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Lucy was shocked to her core, Augustus was standing right in front of her. No longer just an unpleasant memory, but a visible threat with her most feared enemies at his command.

As shocked as she was Lucy was still able to ask that all important question.

Augustus realized where her line of inquiry was heading and explained "I can swim, you dizzy broad. The fall may have hurt a bit" he wriggled his fingers "But as you can see, I'm perfectly alright."
"Then what's this?" She snarled "A revenge play?"
"Not really. Revenge is a bit small for my liking; I simply wanted to prove we weren't very different.

"And you haven't disappointed me; don't think I haven't noticed the increasingly worse brutality of your methods."
Lucy's fur grew even whiter when the shock of this revelation dawned on her.

Not waiting for a reply Augustus continued "My sights have grown higher in the past few months you know. I'm beginning to wonder why simply petty thievery was a good idea."
"And creating monsters factors into this how?"

There was a chuckle from the mastermind as the aforementioned monsters stared at their leader with awe.
"You see Lucy in addition to being the smartest criminal you'll ever meet I'm also a hacker, and some time ago I hacked a government server and discovered a hidden cache of defective super serums used in the Cold War for creating super soldiers.

"Figuring out how to rework some was easy, childishly simple. Getting people too stupid to question orders but able to perform incredible atrocities was a different matter.

"After much consideration I figured I'd get best results from the school. Specifically from people you knew, like your stalker Carter who I made homicidally determined to please you, Katie, the alpha bitch who envied anyone with beauty, and Carson the crossdresser who once wanted the same man you desired."
Augustus pulled a small vial out of his hat, inside it lay a green mist that Lucy could just smell evil on.

"This gas is one I devised myself, I got the idea from the crazy clown of Gotham City. Except instead of causing death with a smile, it simply drives people insane. It's so precise it even allows me to program just how it manifests, sometimes it's temporary but in the case of my new buddies hereā€¦"
The cat began to laugh evilly and was slowly joined by the rest of his murderous minions.
"I-I will stop you" Lucy snarled, though this promise was mostly to herself.

"No you, like, won't" Katie purred in a mocking voice.

"You underestimate the magnitude of what is to come" Carson sneered.

"You'll pay for breaking my heart!" Carter roared.
"And you can't stop us, chica" Alejandro snarled as he stomped over towards Lucy.

"Unless of course, you can fight the madness within you!" Augustus cackled.

Lucy realized what Augustus was about to do pretty quickly and attempted to get to her feet, only for vines to wrap around her arms and pin her down. To make matters worse, Alejandro pressed his massive foot down on her. Rendering her completely immobile.

As she struggled helplessly, Lucy could do nothing but look as Augustus kneeled down and placed his crazy gas vial right under her nose.

Leaning over to her ear he whispered "Sweet dreams."

The vial was broken.

Lucy's eyes widened in horror as the vapors filled her nostrils, she couldn't move, she couldn't think of nothing but fear and her worst enemies stood around her hurling insults.

She'd lost.

It took about a minute for the gas to work, Augustus decided they were done.

"Alright, let your foot off. She shouldn't be a problem for a few hours at least."
"Could I rape her?" Alejandro growled as both his foot and Katie's vines left her.
"Alejandro, we've been over this before. I don't want her harmed any further, that will ruin the game before it begins."
Carson cleared his throat "Mister Roman, I think we should get out of here. You yourself said we were on a schedule."
"Yeah, and I need to get my hair done" Katie whined.

Augustus looked down at the Ice Queen "True, we are indeed on borrowed time. I've set up the game anyways, so we may as well begin."
Augustus began to walk off into the night, and towards a bus his minions had taken earlier that day.

Alone and undisturbed, Lucy lay on the ground for a good half hour. Twitching and frightened.

For the crazy gas she inhaled was intended to put her in a fear based coma, and this was just to kick off Augustus' crazy scheme.

But after her half an hour two pairs of feet were walking towards her.

Longcoat and Daisy looked down at their friend with shock and horror.
"Ah Hell" muttered their mentor "This can't be good."
Little did he realize how right he was.

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