Ugh. I can't stand it anymore. "Danchou!" I call across the room.

He looks up. "What is it?"

"I'm going to take a walk outside." And get away from Hisoka, I add silently.

"Just come back before ten in the morning."

I leap off the wooden plank I'd been sitting on and exit the building. There was a park around here somewhere… I run for a few minutes, inhaling the cool night air. Sneaking in, I settle down under a tree and gaze at the stars. A rustling in the leaves alerts me. Just a squirrel. I needed time to think.

Why? A few days ago, I realized I was missing something in my life. But what was it? I needed to figure that out. Right now, calm down and relax, I told myself. Another rustling. Not to worry.

Money? I steal.

Power? Enough.

Fame? Already notorious.

One other thought tries to make it's way into my mind. I push it away. Impossible.

"The night sky is beautiful, isn't it?" A voice comes from the tree branches.

Startled, I jump up and peer into the foliage. "Show yourself!"

"Sorry." It came again, this time apologetic. "I didn't mean to frighten you. But it is pretty, don't you think?"

Someone sprang out of the tree and landed n front of me. A man? No, a boy, I corrected myself. IS it a guy, though? Hard to tell. He (She?) is wearing a… SKIRT?! A girl then… NO! that's not possible!

I am SO confused. "Who are you?" I ask, hoping to get an answer. His (Her?) eyes gleam. Brightly, like a cat.

"That… I cannot answer. I can tell you my name, if that's what you mean. It's Kurapika." Kurapika is a blonde, I can see that in the moonlight. He (She?) frowns. Even so, he (she?) looked cute. "What are you doing out here at a time like this? For all you know, I could be a murderer."

Definitely a guy. "I can defend myself!" I say, felling my face grow hot.

He smiles. Beautiful. "Did you need a break from reality too?"

Did he read my mind? He had better not have! "I needed time to think." I tell him. "There's too much going on in my life."

"Me too." Kurapika lays down in the grass. "By the way, what's your name? Don't lie."


"Machi? It's a pleasure to meet you." He lifts his head towards the sky. "I guess this sounds stupid, but… do you think there's another world out there?"

"I've always thought there was a better place where everybody got along and nobody had to kill or steal or…" My voice trails off. I believed this when I was little. But it sounded weird, coming from a Ryodan member.

"Me too." Kurapika stretches out his arms. I catch a glint of steel on his right hand. No!

My mind is racing now. The Chain-Guy is Kurapika? Voices inside my head are buzzing.

No! he's too nice!

Fool! He hides it! He will kill you!

How can this be?!

Idiot! Carrying on a conversation with the guy who's gonna kill you is instant S-U-I-C-I-D-E!!!

I can't face the Genei Ryodan with this. They'd kill me.

Run away?

Track you down, then kill you.

Kill yourself?

Still suicide.

Tell Kurapika?

He would kill you

Tell the gang?

They kill him.

I kill him?

Do you have the will to do so?

I don't want Kurapika to die. Because…

I hear a deep breathing. Kurapika had fallen asleep. My cheeks flush pink as I kneel down next to him. Lowering my eyelashes and kissing him. Passionately.

Walking away, I decide I will die so he can live. Because… I love him.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

So! A Machi fic! I think she and Kurapika look good together, even though it's impossible.

Hisoka: Machi… *sniff* I hate you, Kurapika! You too, Princess Florea!

Ugh. I hate Hisoka.