'Lo dearest Stranger!

Deamus! Yay!

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The heavy breathing coming from the beds beside his own and the faint snoring from a bed on the other side of the room told Seamus Finnigan that his dorm-mates where fast asleep. Seamus rolled on his back and rested on his elbows.

"Dean…" he whispered into the darkness, he listened closely for a reply.

Dean Thomas held back a chuckle as he heard his name being "whispered" from across the room.

"Seamus, I know it doesn't come naturally to you but it would be quite helpful for you to keep your voice down," Dean said. He pulled back his heavy, velvet bed hangings.

Seamus smiled even though no one could have seen it. "Sorry, anyway, make room I'm coming in."

Seamus got out of bed and started to creep across the wooden floor, his steps muffled by his thick socks. He was almost to Dean's bed when a floorboard let out a long creek and startled him; he jumped into Dean's bed crushing the other boy in the process.

"OW! Seamus!" Dean heaved Seamus off him and chuckled, "Bit keen aren't you." Dean moved his dark eyebrows in a Mexican wave-like motion.

"Shut up. That bloody floorboard made me jump! It's never done that before!" Seamus said, his electric-blue eyes wide.

"You're an idiot," Dean laughed and Seamus smiled.

"So are you." Seamus kissed Dean's nose and the other boy swatted him away.

"Bloody nuts" Dean muttered to himself.

"Nuts about you, my love," Seamus teased in an over affectionate voice.

"You're so cheesy," Dean stated as he wrinkled his nose playfully.

Seamus sighed dramatically, "Just like your feet."

~ The End ~

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