The Bug House


"I'm disappointed in you, Queen Bee."

Ms. Insect was pacing back and forth in her lab. Queen Bee was in front of her, looking like a child who caught doing something wrong and was now awaiting punishment. The two bug-bot, mantis and beetle, were in the room with them, watching from the sidelines.

"25 years of work in jeopardy. You should have rid the Autobots by now."

"But why?" Queen Bee ask "They do not mean any harm. They only wanted thier friend back." Even though she had fallen in love with Bumblebee in the short amount time they meet, she knew what they have done was wrong. She step forward to her mother.

"Mother, I know you brought him here to keep me company, and I'm grateful for that always told me that a queen should always do what's right for both her and her colony. And if that's true then...well, isn't taking Bumblebee away from his colony the wrong thing to do?"

"She's right."

Both Queen Bee and Ms Insect jump and turn to the enterance to see the Autobots were here.

"Queen Bee, we're not here to fight." said Optimus "We're only here for the antigene and the all-spark fragment."

The beetle and the mantis bots came from out of the sideline and charge at the Autobots. Bulkhead step forward and tackle the beetle bot while Optimus deal with the mantis bot.

"Stop them, Queen Bee. They're going to take me away." said Ms. Insect. She hid behind Queen Bee just as Prowl and Ratchet appoach them.

"This is out of your hands, kid." said Ratchet.

"He's right. Ms. Insect has broken the law, created crimes against nature." explain Prowl. He made a move towards Ms. Insect but Queen Bee block his way.

"Even so, she's our mother. She gave us life." she said.

"She wasn't the one to give you life, kid." said Ratchet "It was the fragment around you neck that did that."

Queen Bee was silent as she stare at the fragment that was around her neck.


Everybody spin around. Ms. Insect was holding a gun in her hands and she was pointing it at Sari and Bumblebee.

"This is your fault!" she said. "You ruin her!"

With the gun pointed at them, Bumblebee sheild Sari so he could take the hit instead of her. With his new organic half, the bullet could probably cause some more damage to him compared to when he was fully Cybertronian.


There was the sound of transforming and buzzing before Ms. Insect was stumbling backwards, the gun going off at the same time. Fortunately, the bullet miss both Bee and Sari. Unfortunately, the bullet bounce off the wall and hit a few chemicals, causing them to catch on fire. The fire quickly spread to the other chemicals near by, making them to explode and expand the fire. In no time at all, the fire had already became out of control.

"My Lab!" scream Ms. Insect, horrified that years of hard work was going up in flames.

"Everyone out, now!"

Everyone headed towards the exit, but Ms. Insect headed the towards the opposite direction, hoping she can still save some things in her lab.

"Mother!" Queen Bee flew after the scientist. There was a big explosion and the roof started to fall.

"Queen Bee!" yelled Bee. He then had to shield himself from another explosion.

"Come on."

Prowl lead Bee outside of the laboratory with the others behind them. Optimus and Bulkhead were both carrying the two bug-bots that got caught in the explosion. As soon as everyone was outside, there was a huge explosion. Everyone duck down to cover from the blast and debris that rain down on them. The Autobots look on as the bug bots that weren't inside the lab came out from thier hidding spots and started putting out the fire before it could spread throughout the forest. Bumblebee bow his head in sadness.

"Queen Bee didn't deserve this."

The others follow his example and bow thier heads as well.

"There's no need for that." said Prowl.

Everyone look at him as he pointed to the lab. They look towards the lab enterance only to see the flames coming from it. But as they look on, they can see a figure coming out of the flames. It was Queen Bee and she was carrying Ms. Insect, who was unconscious.

"Queen Bee!" Bee yelled happily as he ran towards her. She smile and stop in front of him.
"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." she said. "But I think Mother will need help." She look up to the others. "You will help her,...right?"

"Of course we will." smile Optimus. "We'll even help with the fire."

Queen Bee smile and nodded. "Thank you."

'A Queen has a dash of inspiration, a dabble of endurance.
She knows that she will, at times, have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them.
A Queen knows her past, understands her present and moves toward the future.'

It took about three hours but soon both the Autobots and the Bugbots were able to take out the fire. Once that was done, the Autobots aim to head back to the city. Ms. Insect was still unconscious but Ratchet said her injuries were minor and she should be waking up in some time. Even so, they plan on taking her to the hospital before handing her over to the police. Now, they were standing outside of the cave to the bug house they took before.

"Here you go." said Queen Bee as she hands Optimus the all spark fragment. "Call it a gift of forgivness for all the trouble we cause."

"No problem." said Optimus. "We're just glad everything turn out alright."

"Not completely." said Bee. "I'm still stuck like this."

Queen Bee came up to him and took his hands. "It's not so bad. You can always stay here with me and the others."

Bumblebee blush slightly and rub the back of his head nervously. "Thanks for the offer. But I'm more of a city bot than a forest bot, like Prowl."

She nodded. "I understand. Here."

Queen Bee wrap something in his hands before give him a kiss on his cheek. Bee blush madly as Queen Bee turn and headed back inside the cave with a few other bug bots following. As soon as he got back to his sense, Bee look back at his hands and unwrap it, revealing the antigene. He look up and call out.

"Hold on!" Queen Bee pause and turn to him. He smile. "If you want, you can always come by the base for a visit. You know, just to say hi. Right, guys?"

The question came out of no where for them as they studder with thier reply. "Uh...uhm...I"

She smile, blue optics gleaming. "Okay, I will."


He transform into his bee mode and kneeled down to allowed Sari to climb onto his back and up to around his neck.

"Well, see you later Queeny."

His appendages began flapping and soon they had disappeared leaving only the sound of buzzing. The take off was bumpy but soon enough he gain control and was flying in the air. The others were behind him as they all headed back towards the city.

Queen Bee stood by the cave enterance, watching them go until they were out of sight. As she watch a small bugbot, a labybug, came out from behind her.

"Queen Bee," it said in a young voice. "Are you okay?"

Queen Bee turn around and smile. "I'm fine, Labybug. I was just... thinking."

The Labybug bot walked up to her and suddenly transform into a bot that mostly looks like a little girl. "Don't worry my queen. I'm sure he like you, too." She came up to her and hug her by her leg. "And he said you can come and visit anytime. That has to be something, right?"

Queen Bee kneed down and have little Labybug return the hug. "You're right, Ladybug." She stood up and took Ladybug into her arms like a mother carrying her child. "Come on, lets head back home."

She headed back inside the cave where her colony was waiting for thier queen. As she disappear into the darkness of the cave, the final part of the poem play through her mind.

'A Queen knows the Creative Energy.
She knows that with this the world is her playground, but without she will just be played.
A Queen does not live in fear of the future becuase of her past.
Instead, she understands that her life experiences are merely lessons, meant to bring her closer to self knowledge and unconditional self love.

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