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Carson (now revealed as Johnny Silence) was genuinely surprised Lucy had figured him out but soon thereafter he smiled and said "Congratulations Ice Queen, I didn't think you'd find out about how radioactive mascara-"

"Oh shut up!" Lucy groaned "You did not go crazy because of toxic makeup, you did not gain powers from poisonous beauty products, and one thing they most certainly didn't do is install a fucking voice box in your chest!"
Johnny looked down at his chest, Lucy had him there "Well he had to remove the lisp somehow" admitted the crossdresser turned psychopath.

Lucy smirked "So somebody did make you. Who was it?"
"That I do not know" Carson said "But it doesn't matter what he is…what matters is his plan."
"And that is?" A somewhat scared Daisy asked, clutching her staff nervously.

"Killing you of course."
Carson hurriedly began to draw only to find that this time Lucy's reactions outdid his in the sense that she actually leaped down and beat his drawing time with a kick to the hand.

Lucy had prepared for this battle by watching all the footage of people with superhuman reflexes she could find. So currently she was able to actually time his gun draws perfectly.

What she didn't count on was accidentally smashing through the wall.

Carson and Lucy tumbled into the next room, taking advantage of Lucy's momentary confusion he attempted to regain his footing and stomp her face in…unfortunately for him though Lucy chose to make like a true cat and used her claws on him.

The extensions of bone bit clean into Carson's flesh, it hurt like Hell and he couldn't get out without tearing up his own flesh. Shocked by how easily she got him he lost it and sank his claws into her.

The two were fighting like a pair of tomcats over a lady cat, Lucy being determined to stop him and Carson being determined to kill her.

As the literal catfight ensued their clothes were getting ripped up and Lucy knew that if this continued her outfit would be destroyed and her identity exposed.

Noticing an opening, she withdrew her claws and delivered a hard sucker punch to his gut.

Carson tumbled off and quickly twisted through the air, preparing to face his opponent.

Lucy herself got to her feet just as quick and barely managed to fend off a pain fueled charge from him.

She'd caught him and was barely managing to restrain his claws from landing directly in her throat.

Struggling against the force of Carson's hand Lucy threw her fist right into the supercriminal's mask, smashing about half of it and heavily cracking it.

This was the breaking point for him, the Ice Queen was a bit disturbed at how Carson suddenly went completely berserk and slashed her face.

All that was hurt was roughly half her mask, but Lucy could tell this had gone on long enough.

Within her head was a pool of rage she'd had since birth, while she was still a violent girl her true fury had been suppressed quite a bit…until now.

Roaring with fury she punched Carson hard enough to send him flying across the room (which was a relatively small living room that had no more furniture left after its previous residents had chosen to vacate.)
Rushing over in a rage induced fury, Lucy pounced upon him and began to beat him in an incredible fury.
Carson's already battered and beaten body looked like shit, Carter's beatdown was known by all as particularly brutal but Carson got it even worse, and just as he went unconscious the Ice Queen was about to continue when she heard a voice that chilled her to the bone.

Lucy looked up from her work and saw Mike was looking right at her. Daisy was looking right at her too, and while both were surprised it was Mike who looked genuinely hurt.

Mike was shocked, of all the people he thought was the Ice Queen, Lucy, his friend until the previous year wasn't one of them. True they both were violent and the Ice Queen showed some signs of mental instability but he still never thought this.

What happened, what did he do that drove her to become this?
He looked down towards Snowflake and then realized something else.
Daisy leapt back in surprise and scorn, the latter of which surprised Mike as she seemed genuinely mad at him. Even though she helped him get out of the bear trap.
"Get back!"
"But what's-"

Daisy drew her staff again and glared straight towards him "Haven't you done enough to her?!"
The Silver Sentinel wondered what she meant by that, while he was wondering a realization struck him and his helmet slid down.
"I-I-Is this about l-last year?" He shiveringly said.

Daisy's mood didn't change "Yes. Lucy needed help Mike, she was actually trying not to hurt you…"
"Look, I was only doing what Sandy suggested. I just misin-"

"SHE TRIED TO KILL HERSELF YOU ASSHOLE!" Daisy yowled. Mike was taken aback by this.

"What?" He lowly shivered "Sh-sh-sh-she tried-"

"Yes she did" Daisy "And it was your entire fault. YOUR FAULT! If she hadn't been stopped you'd have a lot worse than just breaking her heart to pay for.
"I became her partner because I wanted to help her after she saved my life. And because she needs help, I know I wasn't built for this kind of life but somebody needed to do something. That's what friends do Mike, I used to love you…and all I see now is just a bastard who nearly killed a girl who needed love more than all of us."
Mike was stunned, he knew he'd hurt Lucy but never before did he know just how she took it. He felt like throwing up but had to continue.
"But Daisy. I-"

The clicking of a gun being cocked filled the air and attracted both the attention of Daisy and Mike. Slowly turning their heads both of them were shocked to see Lucy aiming a gun at him with tears in her eyes.
"Leave" she said, in a voice so low she could barely be heard.

"But Lucy-" Mike began.

"Leave!" Lucy snapped "The bullet in this is jacketed with a vibranium and adamantium alloy. Even with your helmet on this will still crack your head quicker than light itself. Leave! Now!"
Mike tried to speak again but when he looked into Lucy's eyes he could see not the friend he'd hurt but rather a girl who really wanted the boy who tormented her gone so much she'd kill him.

This made him feel even worse. Knowing he could do little else he recalled his helmet and flew off through the roof.
As he flew into the night, Mike was shocked, saddened and disturbed. Just what had happened? Why did Lucy become the Ice Queen? And how…how could he have caused all this?

Mike knew then and there that just one act of anger caused pain for both of them, he couldn't take it back and Lucy was more hurt than he could have imagined.

As he flew off, he soon got out of range…not hearing the sobs of Lucy as she cried back in the building, with Daisy comforting her.

"It's okay Lucy" Daisy assured her, hugging her gentlely "I'm here. I'll always be here for you…"

From an unseen hiding place, Augustus scowled "Well. At least he worked better than the others. I just need to find a way to get him and the others out of Ravenwood.
"And the Ice Queen shall get melted…"