(I don't own Bittersweet Candy Bowl or the story that inspired this storyline, the Silver Sentinel also belongs to Blade100, and that character is just an alternate version of Mike, but unlike the version Blade100 uses, the events of December happened on this Earth.)


In the allyways of Roseville, a young girl (a mouse) was running for her life.

She'd had a modeling job earlier and was on her way to it when large vines upset the car she was in, and to make matters worse, vines began to burst out of the ground around her.

She'd had to leave the car and run for her life from what appeared to be a series of sentient vines that wished to kill her.

She'd been running for about ten minutes, the look of fear on her face being a sign of how unbelievably scared she was of what she was dealing with.

As she began to wonder what was causing her current misery, she didn't notice a vine had managed to reach her leg and grab her.

The girl fell flat on her face as the vine wrapped around her right leg, as she struggled to get up the vine lifted her up into the air, as she did that three more came out to grab her left leg and arms and held her up in the air.

While she struggled to figure out why this was happening, something large burst through the ground…a large sunflower that had a familiar looking figure sitting on it.

The figure looked up at her and coldly said "You took it from me."
Not bothering to explain what she meant, the figure slightly moved one of her fingers and then the vines yanked back and ripped off the mouse's arms.

Letting out a shriek of pain the mouse fell to the ground, as she lay there and bled to death she realized something.

She realized where she saw the girl that had murdered her before.

Too bad she wouldn't live to tell anyone about it.


"GET IN YOU FUCKWADS!" Yelled a large and black furred sheepdog to the two German Sheppards who worked with him, the trio was currently running from some crazy woman attacking their boss, and they didn't want to be around when she finished.

Their boss was a pimp named Lenny, and a notoriously vicious pimp; he was busy assaulting one of his whores when he learned she was trying to leave his posse.

It was about then though that shit went sour, until that day none of them believed that the vigilante known as the "Ice Queen" existed.

Just as their boss was about to try and kill the whore (a poodle) a female cat in a grey outfit leapt off of the pub they were near and began to savagely beat the man.
She was currently attacking their boss when the thugs got to the Cadillac their boss drove.
No sooner had they gotten to said Cadillac they yanked open the doors so quick they tore them off.

Just as they began to drive off the sheepdog looked into the mirror and saw that the Ice Queen had just roared out of the allyway their boss' currently bleeding and knocked out form was laying in.
"We beat her" one of the German Shepherd (the sheepdog could never remember their names) excitedly yelled, thinking they were safe "She can't get us now."
The sheepdog though was a tad suspicious; she wasn't even trying to run after them.

At about that moment an explosion came from beneath the car and flipped the whole thing over.

As it hit the ground the sheepdog could feel his body in a good deal of pain, the others had either fallen unconscious or dead (not being able to tell from his position.)
He could feel a nasty lump on his head caused from hitting the car's roof and could feel himself succumbing to the blackness.

Just before he went under he was sure he could hear two people talking.

"How'd I do?" Questioned Daisy, wanting to know if Lucy's teaching her how to perform timed attacks had sunk in on her.

Longcoat wasn't able to train Daisy today (having taken her in as a second apprentice the previous month after Lucy convinced him to, he accepted it surprisingly well, for a reason that struck her as rather crazy…"The more the merrier") due to his attempts to find (and capture) a gang known as the Third Street Saints, he wasn't having much success though due to an unfortunate tendency to get ambushed by gangs of Mexican wrestlers.
"You did it too soon" Lucy said "If you'd done it about a second late they'd have died from the crash.
"Still though, the timing was pretty good even if you failed to do it at just the right time to ensure bodycasts for all of them."
Daisy's ears drooped down a little with sadness for her failure "I'm sorry, what are we doing next?"
Lucy rubbed her chin a second in thought "Longcoat said I should help you improve in fighting, he said that…hang on, I'm hearing someone from around the corner."
No sooner had she spoke, Lucy quickly jumped off the dumpster Daisy had hidden in and leapt up to the roof top of the pub they were behind.

Daisy hurriedly leapt onto the dumpster and was about to leap up onto the roof…when Mike came from around the corner.

Lucy was very glad that Mike didn't hear the facepalm she was giving herself.

"Uh…hi Mike" the sheepish Daisy said to the secret crimefighter.

Mike's eye was twitching a little as his mind tried to work out why Daisy was standing up on a dumpster as if she planned to leap up to a building or something…while there was a wrecked, flipped over car with at least three unconscious dogs in need of medical attention inside it.

After trying to work out why she was there (and ignoring LEGACY's odd suggestion that she caused the explosion) he just settled for asking "What are you doing?"

Daisy's mind blanked out for a second as she tried to make up a good lie to hide what she was doing there…unfortunately lying was never one of Daisy's strong points.

"Well…I was trying to practice my gymnastic routines" she lied.

"With a wrecked car right next to you?" Mike asked, wanting to know why the police weren't there.
"Actually I was doing this while I waited for the police to come" Daisy lied, reminding herself to call the police once she'd left.

"Oh, you want some com- excuse me, my cell phone is ringing."
With that, Mike hurriedly slipped right around the corner and went right out of Daisy's sight.

No sooner had Mike left Daisy, Lucy jumped out down to the ground.

Jumping on the walls for a safer rate of descent, Lucy made it down rather quickly and rejoined Daisy.

"What are you doing? Mike might not have left."
Lucy was still paranoid of Mike, and her efforts to avoid him had been getting more grandiose, the previous day she'd pulled the fire alarm as a means of escape.

"My hacker device" Lucy began, referring to a device Longcoat gave her that allowed her to 'hack' electronic conversations "Was listening in on Mike's head, another one's been committed."

"Another what?"

"Another plant murder" Lucy sighed "I'm afraid there will be no more training today…"