Not supposed to happen

Most of the time, the cast of BlazBlue have been living in apartments, but this time its different.

"YAHOO", Hazama screamed. "What's wrong Hazama", Relius called out from the kitchen. "I JUST HIT THE LOTTEREY", he jumped up with joy. "Wow really", Relius was confused but happy. "Now I can move away from you!" "Hey what's wrong with be my neighbor?" "Relius you come in my house everyday, to find something to eat. You act like a hobo, lets put it like that." Relius stood there dumbstruck as he ate a popsicle. "Is that my cherry popsicle?" He nodded his head. He bit half of the popsicle and offered the rest to Hazama. "Just eat it Relius. I don't want it" Hazama was mad but more disgusted. "You should go cash that, before you loose your chance. I'll watch the house while you go", Relius suggested. "I bet you will", Hazama mumbled as he left.

Hazama got the money to get a new house. That week he got the new house and was already moving in. As he was walking Nirvana attacked him, but this Nirvana was different. Her eyes bore the colour red. She had no head dress, and her hair was long and grey, instead of blonde. Instantly he knew who it was. "Shimaru it's not hard to just come out and say hi." She came out from behind a tree. "I'm sorry Hazama. I thought you were Relius", her cheeks turned a slight red. He backed up with a smile. "Wait, Hazama!" He tripped over a line, a bucket of water hit him, and Carl came out of the bushes with a sock filled rocks, ready to beat him. "Carl, its Hazama", Shimaru helped Hazama up. "Awwww man", he whined. "What are you two doing way out here anyway", Hazama shook some of the water off of himself. "Oh this is Relius little secret spot, where he does….things. He owes me money for that bail and he said he was going to pay two weeks ago, so Carl and I were going to beat it out of him", she smiled. "Yeah….Is it safe to ask what he does here", Hazama asked puzzled. "You don't want to know", Carl looked as if he was a little scared. "…Okay…..Well you guy have fun beating the living hell outta Relius."

"Terumi, I heard you hit the lottery. Congrats!", Shimaru said. "Yeah….who told you this", he asked. "Carl, after he beat the answer out of Relius." "Are you two aware that…." Shimaru and Carl saw Relius and beat him senselessly, until they heard something snap. "MY BACK, HIP, AND KNEES", Relius fell with a yelp. "Hazama help us carry him to Litchi", Shimaru yelled. "You're gonna need a tank just to drag his fat ass nine feet, but fine", he grabbed Relius' legs and carried him to the clinic. "Hey, Hazama. Why did you say that we would a tank in order to drag my father nine feet," Carl asked. "Because, boy, that's as far as they drag him before it rips in half", he replied. They sat there in silence. Litchi came out of the room with a sad face. "Ms. Litchi is Relius going to be okay", Shimaru asked. "Yes, he's fine. Just a few joints got knocked out of place. Relius will not be able to live on his own for a while though. One of you can take him in." Carl and Shimaru looked at Hazama. "Fine I'll let grandpa live with me." "Hazama that would also mean that you would need to take Carl, as well", Litchi said. At this rate I minus well take Shimaru too", he mumbled. "Really Hazama! I'll love to live with you", Shimaru leaped up with joy. "I didn't mean it…" He was pulled into a tight hug. Like the lighting, Shimaru s there then gone. "What have I gotten myself into?

Shimaru had followed Hazama home. "Wow, Hazama it's so big", she looked around in amazement. "Yeah sure", he walked away. He heard footsteps lingering behind him. "What is it", he never turned around. "We need your help to carry Relius. Carl, Nirvana, Juju, and I can't do it ourselves.", Shimaru smiled. "Who's Juju", he asked as they walked over to Relius who was lying there on the ground. "My version of Deus Machina….." "Yeah I get it", Hazama cut her off. "The people who I tried to get away from, ended up living with me." "This is going to be so much fun", Carl laughed. Shimaru tossed him in to the air several times. The two exchanged laughter, until they heard a knock on the door. Hazama opened in and saw Tsubaki, Makoto, and Noel. "We heard about what happened to Relius, and we made him some cake", Noel revealed the chocolate cake. "Cake is the last thing his fat ass needs now, but come in", he let them in. "Hey Relius, some girl scouts brought you a cake. Are you going to have a heart attack or misplace something if you eat it", Hazama kneeled beside him. Like a rocket and like nothing ever happened to him, he shot up. "Cake, where", he looked around. "I thought you were sleep, Relius", Shimaru called out. "He was, but as soon as I said cake, he's fat ass is wide awake", Hazama watched as Relius ran over to that cake, like he's never ate in his life. "Wow this place is so nice. Wish I could live here. Noel, Makoto, Nu, Lambda, and I all live in one little apartment", Tsubaki said as she gazed at the ceiling. "Well for giving me cake, you all can stay", Relius said with a mouthful of cake. Hazama overheard Relius. "The hell! No they…." It was too late.

