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Summary: Sawada Tsunahime started to accept in her heart that she's no-good and began to lose her hidden radiance. Giotto, the awesome transfer student, has always lack a strong feeling in his life. Would this world-different people able to find that lost pieces of souls they searched? Fem27xGiotto! AU

Warning: AU (in setting, in time, and in plot), genderbend (Fem27), the lack of OCs' names (since they were SO minor), writing stuff?


"I don't believe in luck. I believe everything happens for a reason."
- Nelly


Sawada Tsunahime sighed and put down her bag at the table. School was so much of a torture for her and today won't be an exception. Usually it started with her late-coming (she didn't today thank goodness), then the annoying bell, the grumpy teachers, the tests, the isolation, go home, and the next day repeat. It's supposed to be like that, every single day of her school life, but that morning started quite different. The students, particularly the girls, were much more hyper than usual, forming groups and whisper amongst each other.

All she did was tilt an eyebrow, sat down, and wondering what the heck is going on. Apparently, from what she heard, there's a new transfer student coming. Of course she knew about his coming but she just didn't know why everyone's so hyped up about it. The teacher has notified them a few days ago and from what she heard, he's quite the big shot. Apparently, he just won some international speech competition or something few weeks ago. And with this information intact, it declared that whoever the transfer student is has nothing to do with her. She didn't really care about the news; moreover he's a senior, so, well, fat chance that she'll meet him at all.

Despite what she thought, she couldn't evade the position she's in. There she was in her seat, in one of the edge of the rooms, and she could hear the group of girls crystal clear, talking and chatting excitedly in their pack. Despite the distance and the fact she's not in the group, she could hear every word they said. And she didn't even have the supersonic ears or something.

"Hey, hey have you heard about the new transfer student? I heard that he's from Italy!"

"Yeah I also have heard of that! I even heard that he's going to be the new student council president!"

"Heeh… really?"

"And on top of that… he's very hot!"

"Kyaaaa~!" Tsuna sweat-dropped when she saw the girls all squeal together and one of them even hopped slightly. Tsuna almost rolled her eyes. The way they described the transfer student make him looked so perfect—there's no way someone like that existed in this world. Or at least she hoped. She really didn't want to be the only one unlucky right? And besides, how on earth did they have the information anyway?

Tsuna pouted to herself and couldn't help but felt that she's like an outsider from this world. It felt like no one has the same mind as her; her classmates has groups to themselves that talked about artists, boys, and other girl stuffs while the boys were out of question. She did want to be like one of them instead of being the only "alien" in the class, but she hardly find anyone that could understand her.

She did try to change though and try to be more like "normal". Like, wearing bracelets or accessories, going to party (she end up leaving fifteen minutes after it started), buying some posters (she didn't even know who's the artist she's buying), and other things. But still nothing changed. Everyone labeled her as Dame-Tsuna or No-good Tsuna, which hurt her but then grew out to be something usual. Luckily the fact that she's a girl make everyone didn't call her by the nickname so much, maybe only in gossips.

'… Maybe I am no-good,' she thought, her lips formed a tight line. 'That's why I barely made it through anything.'

A few minutes later of loud squeals and chatters, the teacher walked in and started the session. Tsuna sighed from her nose softly before she rested her chin on her hands and glanced at the window. Still, she's curious in knowing the transfer student that had made the whole school's atmosphere changed— just by rumors.

Few days later…

The days passed and Tsuna felt more and more alone than ever. Everyone was practically talking about the transfer student, who they said have been promoted to be the student council president. Tsuna felt amazed by the fact; he's really perfect, according to what rumors said, which was completely opposite of her. How could such person exist? The world wasn't fair most of the time.

She remembered how her mother has bugging her with questions about her extreme mood change which she just waved it off. There's really no point in blaming someone that done nothing wrong. She just hoped that the rumors will die soon, and things would go back to normal. It's not unusual that she spent mornings sitting alone, but it hurt even more to see the others ganging up and has fun and chatted without her.

