(I don't own Bittersweet Candy Bowl or the story that inspired this storyline, the Silver Sentinel also belongs to Blade100, and that character is just an alternate version of Mike, but unlike the version Blade100 uses, the events of December happened on this Earth. I don't own anyone except Longcoat.)

Slums: 4:37 AM

Daisy might have lost some sleep over the slaying of a bunch of gangbangers but Lucy wouldn't at all, especially given the fact these ones had a fondness for rape.
That said, when our heroine got there she was genuinely disturbed at what she saw.

She was looking over the scene before the police got there and Daisy was playing the role of backup on the roofs.

"Good God!" Lucy exclaimed as she examined how some of the gangbangers were shot "This was no ordinary killing. Whoever did this was jumping around like a flea."
The Ice Queen pulled out a surgical kit and began to eye one of the bullet holes "Let's see what our friend likes for killing."
Lucy got to work in removing a couple of bullets, doing her best to get them out without damaging the body enough to hinder those who later examined the cadavers any more…

Longcoat's Lair: 9:14 AM

"And you couldn't have come here sooner, why?" Longcoat asked in a joking tone, referring to how long Lucy had waited before coming to him.
Lucy yawned "I told you already, I had to nap first…I don't know how you stay awake so long."
Longcoat shrugged "Beats me, I never really thought about it. Sometimes I can go all night. But sometimes I get some kinda energy crash'r something and just fall asleep after a long time.
"I'm just glad criminals are too terrified of my methods to even think of harming me when I'm asleep."
Lucy tried to think about a catty remark she could give about that but decided against it and focused on the bullet she was analyzing.

As far as she could tell, it didn't belong to anybody. The bullets didn't match up with any known shell in the registry, there were no recently reported ammunition thefts, and if Lucy didn't know any better she'd have sworn they were homemade.
Problem with that however was that these bullets were too good to be homemade, the presence of some rare metals that were illegal in most countries and trace amounts of depleted uranium gave her the impression it was from some military prototype.

So unless a military company was directly funding this guy for some reason Lucy didn't have any real idea where they came from.

"Goddamn it." She muttered "There's nothing here. Absolutely nothing that could lead me to this son of a bitch."
She pounded her fist against the analyzing table in frustration, Longcoat saw this and chuckled to himself.

"Lucy. There's a very easy way to do that…just wait until he shows up again…"

The next day: First National Bank: 2:34 AM

After its attempted looting by Alejandro three months earlier, the bank recovered from the damages as if it hadn't even been harmed at all.

The men and women going about their everyday activities (making deposits, taking deposits, or in one case banging a secretary over their desk) were oblivious to the danger roaming around them.

This danger came from a cat who slinked inside wearing a red hoodie and a trenchcoat, and while some were suspicious of him nobody would realize how right they were until it was too late.
The cat had a large bag that (to the observer) looked like it was full of money, coins to be precise.
As you might have already guessed, it was none other than Johnny Silence.
Johnny spied a vacant bench and sat by himself, calmly watching people go by.
"What a lovely day" the killer thought aloud, casually feeling the pistols in his jacket "The scenery for a doomsday."
The cat calmly stood up, cracked his knuckles…and then pulled out his guns, proceeding to shoot a pair of men dead.
It took the people about two or three seconds to realize what had happened but by then he'd sent about four more people to the judgement.
Security guards rushed in to try and restore order only for six more bodies to join the dead.

Pandemonium reigned as Johnny Silence continued to massacre the pedestrians trying to escape…but it wasn't long before he heard a sonic boom and realized…

"Ah, the shining knight returns" he muttered as he reached over to his bag and pulled out some gun components. Hurriedly assembling them like his immortal soul depended on it.

The gun was assembled in half a minute, and it took about half that time for Johnny to pull it up…and shoot Mike (as the Silver Sentinel) out of the air, mere seconds before he would have punched him square in his piehole.
Mike (who didn't at all expect to get shot down) hit the ground and dragged a large trail in it. As he struggled to get up he heard another shot and a large chunk of the ceiling fell on him.

"Ah. Did you know a little secret herr cat?" Johnny Silence chuckled as he skipped over towards the fallen hero. "It is often victory that defeats people."
Johnny Silence smirked beneath his mask as he placed his gun right up to Mike's temples…and then turned to shoot Sandy (as the Golden Guardian) out of the air as well.
"And now we have both the beauty" Johnny chuckled, pointing towards Sandy "And the beast" said he, this time pointing towards Mike.
Johnny Silence's hidden grin began to dull however when he realized that he just shot the only other people there.

"Oh fuck. It seems all our company has left. Is there nobody left to kill?"

But there happened to be about six police officers in the surrounding area and Johnny's little rampage had set off every burglar alarm you can think of (and even some that you can't.)
And it was about then that they chose to make themselves known.

"This is the police!" Came a voice from outside, broadcasted by police loudspeakers "We have the bank surrounded!"
"Hmm. Speak of the devil" the masked cat chuckled as he reloaded his pistols "Time to spread the word. The word of Johnny Silence!"
As the cat strode off to commit more murders however he didn't realize what he was about to bring down on himself…

Longcoat's Hideout: Three minutes later.

"Calling all cars!" blared the police radio as it continued to broadcast the sign Lucy was literally waiting for all day "There's a hostage situation at the First National Bank! Perpetrator seems to wear a mask and has already killed all the first responders-"

There was more but Lucy had heard all she needed to. As she turned off the radio she pulled on her mask and began to head for the exit.

This criminal was about to get a taste of the Ice Queen's fury…or so she thought.

Author's Note: To answer the question of the anonymous reviewer, as far as my pairing taste goes I was originally Mike/Lucy now however while I don't rule that out (unlike some fans of BCB) I personally think any of those pairings (save Lucy/Jessica) could work, I don't really have any personal preference in this category. And for that update you anticipate, it could be sooner than you think...