None of them wanted to tell Brian what had happened but they all knew as soon as Detective Cornish's team discovered he was awake that they'd be in to interview him and take a statement.

'Brian, love someone tried to suffocate you.' Esther told him as she felt it her duty to fill him in.

'No. No! That did not happen!' Brian almost screamed in disbelief. He looked around the room at his friends and they all had a worried look on their faces, he knew his wife had told him the truth. Sandra's mobile wrong, she looked down at the screen.

'Sorry I really need to take this. I'll just be outside.' She stepped outside the door and Gerry followed after her.

'Detective Cornish, what's happened?'

'He's confessed. I've been told Brian's awake so I'll tell you more when I arrive at the hospital.

'That's great!' Sandra beamed; Gerry caught sight of this and smiled. 'By the way he doesn't remember anything.'

'Okay but as you well know we still need to talk to him.'

'Yeah okay, see you soon.' Sandra was still beaming when she put the phone down.

'Good news?' Gerry asked her.

'He's confessed!' Sandra exclaimed. Gerry pulled her into a hug and lightly kissed her lips.

'Gerry! Not here.' Sandra frowned at him.

'Why? It's not as if anyone can see us, the blinds on Brian's windows are closed.'

'Yes, but they could walk out at any point.' Gerry nodded. 'But we can do this later back at mine.' Sandra added cheekily. Gerry smiled and winked at her.

'Looking forward to it. Anyway we better get back to Brian.'

'Yeah, Detective Cornish will be here soon.

True to her word, Detective Cornish soon arrived and knocked at Brian's door.

'Can I speak to Brian please?' She asked the rest of the UCOS team and Esther nodded but didn't move. 'Alone?'

'Oh sure. Let's go get a drink.' Jack said to the rest. So they all walked out the room.

'Hello Brian, how ya feeling?' Detective Cornish asked

'Not to bad I suppose.'

'Okay good. Do you remember anything about what happened?'


'Okay then, do you know Michael Hopkins?'

'Yes. I used to know him when I first started the met.'

'Ok, do you remember when you last saw him or had any contact with him?'

'Yeah I had a drink with him the night I came into hospital. Why are you asking so many questions about him?'

'Well he's admitted to attempting to murder you.'

'What?! No. He's my friend. He wouldn't do that to me!'

'Well he's confessed. I'll go get your friends back to calm you down.' So she left the room, leaving a shocked Brian with tears rolling down his face.

'I think he need's you all in there with him.' Detective Cornish told his wife and friends when she arrived in the family and friends room. 'First though Sandra, Gerry can I have a word?'

'Yeah course.' So Esther and Jack left to go comfort Brian.

'Okay, so in the interview he told me him and Brian used to be close friends. He said that the night before this happened he was sitting in the Fox and Rabbit pub and Brian walked in. He told us how he hadn't seen his friend since 1985, they had a conversation and Brian told him about the UCOS case, which he has also admitted to. Michael told us he was worried you were getting too close and had to do something to stop you so when he heard Brian was in hospital he decided that was his chance.'

'Oh Christ.' Sandra whispered in total disbelief as to how someone could do that. Gerry saw she needed calming so wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled up into his side.

'I'll leave you to it.' Detective Cornish told them.

'Sandra it's okay he's been caught and he'll go to jail for a very long time and Brian's okay. Everything's gunna be okay.' Sandra caught his lips and kissed him passionately.

'Okay' she said as she pulled away. 'We'll continue this later. Lets get back and see Brian.'

Back in Brian's room he was getting ready to leave, while Sandra and Gerry were with detective Cornish the doctor had been round and discharged Brian.

As Sandra and Gerry made their way back to the room hand in hand, Brian, Esther and Jack walked out.

'What's going on?' Sandra asked.

'I think the more important thing is what's going on here then?' Jack asked pointing to Sandra's hand in Gerry's.

'I asked first.' Sandra laughed.

'He's been discharged.' Esther told her smiling.

'Oh that's absolutely great. I think you should go home and rest and we'll go out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate!'

'Sounds great Sandra.' Brian told her.

The end!

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