(I don't own Bittersweet Candy Bowl or the story that inspired this storyline, the Silver Sentinel also belongs to Blade100, and that character is just an alternate version of Mike, but unlike the version Blade100 uses, the events of December happened on this Earth. And I don't own these leprechauns either, they originated in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)

The Park: 4:24 PM

"How much longer are we supposed to be here?" Daisy asked Lucy as they hid in a tree, in costume.

Lucy (also in costume) said "Long enough for David to get here."
"What makes you think he'll be here?"
"Because" said the Ice Queen, pulling out a tablet computer from hammerspace "David's stupid enough to fall for this."
She activated it and switched to her e-mail, displaying spam she got that told her to head to the park and get some gold.
"I think this is connected to those leprechauns said to hide in the woods and mug people with a rainbow machine."
"I thought they were on Longcoat's world?"
"Same here but…Wait a minute, David's coming."
Both girls shut up as David walked right beneath the tree.
"Oh boy" he cried out, believing himself to be alone "I'm gonna be rich! And then I'll be a babe magnet!"
"Fat chance" Lucy muttered under her breath.

Lucy looked up and noticed a rainbow just appeared and was moving towards David "Alright Daisy, now's our chance, on the count of three leap with me."
"Alright" agreed the sidekick, crouching down to prepare for a leap.
"One" Lucy counted, noticing David's confusion that there was no gold.

"Two" she said, focusing on the rainbow.

"THREE!" She yelled out (much to David's surprise.)
Like a pair of bullets, Lucy and Daisy shot out of the tree and into the rainbow.

A mysterious force within the rainbow itself pulled them up in an arc towards the woods a mile away.
David blinked in confusion before grinning perversely "Damn. Those are two hot pussies." He remarked, not realizing how inappropriate that pun was.

Lucy and Daisy landed (on their feet mind you) in the forest and saw a large pile of junk collected by the muggers.

Three leprechauns looked up at the crime fighters in surprise "Yep" Lucy said, a grin forming "I love breaking up pyramid schemes…"
Of course though, she should have been across town, for unbeknownst to her a murder was about to be committed.

The allyway behind a strip club: The same time.

It had been a month since Katie was imprisoned in Ravenwood Asylum and ever since there's been an ongoing power struggle among the cliques.

And on a hot Summer day like this, Sadie Hawkins (currently running one of the biggest of said cliques) loved to go out and mock everyone who had less money than her.

This sexy young calico had been enjoying herself with making fun of a lot of people (including Lucy, who'd made a mental note to smash her car later) and had left her posse for a second to light up the reefer she kept in her purse.
She lay down next to a dumpster, puffing on her joint and not having a care in the world…not hearing the footsteps approaching her.

"Enjoying yourself?" Asked a creepy voice out of the air.

"Fuck off" muttered the alpha bitch, not caring at all.

"Well that was rude" the voice said "That was very rude."
Sadie was about to insult him again when she felt a pain in her gut, looking down she saw a knife stabbing into her gut.
Now she didn't feel much, but the sight of the knife was enough to instill what some call 'instant sobriety.'

So she did what most people would do in this case.
She screamed like a little girl.
The invisible being then began to drag the knife upwards towards her heart "You shouldn't have mocked her" he babbled "She really hates being mocked."

As Sadie's eyes began to close for good she heard screams of terror from down the ally, you see er screams had drawn a crowd of curious onlookers

The Ice Queen might not have shed tears over her death but soon she'd find a reason to investigate this murder…

Author's Note: Now I'd like to address the anonymous reviewer. I know you had some complaints about the previous chapter about the action, but in my defense I was trying to add more action to make it a fitting climax, just like before. This next storyline won't have as much action but there's a good reason for that I'll address later. On another note I'd like to reassure you that under no circumstances will this Fic be stopped until it's done. I plan to finish this and though it may slow down with some updates, it just means it won't be out for a little bit.

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