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-At dinner that night-

It felt weird for Ulrich to be in such a huge place. He had gotten lost twice since Odd left him to get ready for dinner. He was right thought, he was living the high life now. His room was huge compared to where he has lived before, a king size bed, a few dressers. It was amazing. Luckily Odd had some clothes for him that would fit his part of 'Sir protector' or whatever. Maybe this wouldn't be to bad, after all Kadic was always a pretty peaceful place, there wouldn't be much need for him to fight, hopefully. He slipped on his 'formal' outfit but it was just a simple goldish colored samurai outfit, he was fine with it, he couldn't stand fancy clothes anyways.

It took him about 15 minutes to find the dinning room where two guards nodded to him as he walked in, becoming stunned at what he saw. Piles on piles of food were laid out around the table and the five chairs around it only three were filled. One with his best friend, who waved him over to sit with him, Aelita was on his other side and another boy with blonde hair and glasses, who seem to be taking to himself while writing a few things. Ulrich smiled as he noticed he wasn't the only one dressed down. Aelita was in some sort of tan and pink robes and the other boy in one like it but blue and white, Odd was. "Odd why in the world do you have cat ears on?" He asked as he sat next to his best friend. He was wearing cat ears and a purple shirt with black pants. It was nice to see him wearing something he would at home.

He noticed Aelita laughing when he asked it.
Odd just sent her a glare and rolled her eyes "Lost a bet and have to dress like my 'spirit animal' for a week." he mumbled before Aelita shook her head "Nope two. Remember we doubled it" Ulrich couldn't help but laugh as he sat down next to his friend at the table, the other boy making a growling noise.
"Yes Odd dressing like a purple cat is super funny" he mumbled and Ulrich raised a eyebrow, people didn't talk to him like that. He was about to stand up and give him a piece of his mind when Odd waved for him to relax. "Don't worry about him. Jeremy is too busy for fun." Jeremy shot his head up at that and looked at him from the top of his glasses.
"If I don't then who is? You Odd?" He shot back and the pink girl in between them started to get annoyed. "Will you two stop it! We are all gonna do what we can to help the king but for now just. CALM. DOWN." she said loudly, causing the three guys to sink in their chairs.

Everyone was quiet till someone else came in and filled the fifth chair. She had black hair that was chopped off at her neck and was wearing a red and yellow geisha. She would have looked nice if she didn't have a death glare on her face, aimed at him. "Who are you?" she said coldly.
Odd just shot up before he could. "This is Ulrich, he is a old friend of mine and a great fighter so you dad hired him as a extra hand with us." he said simply. Oh ya, he forgot about that. Ulrich only nodded and wave "Nice to meet you guys."
Clearly the girl was still not happy, but her look turned to Odd now. "We don't need protection. We know how to handle ourselves.
"Well your dad doesn't think so."
Dad? Oh.
"Your the princess" he said out loud, causing everyone to look at him. She only nodded and said "-Yumi." finishing off her name. He had heard of her. She was big news a few towns over when she turned down five marriage proposals in a week."And I don't need a guard." she said simply.
He couldn't help but chuckle a little
"But you do." he said simply, trying to live up to his role "Which is why your dad called for the best." he said with a smile to the girl, Odd smiling at him and giving him a thumbs up under the table. He did good.
The princess was not impressed though. "Your the best? Great then we are done for" she joked and everyone laughed but Ulrich, getting slightly flushed. The rest of dinner went pretty quiet as they ate. Awkward couldn't begin to describe how Ulrich felt. They had all finished pretty quickly, well except for Odd who had three helpings for himself. They all left after that, Ulrich last as he got use to his new home.

After dinner he didn't feel like sleeping yet so he went around the castle, seeing a few rooms. A library, a few meeting rooms, guards barracks, Something about the courtyard drew him back though. As he walked under the stars he noticed the practice dummies where still out and looked down at the sword giving to him that was attacked to his waist band. He pulled it out but stopped when he could feel someone behind him, whipping around to see Yumi there, raising a eyebrow at him.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked simply, still cold towards him.

"I...um-..well" he tried to say but came up with nothing, pushing the sword back in its holder. "No reason. Why are you out here?" he asked back as he carefully watched her.
"Training." she said nonchalantly as she walked around him to a flat arena and started her stances.
Ulrich easily recognized them.
"Pencak Silat?" he asked, her looking at him confused.
"Ya how did yo-"
"I've been practicing it off and on for years." he said before he could finish. Finally, getting a small inch smile from her. Finally something right!
"care to spar then?" How could he say no? He didn't want to hurt her but who knew the last time he practiced was.
He only nodded and got into stance like her "I'll go easy o-"he started but was cut off when she almost kicked him in the face, dodging it quickly.
"What was that?" she asked with a smirk as she flipped her hair back a little. Ulrich wouldn't admit it but this girl was good. He didn't let that same move get him as he moved around her, sending a kick into her back. The girl stumbled forward a little but instead of falling over did a hand sprain, setting her up right and before he could take in the action he received a kick to the face. His natural instincts kicked in and he pulled her down with him. He hit the ground hard and she hit him hard on the chest. Niether of them moved as he started to blush, her following in suit. They were both taken out of their trance when someone cleared their voice. They looked over and gulped. Odd.

"Nice to see you two already turning into love birds." Odd said with a evil smirk as Yumi scrambled off him, Ulrich pulling himself up. He had grass and dirt all over his back and in his hair.

"its not what it looks like" Yumi said first and Ulrich nodded "Ya we wer-"
"Save it love birds. No need to explain. Anyways night!" He said and walked off, clearly amused.
He would die later, ulrich thought as he looked at Yumi, still blushing "um..good fight"
"Ya you too.." she muttered back and looked around, anywhere but at him.
"I think I'll go to sleep...Good night" Ulrich said as he walked off, hearing a small "Night" from the girl. He made it back to his room without a problem and sat on his bed picking grass out of his hair. "Woh." he muttered to himself as he did. This girl was something else. He thought as he went to get cleaned up and changed clothes, going to sleep with one thing on his mind. Her.