(I don't own Bittersweet Candy Bowl, and the plot for this first storyline is based after the first story that ever featured the Joker, this prologue takes place shortly after chapter 68 of Bittersweet Candy Bowl, AKA December.)

DECEMBER 25th, 2012: 11:47

It was a cold day in Roseville, most people chose to stay indoors and enjoy the company of others, or in some cases just go out and get drunk.

Poor Lucy didn't have either option.

She'd had what was without a doubt the worst night of her life, her heart was broken by a boy she thought was her friend, who also claimed that nobody else would want her, she could have tried to see if he was right but feeling the way she did now she didn't care.
All she cared about was heading over to a bridge and ending this trouble once and for all.

She'd walked for some time now and she'd finally neared the bridge.

Lucy was alone (or so she thought) when she neared the edge of the bridge, she looked down at the large drop between the pavement and the ice that'd spell an end to her troubles.

She looked to her left and right to make sure nobody was looking, and as soon as she was sure nobody was around she began to climb over the railing and was about to leap into oblivion... when she felt a wire wrapping around her arm!
"I wouldn't do that if I were you, if someone else had seen this they'd think you were doing harikari."
The voice sounded as if it was laughing at her, mocking her for her troubles, and at this Lucy growled and turned to see just who had shown up.

The person who addressed her was a man, one who was wearing a grey outfit, it consisted of a longcoat, a fedora (or something similar), grey pants, a grey shirt, grey gloves, and a balaclava with red lenses covering the eyeholes and a sort of gasmask over his mouth and nose, and (no surprise here) it was grey as well.
"Young lady, I don't know who you are, but do you have any idea of what you're doing?"
"I-I-I know full well what I'm doing... I'm putting an end to- "

"Hold on kiddo, why would you want to- oh" the man had stood a little at attention as if he just realized something, he bent down again and asked a different question "you weren't heartbroken were you?"
Lucy began to sob again after being reminded of what Mike had done to her earlier, the man muttering "I'll take that as a yes."
The mysterious figure stood up at attention and took a look into Lucy's face, it took the cat about a couple minutes or so before she noticed he was staring at her.

"W-what" she wiped away some of her tears before speaking again "are you doing?"
"I can see your spirit kiddo" the man replied "it's untrained but I can see it, the soul of a warrior waiting to be born."
Lucy was confused, she didn't think of herself as anything tough, much less a warrior (though she acted like she was something else at times.)
"I've dealt with heartbreak in the past too" the man continued, not waiting for a response "but let me tell you this, it's not worth dying over, though it does feel bad.
"But there's an easy way out of it, if you're stronger, you can stop feeling like shit over ruined relationships."

"And how am I going to do that?" Lucy asked, finally speaking to the mysterious man.

"I could train you, you have quite a bit of potential and if you vented your rage towards the criminal scum that rules the streets, you could put your frustration to good use, plus the job of crime fighting can do numbers for one's self esteem."
"So how about it? Will you join me?"
Lucy had been moved by the man's speech, and, by the heat of moment made a choice that put her on a new path…


Lucy sprung up from the nap she'd been taking, Yashy had been trying to get the TV remote from Chirpy again and had woken the teenaged cat up.

It had been some time since she agreed to become Longcoat's (the name of her then-mysterious savior and now mentor) apprentice, and during this time she'd learned quickly enough to even surprise her master.

Still, while she'd grown rather strong she was nowhere near his power level, though he did believe she was good enough to fight crime without his help at times, he even gave her an outfit she could use and gave her the handle of Ice Queen.

The handle was rather fitting as she was serious as opposed to the vigilante from another world, who tended to crack jokes at the expense of whoever was fighting him.

Lucy blinked again and realized she was still rather sleepy and decided to try and catch some more sleep, but just as she began to nod off something happened.

The TV's screen suddenly changed to a simple grey background with a question mark taking up place in the center of it.

"What the- the cable must be whacked or something" Yashy muttered, attempting to change the channel by means of remote…only to learn that it was on every channel.
"Greetings you insipid couch monkeys" a computerized voice rang out, the cold tone giving Lucy a small sense of uneasiness.
"I have interrupted your little "quality time" to issue a simple message."
"At exactly twelve o'clock, midnight, I will kill Henry Claridge and steal the Claridge diamond! Any attempt to stop me will be futile, so I'd advise everyone out not to try it, this is not a personal attack or a threat, merely a promise. The Cryptic has spoken!"
When this was finished the screen changed back to a show about a sadistic doctor, as if the station hadn't been hijacked to issue a death threat.

"What the Hell was that about?" Yashy muttered "I was missing my- where are you going girl-kitty?"
Lucy stopped her attempt to go out the door to answer Yashy's question "I have an errand to run."

Upon answering this she ducked outside and snuck off to a secluded area.

In a way she was telling the truth, she was going to run an errand, what she didn't tell the bird is that she was going to out to stop a maniac…as the Ice Queen.