She sighed and pick up her bag before exiting the still-noisy classroom. As usual, she'll set off to her "part-time job" after school dismissed, which was helping her mother on the kindergarten. It wasn't big or extraordinary but well, at least that's something she liked and has been doing for a few years. In her very imperfect world, she found a small relief among the children. Maybe because they wouldn't judge? Maybe because they looked up at her? Maybe because she just loved being accepted? Who knows—but she loved being there.

Tsuna climbed the stairs with faster pace but as clumsy as she was, she accidentally bumped into a taller figure when she's about to take a turn from the block. The impact was more than enough to make her fell on her bum and she could hear the voice of books crashed to the floor.

"Ow, ow, ow," Tsuna muttered as she tried to ease the pain on her bum.

"Are you okay?" a boy's voice said gently. Although it sounded so unfamiliar but with its perfect Japanese accent, her mind's relieved with the thought that the stranger couldn't possibly be the transfer student.

"I'm fine," Tsuna answered. When she opened her eyes, there were books scattered in the space between her and the stranger's legs. Tsuna shrieked before she leaned forward and pick up the books frantically. She hurriedly stood up and gave the book to the stranger but let her eyes stared down at the floor, not wanting to meet his gaze. "I-I'm sorry…"

"No, it's fine really-"

"Giotto! Is there something wrong?" a new voice called in distance. Tsuna straightened up a bit and saw a couple of boys run toward them. Tsuna gulped and her mind commanded her to quickly get out from there. Strangely, she's still not alerted by the foreign name 'Giotto'.

"No; nothing's wrong," the boy called "Giotto" answered back which make Tsuna slightly relieved. At least he's not angry, she thought but still stared down as the boys reached them. The boys, however, looked as if not going to let her go easily.

"Ah, Dame-Tsuna, why are you here?" one of them asked. She recognized the voice of one of the senior-bully that passed by her classroom from time to time (apparently to meet his girlfriend). She gulped.

"Ah, ummm, I-"

"Don't tell me that you've made trouble already with the new transfer student," the other one said. Tsuna's heart almost stopped when she heard that, 'Hiii! The transfer student? T-this person I just bumped is?'

"Hey, hey no need to pressure the girl, she has done nothing wrong," Giotto try to arbitrate them. Tsuna, feeling relieved and surprised that the stranger sided with her, looked up. What her eyes caught was a strikingly handsome, blonde teen with strong but calm blue eyes. She blushed hard; no wonder the girls were so noisy about the new transfer student! Her anxiousness quickly rose high again. Everything forgotten.

"Geez, if you say so…"

"Oi, Dame-Tsuna-"

"I… I'm sorry!" Tsuna cried out for the last time before she run and made her escape. In a matter of seconds, Giotto and the two others already lost sight of her. Feeling amused and puzzled at the same time, Giotto turned to the boys.

"Who is that girl?" he asked. The two boys glanced at each other with meaningful stares before looking at Giotto again.

"There's no need for you to know, really," one of them answered, waving his hands carelessly. Giotto mentally cocked an eyebrow.

"Just curious," Giotto shrugged.

"Well… she's a first year and her name's Sawada Tsunahime," the other of the two answered. There's a strange expression on his face and it make Giotto wondered even more.

"Yeah, but because she made her "debut" in the first day of school… she has been famous for being so useless in anything, and thus the nickname "Dame-Tsuna"," the other one continued.

Hearing the nickname that has escaped earlier, his eyebrow twitched and he fought the urge to frown. "Isn't that rude? What did she do that make you call her that?"

The two glanced at each other again. Then sighed. "Got to wrong classes for three times, zoning off when the teacher explains until she's tapped by the teacher, slipped on nothing, wrong uniform, chaos in cafeteria…" the boy counted with his fingers before he ruffled his hair. "Geez, should I list them all?"

"…" Giotto sweat dropped before turning his head to the direction where the girl gone. Though it did sound bad, but just now he saw her, she looked nothing that worth the nickname. Sure he couldn't judge by her appearance, but, well, she couldn't be that bad is she?

With Tsuna…

Tsuna panted heavily as she neared her destination. The white building was just few distance away but she couldn't be relieved. She face-palmed and blamed herself for being so clumsy, right in front of the new student—and senior. Gosh!

