Scales were shattered and scattered all over the cabin's floor. Battered and bruised, King K. Rool was beyond himself with rage. Seething rage and nothing else. He bared his teeth, hissed, and growled. Unusual considering his usual gentlemanly ways, he was now acting like a feral animal as he snapped at the Kongs' feet. He had just missed his chance to steal the crystal coconut on his own for the umpteenth time and was now lying on the floor pathetically. Diddy and DK pinned the large crocodilian king down. He resisted heavily, to little avail.

"Give it up, K. Rool," Diddy squeaked as he pressed his foot down on the defeated villain's scaly head. "You'll never win."
DK nodded tentatively in agreement but eventually coaxed Diddy to get off. The small monkey obliged and Donkey Kong went over to confront K. Rool face to face, taking for granted that he would probably get bitten.
"We'll let you go this time, just 'cause I'm too chill to just lay this banana-slamma deal on you today. It's the weather, ya know?"
He had a point. The weather was pretty nice today. No rain, just sunshine. It wasn't too hot or too cold, but just right. K. Rool spluttered in defeat, not knowing how to react.
"It's not fair," he whined, pouting pathetically.

DK sighed and stood up from his kneeling position. "I know. It's this villain gig of yours that makes others hate ya! Maybe you should… y'know? Chill out?"
"Never!" K. Rool shouted angrily as he scrambled to his feet, gave Diddy a filthy glare for trodding on his head earlier, and hissed at Cranky.
"I'd rather drown in a puddle of my own spit."

As if to emphasize his point, he spat at DK's feet, who inched back cautiously, notably disgusted. As the portly crocodile dusted himself off and adjusted his cape, he went towards the cabin's exit, not paying any of the Kongs or the crystal coconut any more attention. He looked back one time at the cabin with the big monkey face on it before shaking his head and taking the nearest lift down to the lush forest floor. He gritted his teeth.
"Quit villainy… tsk!"

Once he had finally reached his own hideout, he slumped down on his 'throne' and sighed heavily. He placed his head in his palms and began thinking about a lot of different things, such as whatever was on his mind at the time. But mostly about his last defeat.

"Oi, King K'Rool, sir? How'd it go, your high 'n' mightiness?"
Out of the shadows, General Klump came hurrying, carrying a bunch of groceries. Apparently, he had just done some shopping and had just returned. Obviously, he was curious as to whether his King had failed or succeeded this time. A sigh from the other was all he got and thus he came to know that, like always, K. Rool had failed to steal the crystal coconut.
"C'mon, now. Keep yer chin up," Klump hollered as he put down his goods and scurried over to his King. He seated himself right next to him on another seat and wrapped an arm around him.
"We'll be winners too, sometimes. I know we will."

He neared his King's snout with his own and gave it a few tender licks. K. Rool smiled a bit and rested his head right under his loyal General's head. He could feel his heartbeat. Soft and comforting…
"Thanks, General." Smiling a bit, K. Rool closed his eyes. "Did I mention how much ya mean to me today?"
Blushing a bit, Klump shook his head. "Nuh-uh, your Majesty…"

K. Rool yawned. Loudly. It was… sort of unflattering. His General smirked a bit, softly brushing a claw against his ruler's chin.
"Silly King. Don't worry. We'll be victorious. Some day."