Hey everyone!(: This is my first LND story, and my first fic ever! Yay! I am very open to reviews and new ideas. I spent about 2-3 hours on this. It is rather short in my opinion but as the story continues, the chapters will get longer and better. I update based on the reviews and demand of the readers so if you want more PLEASE BY ALL MEANS LET ME KNOW! I hope you enjoy! 3 :D

Bang.. That's all that I heard echoing through my brain. My entire body froze. I couldn't move, couldn't think, and couldn't breathe. Meg Giry had fired the gun. I knew that I was safe, but who? Who was her victim? I silently said a prayer when I was suddenly diverted from my thoughts when I heard a scream, a scream that I knew all too well.

My angel, my Christine- no it can't be- I turned just as I saw her fall. I dashed to her side catching her before she could hit the ground. She was bleeding from her side. The blood was already beginning to seep through her dress. I quickly pressed my hand to her side to try and have some affect on the loss of blood. I was in a state of panic. My Christine, my Christine. She had been shot.

"I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry! I-I-I didn't mean too! Christine, Christine forgive me!" She was stuttering.

"Madame Giry! Get help! Quickly! Stay with me Christine, whatever you do, don't leave me!" I frantically cried.

"Meg!" Madame Giry cried. Meg ran to her mother frantic as they ran off to get help.

"Erik…. I-I-love.." She choked. I had no idea what to do. What more can I do. There is no way that I could go on without her. I was never one to pray, or even believe in some kind of God. I lost all my faith during my hell of a childhood. But right now, I needed a miracle. I needed a miracle to save my angel. I began to pray.

If there is even a God, please hear me now. I know I have done horrible things throughout my life. But please, please just save her. Take me instead, just let her live. She needs to live. I-I need her. Life is not worth living without her. A-amen.

I saw my son Gustave run towards us. He dropped down and laid his head on his mother's lap. I felt him grab my hand. I gently squeezed his hand. I had no clue what to do. I almost felt like it wasn't my place. But I knew, that he needed someone there. Gustave picked his head up to console his mother. His cheeks were stained with tears.

"Mr. Y, mother is going to be okay isn't she? Please tell me she's going to be okay?" Gustave pleaded.

"Gustave, there is something you… need to kn-know." Christine muttered.

"But mother! Where is father? Father should be here by now!" I could tell that he was frantic.

"Gustave, your father, your real father-. " Christine grabbed Gustave's hand.

"Christine, no, you promi-." she cut me off.

"I know, I promised, but you may be all he has now." Christine looked so sad.

The last time I saw Christine crying was when she first removed my mask at the Opera Populaire in Paris. I was furious, screaming and cursing her name. I have never forgiven myself for scolding her so roughly. But in that moment, she still had the compassion in her heart to kindly and gently hand me my mask. Her compassion, and her sorrow to what she had done. I remember, that is the very moment, I fell in love with Christine Daaé.

"Gustave, do you remember what I taught you?" Christine gently asked.

"Look with your heart, not with your eyes." Gustave slightly sang.

"Gustave, your father, your real father… Is here" She looked up at me with a weak smile.

"N-no. That's not so! No! You can't be father!" He looked up at me with confusion and a slight hate. I didn't blame him for being confused. I was about to say something, but Gustave quickly got up, and dashed away.

"GUSTAVE! COME BACK!" I screamed, and shouted, but my son was gone. I looked down at Christine and began to sing quietly

"Say you'll share with me, one love, one lifetime." I could barely finish the stanza

"S-say, the word and I-I will follow you." Christine peeped. So many thoughts ran through my head I couldn't even focus on the situation that was occurring. What could I do? That thought ran through my mind so many times. I sat with her for what felt like an eternity. Her head was resting delicately on my lap.

My broken soul can't be alive or whole…

"Christine?" Her eyes were closed, her chest barely moving. I delicately put my fingers on her pulse. She was still alive but she was unconscious due to the blood loss. I pressed her side again harder this time. Her blood was all over my hands- Oh God- I don't care at this point. Whatever may save her.

Let hopes pass, let dreams pass, let them die, without you, what are they for?

I heard sirens and loud footsteps approaching. I saw Gustave and the doctor running towards us.

"Please, please just help her!" I begged the doctors frantically.

"We will ensure that she has the best care. She will be taken to Kings." The doctor frantically said checking Christine over.

"She has lost a lot of blood. We will do all we can to save her, but.. Her fate is not certain." I knew that the doctor was very concerned.

Gustave ran up to me and hugged me squeezing tightly. I felt his tears soaking through my dress shirt. This poor child, I know I need to be strong for him. I squeezed the boy tightly and kissed the top of his head. Christine was right; I may be all he has. What am I to do? The very thought of leaving Christine. I couldn't stand to live on this Earth knowing that my angel was gone. But I knew, I needed to be strong for all our sakes. I looked up just as Christine's limp body was being hoisted into the carriage.

"Come now Gustave, you need to promise me to stay strong for your mother. Alright?" I was getting antsy.

"Yes…Papa." Papa. The boy who had only known me for a few days had called me papa. I was dumbfounded. I felt such pride, such love, a parental love. In my twisted pitiful life, I never thought that I might be guardian or parent to a child. I never thought that I would raise a child. My own flesh and blood was there, hugging me, and he called me papa. It was a feeling that I will never forget.

Gustave and I hopped into another carriage as we rushed behind the ambulance. Gustave snuggled close to my and buried his face in my chest. I stroked his scruffy head. I quietly began to sing.

"Love never dies, love never falters, once it has spoken, love is yours…."

And there we have it! Chapter 1 of my Love Never Dies story. The title is based off of the Christina Perri song 'A Thousand Years'. Yes I know that is a song from the Twilight soundtrack blah blah blah but every time I hear it, I can't help but think of Erik and Christine 3 Fun Fact: The Kings is an actual hospital near Coney Island! 10 points for Google! (If you get that refrence.. YAY FOR YOU!) I will update as soon as I can! Thank you! :D