Being as mad as he was, he managed to smile. "Hey Relius, are your old man parts giving you a headache", he asked with a devious smile. "Yeah." Hazama walked away. "Just give me a moment; I've got just the thing to cure that." He came back about five minutes later with a blue and yellow pill about the size of his pinky. 'That two of these at once, three times a day. As a mater of fact I'll help you", a fake smile rolled on his face. He shoved two of those pills down his throat. Relius gasped for air as Hazama continuously shoved those pill down his throat with a pencil. One hard swallow and they were down.

"Nu and Lambda, we're all moving in with Relius because we gave him cake, so pack up", Makoto yelled as she ran in the apartment. All of the girls packed up as much as they could as quick as they could. They headed back to Hazama's house. With an instant, they found bedrooms. "I guess you five can stay, but only for a month. There was a knock on the door. Hesitantly, Hazama opened it and saw Jin standing before him. "Make it quick Kisaragi. " "I heard that Ms. Horizon was here and I just came to say hi and to give her something. "No detours."

Jin walked in and saw Shimaru pressing a pillow to Relius face as Carl punched him in the gut. Shimaru felt his presence and looked up. "Oh, Mr. .Kisaragi hi! How are you?" "Fine I guess. At any rate, you left Jahina in my office and I just came to return it" disappointment began to increase after every word. "Thank you. Is something bothering you", she released the pressure off of Relius but now she sat on him. He took a seat on Relius stomach after Carl stopped punching him. "Well you see, Nii-san and I haven't been getting along lately. He plans to kick me out but, if he does that, I'll have nowhere to stay for about a month or so", he looked as if he was doing to cry. Shimaru gave him a hug. Someone began to beat on the door wit fury. "It's unlocked", Hazama called out. A man with red boots kicked opened the door. He looked as if he had fire in his eyes. "Jin did you light candles and leave", Ragna asked with fury. "Light….candles…? Oh no I left them lite", Jin said with fear in his voice. "Yeah and now we've got nowhere to stay!" Jin's heart couldn't take much more. He exploded in to tears. "I'm so sorry Nii-san", he sobbed. Ragna calmed down a little. "Okay Jin stop crying." Jin continued to cry his eyes out. "This is going to kill me", Ragna grumbled. He pulled Jin into a tight hug. His crying slowed down, and he rubbed his head against him. "You're getting WAY too comfortable", Ragna pushed him away. "So does this mean you forgive me for my stupid acts", Jin wiped the remaining tears from his eye. "When you find us a place to stay", Ragna said. Jin leaped into the air and yelled, "Done, my dear brother!" "That quick…" "Shimaru can we stay here", Jin asked. "Yes…", Relius said as he gasped of air. "Relius…..I HEARD THAT", Hazama came out the kitchen charging toward Relius. Shimaru and Jin jumped off of him and let him run as far away as he could.

Jin was highly surprised to see Noel Vermillion there. She came down the steps with a light blue semi- see through v- cut nightgown with ribbons on the ends that caught his eye. She had never looked that beautiful to him. He was at a loss for word. "Aww, looks like Jin's in love", Ragna teased. "If you ever say that I'm in love with Noel again, I will bite your head off, and tell everyone you know that you're a big softie that still plays with dolls", Jin threaten as he gave his brother a cold hard stare. "What's gotten into you, ya nutbar. ":I think she looks beautiful, that doesn't mean I'm in love, besides everyone knows that I'm only in love with one woman." "Lemme guess. Tsubaki Yayoi ", Ragna smiled as Jin's face began to turn red.

After Hazama had beat Relius up as bad as his car looked, he went to his room. A thought popped into his head. "How did anyone find this place?"