Title: The Bug House

Summary: For Kangarooney's contest- Bumblebee's missing and the team are out searching for him. When they find out about a mysterious bug house, they set out to investigate. What mysteries awaits them and will they be able to find Bumblebee?

Rating: K+

Inspired by Batman: The Animated Series episode Tyger, Tyger

It was dark in the city, and the streets were nearly empty as a rouge car drive by. The car was small and yellow and was fortunately the small scout of the Autobots doing his nightly patrols.

::So far nothing out of the ordinary. Everything seems normal here::

::Alright, head back to Base Bumblebee and we'll call it a night::

::Will do, Boss-bot::

Bumblebee started speeding up a bit, heading back to base. As he headed there, a woman hiding in a ally ahead of him peek out to see him coming.

"Okay, he's coming." said the woman.

Once Bumblebee was close enough, she came out of the ally and ran in front of the minibot. "Help! Somebody, Help!"

Bumblebee came to a creaking halt before stopping a few inches in front of the woman. "Are you crazy? I could of run you over!"

"Please, please help!" cried the woman "I'm being chase by someone."

Bumblebee transformed into his robot mode and took out his stinger. "Where?"

The woman pointed to the long, dark ally she just ran from. "There! He was over there."

Bee nodded. "Don't worry, I'll take care of him. You just wait here."

The woman nodded and watch as Bumblebee made his way to the alley. Once he was out of sight, she smirked.

Bumblebee was on high alert as he look around the darker-than-usual alley. He didn't see anything or anyone out of the sort. He saw trash cans but those were normal. "Maybe she was seeing things. I mean humans can't see in the dark as well as bots can."

Bumblebee continue on searching for a little longer just to make sure. As he search, something hidden in the darkness was sneaking up on him. Bumblebee was just about to end his search when he felt a slight pain in his arm. He hiss before pulling the object out of him. He then turn when he heard something approaching him but his vision was fading him, fast.

"W-w-who's...there?" he said, slowing falling to ground. His body was going into stasis lock.

"Don't worry Mr. Bumblebee." said a voice. He was now face down on the ground with his body slowly shutting down. A figure came in front of his low vision, all he can tell was that it was human. "Just sleep, everything will be fine." And with that, Bumblebee's world became black.

The woman, after making sure Bumblebee was out cold, stood up and turn. "Okay, Beetle, he's out. Carry him, would you?"

A second being came out of the shadows but this time it wasn't human. It was a giant, metal bug; a beetle to be precise. The bug, Beetle, nodded before coming over and lifting the unconscious Bumblebee.

"We must hurry," said the woman as he jumped onto the bug. "The syringe is strong but it wouldn't last long."

Beetle nodded again. After making sure the woman and Bumblebee were secured it let out it's wing and started flying in the air, heading towards the woman's headquarters. The only clue as to what had happen here was the syringe bottle the woman had use on Bumblebee, left on the alley floor.


::Any luck finding him?:: asked Optimus over the comm-link.


::Sorry, Prime. No Luck::


Optimus signed. It's been a few hours since he last talked to Bumblebee and he haven't came back to base. When he try to comm him, he didn't answer. Now Optimus and the others were out looking for him. Unfortnately, there wasn't any sight of him. ::Alright, we'll search for a little longer before heading back to base::

::Roger that::

Prowl had took the liberty to go through Bumblebee's partol route. For the most part, he haven't seen anything out of the sort. He was about to retire and continue his search tomorrow when he notice the tire marks on the road. He stopped and transformed to get a better look at it.

"Hm." he said before looking around.

He notice the ally nearby and started looking around. He search around, headlights searching all over the place until it beamed something metal on the ground.

"What's this?" he questioned before picking up the strange metal thing. It was the syringe the woman had used earlier.


"From my analysis, this stuff is similair to the one Blackaranchnia use to turn Wasp into Waspinator." said Ratchet. He was holding the syringe Prowl had found. When he and the others got back to the base, he started to do some test to see what was inside it. He turn to the others.

"My guess is the shock of an unknown substance entering his systems cause the kid to go straight into a stasis lock. There were also some other chemicals, stuff that's probably from a sedative. So he'll be in stasis for a while."

"Long enough for someone to take him." said Prowl.

"So you're saying that he's been kidnapped?" said Bulkhead, worry about his little buddy.

"From the looks of it, I'm afriad so Bulkhead." said Optimus.

"But who will take him."

"Maybe the one who created the syringe in the first." suggested Prowl.

"I don't think Blackaranchnia is responible for this one, Prowl." said Optimus. "If she did wanted Bumblebee, she would of send the Dinobots."

"That, and she disappeared after that explosion." said Ratchet

"If it isn't her then who?" asked Bulkhead.

"That's a good question."