to the dance floor. From where she was sitting, Abby saw the whole thing. Was that Edie… from yoga… she wondered.

As the new pair twirled around on the dance floor, she caught a glimpse of Duncan's face, eyes wide with surprise and a grin of delight as Edie leaned in close to whisper something in his ear.

Abby started to chuckle… but then saw her brother. Poor Jack she thought.

He was walking towards her now. "Hey Abby," he started to whine… the sound grated in Abby's ears.

"Excuse me," interrupted an imperious voice. Reaching a hand out to Abby, Lester asked "Mrs. Temple, may I have the honor of this dance?"

Behind him, Abby could see the table where Mrs. Lester and the other Mrs. Temple were sitting. They were smiling and appeared to be chatting amiably. The Lester's children were playing at stacking the salt and pepper containers. Two chairs beside them were vacant, unneeded after all… Jenny and Michael hadn't made it to the reception.

Abby rose, nodded at her brother, "In a minute Jack, yeah," she said. Then she joined Lester on the dance floor. A brief spin about the floor soon brought them close to Connor and his sister… a tap on the shoulder, and then Abby found herself in Connor's arms once again. The tinkling sound of silverware tapping stemware began. Connor looked down at her, smiling. Radiant… Abby thought… Jess was right… but it's not just brides that are radiant. She smiled up at her husband, eyes sparkling. Connor tilted his head down, closer, their lips met.

Jack sat down with a sigh when he saw that, knowing it would be much more than a minute before he spoke to his sister again. Grumbling to himself, he complained "Nobody likes me."