Dear diary

My name is Sarah Baker I'm 15 years old and I have 11 brothers and sisters. There's Nora Charlie Lorraine Henry Jake Jessica Kim (first set of fraternal twins) Mark Mike then Nigel and Kyle (identical twins.) I'm 10 months younger than Jake. Where still in the same grade. His birthday is in September and mine is in July. So we started school together. Some people thought we were twins but then they saw are birthdays and under stood we weren't. But any way I wanted to say something but I can't say it out loud. The thing is I actually like him. You know not just in a sibling way. Like more of a couple way. It scares me. I try and not act different when I'm around him. And it seems to work. But today where going back to Lake Winnetka. Well I got to go. I'll write more when I can.

Sarah Baker.

Once I was done with that I put it in my suite case. I take my suite case down stairs and put it in the back where all the luggage is anyway. I go back inside and sit at the table with some of my family. The only kids that are down here are Charlie, Henry, Mike, Lorraine, and Me. I sit down in my usual seat next to Jake.

"Sarah what took you so long to get down here? Busy writing in your diary about boys." Henry asked me. Everybody looked at me. I just glared daggers at him.

"No I was packing." I say

"Sarah you were done packing last night." Charlie said.

"Well maybe I wanted to pack something else is that a problem." I stand up and leave the room. I go and sit on the couch in the living room. I notice people coming in there.

"Sarah are you ok?" Jake asked

"Yeah I'm fine." I say. Jake sits next to me on the couch. Mike sits in my lap.

"Come on kid's time to get in the van and go to the lake." Dad yells

We get up and go to the van. I get in after Jake and we head to the back of the van. I am sitting in between my two favorite brothers. About an hour into the ride I was asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep but when I woke up I was laying on Jake's shoulder. When I move he looks over ad smiles at me.

"How long was I asleep?"

"For about an hour. Were about to stop at dairy queen to get lunch cause everybody is hungry." Jake says. About 15minutes later we pulled into DQ. We all got out of the van and went in line I was one of the first ones to order since mom says let the girls go first. I order a cheese burger with fries and a soda. Once I order I step to the side. Everybody orders and I get my food first and go sit in a booth. Next person comes and sits across from me is Lorraine. Then Jake sits next to me then Mike sit's next to Jake. Loraine moves out of the booth so Charlie is sitting across from me and then she move back on the booth and Henry sits on the end.

"So Sarah what took you so long to get down stairs today?" Charlie asked

"What" I ask. I took a bit of my cheese burger.

"Charlie I told you she was writing in her diary about boys." Henry said. Everybody laughed. I just push my food away I ask if I could get out. They all looked at me.

"What I have to go to the bathroom." I say they all move out. Once I get out I take Henry's cup and poor his soda on his head. I put the cup down on the table and walk out of DQ. I walk out to the van and just sit down.

"Sarah Baker why did you do that to Henry?" Mom asked me.

"Because he is in my business and I'm tired of it." I say I then notice Jake and Mike come out with all of our food.

"Fine but don't do it again." Mom said walking away. I roll my eyes just when Jake and mike get there.

"What did mom say?" Mike asked.

"Don't poor drinks on people again." I say. They laughed. We all sat down next to the van and just talked about stuff. Once everybody started to come out to the van Mike took all the trash and threw it away. Henry kept giving me an evil look. I got into the van. I was sitting in the same spot as before. When henry got in I saw he had my diary. Once he got seated he started to read it. I was about to jump the seats and practically punch him. But Mike and Jake held me back.

"Give it back henry" I yell

"No you spilled soda all over me you deserve this. Let everybody know your secrets." Henry said. As he was saying that Mike was sneaking up to the front and grabbed my diary. He came to the back and gave it to me.

"Is the stuff in your diary that bad you can't show us?" Jake asked. I shake my head No. "So you wouldn't mind if I read it. He said taking my diary. I grab it.

"No you can't read it." I say.

"Why not?" Jake asked


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