(I don't own Bittersweet Candy Bowl or the story that inspired this storyline, the Silver Sentinel also belongs to Blade100, and that character is just an alternate version of Mike, but unlike the version Blade100 uses, the events of December happened on this Earth. I don't own anyone except Longcoat.)

Back at the Bank: Ten minutes later

Johnny Silence was having the time of his life.

And Johnny being Johnny, his idea of 'time of his life' involved the mass murder of the many policemen sent to capture him.
So you could pretty much guess what he was doing right about now.

"Like fish in a barrel" the cat chuckled as he forced a bullet through the skull of a fat pig (literally, his species was a pig) "Today couldn't get better could it?"
Now here is where a little thing called 'tempting fate' comes into play, because Lucy had been hauling ass to catch the gun totting metahuman (or metafeline in his case) and it was about then that…

Lucy's bike had zoomed right in and smashed right through the wreckage of a police car Johnny had shot the Hell out of.

Johnny turned to face the bike as it roared in, barely managing to dodge what otherwise would have been a fatal collision.
The masked cat whirled around and landed nimbly on his feet. Lucy however had the unfortunate mishap of getting her bike stuck in the wall.
Johnny cocked his head to the side. "What's this now? A little pussy that's lost her way?...Or is it something grander?"
The creepy inquiry by the carnage causing psychopath didn't faze Lucy as she got off the bike and turned to face him.

Lucy sized up her opponent and noticed that the cat was lanky but also well built too, he didn't look like he could have pulled off the alley massacre looking the way he did without powers.

Not knowing how powerful he was, Lucy chose to take it carefully and took a careful combat stance.

Johnny Silence chuckled mockingly "The Ice Queen I presume? You look…whiter than I expected."
Lucy didn't even flinch, Johnny took note and reached to draw a gun.
The second he tried to draw the gun though Lucy lunged towards him and prepared to throw a punch right in the face of the (presumably) genetically altered killer.
Johnny however had no intention of pulling a gun this time, rather bringing up another fist to punch Lucy square in the face, sending the Ice Queen out of her maddened flight.

"Look before you leap little kitty" the masked loony said as he stood over Lucy, keeping his guard for her inevitable counterattack.

Now she wasn't unconscious but she wasn't going to take this laying down.

Quickly, she attempted to use her legs to sweep Johnny clean off his feet.

Johnny already knew what was going to happen and instead backflipped to avoid the sweep, unintentionally allowing Lucy to stand once more.

No sooner did Lucy get up when Johnny rushed over and slugged her clean in the jaw.

Lucy fought through the pain and attempted a quick punch to Johnny's head only for Johnny to dodge and instead sucker punch her in the gut.

As Lucy staggered back Johnny zipped right over and smashed her face into his knee.

When she tried to recover, Johnny slugged her in the face but this time grabbed her by the mask.

Johnny held her about level to his face and sneered "Pathetic. I haven't even broke your soul yet."
Drawing his arm back, he threw the Ice Queen back several feet. Lucy hit the ground hard, and as she began to get up Johnny began to walk off towards the remaining two cops.
Both policecats were previously entranced by the fight between both masked metabeings and barely had any time to react before bullets tore through the air and their heads, forcing their brains out onto the ground.

As Lucy began to get up, she could hear a car screeching off and knew without any doubt at all…that Johnny Silence had gotten free.

Longcoat's lair: Two hours later.

Lucy was sad, not sad like she was last year when her life changed, but instead she was sad that she couldn't stop Johnny in a fight. Nobody could do that, and the only person who came close was Augustus but he was dead now (or so she thought.)
Slumped in her mentor's chair, Lucy was wondering how the Hell she screwed up. Longcoat's training had changed her in more ways than she'd admit, it turned her from an angsty little tsundere to a force of justice that virtually every criminal in the city was utterly terrified of.

And yet she got beaten up like a cheap whore with a pain fetish.

As she sulked over the defeat, the napping Clover woke up from his sleep and walked over to the white furred warrior, carefully hopping onto her lap.

The tiny monster lowly whined to draw Lucy's attention, the cat began petting Clover as she brooded.
"Now I know how you felt when Longcoat tamed you. Helpless, utterly help-"

Lucy flew right out of the chair after Longcoat seemingly charged out of nowhere and rammed right into the chair.
While cats normally land on their feet, this kitty didn't and as she got up she saw (upside down) Longcoat as he stood right atop the chair he'd capsized.
As Lucy began to raise up Longcoat yelled out "Who the Hell do you think you are?!"
The cat blinked "Huh? What the Hell is this about?"
"Lucy" Longcoat began "Did I not teach you how to fight? How to be a badass powerful enough to make crooks across the city fetch their brown pants the moment they see you? Did I or did I not?"
Lucy, while still confused answered him "Uh…yes?"
"Then why are you moping? So one lousy cricket beats you up, that's no reason to pull a Shinji!"
At this Lucy was confused again "A shinji?"
"He's an anime character, long story shot it means that you're being a whiny little emo bitch!"

Longcoat pulled something from behind her ribbon from behind his back "Tell me Lucy, do you know what this is?"
The cat tried to give her answer "Uh…My ribbon?
"WRONG!" Longcoat yelled "This! Is! Your SOUL!
"So you were beat! So some lousy bottom feeder beat you, well that should fuel you! Prepare you for the next fight! Just pick yourself up and carry on!"
As Longcoat finished up his outburst he tossed the 'borrowed' ribbon to Lucy "Don't you realize that while you sit here, that maniac could be murdering dozens of innocents? And you could've stopped him?"
Longcoat began to talk again but Lucy had began to think, yes she was beaten, yes she was humiliated, and yes Johnny had escaped but that didn't mean failure would follow her for good.
Somebody had to stop this lunatic, and only she (and possibly Daisy) could do it.
"Get me a gun" Lucy said, interrupting Longcoat's speech "It's time to hunt."
Longcoat smiled beneath his mask as Lucy got up to prepare for what would soon be her showdown with Johnny Silence...