When the picture of Giotto's face came to her mind, however, she relaxed a bit; his face was so kind but yet he has that charisma of a leader, or at least someone that you could trust completely. It's so rare to meet someone like him, and that's probably why she's relieved when he's not mad at her at all. Then all of a sudden, she became panic at her own thoughts—now she has made a completely awful impression to the transfer student!

"But I should've expected this… these stuffs happen all the time; I really have no luck," Tsuna sighed and slumped her shoulders. As if answering to her statement, a heavy rain suddenly fell from the sky. It took a second for Tsuna to recover from the shock, 'Why is it always me?' She screamed in her mind as she ran to the building as fast as she could. She quickly sled the door and went inside before sighed in comfort at the warm air.

"TSUNA-NEE!" a group of children shouts greeted her, ending her peaceful seconds. Tsuna's now fully awake from her daze and saw the children crowded in front of her, with hands on their backs. Tsuna manage to put on a smile, even with the pandemonium in her mind still lingered. Seeing the kids' smiles quickly changed her mood to the better.

"Hey, how's today? Having fun?" Tsuna squatted to their eyes level. The children glanced at each other before laughed softly.

"We've go to the park!" one of them shouted.

"And we just get home!" the other added.

"Run as fast as we can to meet Tsuna-nee!" one of the girls ended.

"Me? Why?" Tsuna asked, trying to look more curious than usual. They glanced at each other once again before nodding and put their hands forward, revealing all kinds of flower; one of every kind. Tsuna blinked, then gasped, and a pure smile brightened her face. "Oh my gosh, are these for me?"

"Un! We thought that you would like them so we brought them home for you!" the girl, standing in front of the group said, giving the flower to Tsuna. Tsuna took it, still in awe.

"Thank you so much!" Tsuna smiled brightly as she sniffed the fragrance of the flower. It smelled really sweet. 'Aah… I guess my life isn't that bad after all…' Just as Tsuna thought about how wonderful her life is, a shocked cry came from one of the girls.

"What is it Angela-chan?" Tsuna heard one of the girl asked to the other one.

"Matthew's not here!" she cried. There were glances all around and it took a short ten seconds before all hell let loose.

"When did he gone?" one of the boys asked to the friend beside him.

"Umm… since just now?"

"Could it be he was lost when we got home?"

"Lost?" Tsuna almost cried out. The children's eyes were all on her. She gulped when she got the blank reaction from the little ones, "T-then we've gotta find him now!"

She quickly stood up in a jolt and took an umbrella. The children were crowding around her and it aroused her panic even more. She rushed in opening the umbrella as her mind trying to protest, 'Can't my life be good just for a moment? Why is there's always something that has to ruin the good moments?'

Just when the children starting to get more impatient and anxious, the door sled open almost in a slam, with a thunder adding the dramatic scene. There, in front of them, stood a figure with drenched uniform, carrying a boy in his arms. Tsuna heard one of the children shouted 'alien', the other 'assassin', and the other let out a long 'oowhh'. Tsuna herself didn't have time to think about the exaggeration of movie shows the children watched—because she's already too preoccupied with her own revelation.

She gawked. Then shrieked.


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Questions, questions, questions!

Q: You say that people rarely call Tsunahime as "Dame-Tsuna" bluntly because she's a girl, but why did the boys call her as "Dame-Tsuna" almost casually?
Because, let say that the boys (that's with Giotto) are more… "unfriendly", especially because she make trouble with none other than the new student *ahem* idol *ahem*.

Q: Why kindergarten?
A: Because this will be very real-life-like. Which mean everything will be very normal (in our world). So I guess a kindergarten teacher will suit Nana very well right?

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Q: Though you said that, but isn't it kinda jumpy? I mean Tsuna's character? At first she's very serious and conflicted but at the end is much simpler and straight-forward
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Q: Why Tsuna keep on panicking on Giotto?
A: Because she just made a mistake with Giotto on their first encounter, and just suddenly, he appear! And because the fact that she's labeled as "no-good" aka below average, while he's labeled as "the perfect transfer student" aka high above the clouds

Q: Auuuuw, but Tsuna still have her charm on children~
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Q: So is this in Namimori?
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A: Maybe yes, maybe not XD