(I don't own Bittersweet Candy Bowl or the story that inspired this storyline, the Silver Sentinel also belongs to Blade100, and that character is just an alternate version of Mike, but unlike the version Blade100 uses, the events of December happened on this Earth. I don't own anyone except Longcoat.)

Downtown- 9:34 AM

It was morning, and in Paulo's mind this was probably the last sunrise he'd ever see.

When Augustus announced his psychotic desire he'd gone out on the streets to make sure his friends were okay, and while he did avoid the psychotic street gangs for the most part he'd finally ran out of luck.

He was trapped in a large herd of people, with a large number of gangbangers around, taunting them as their leader (a black cat with a colorful headband) gave some kind of speech about how 'Their deaths shall be their entertainment' or something along those lines.

He knew exactly what was about to happen, these maniacs would kill him and everyone here.

At least, that's what he thought until the sound of a motorcycle began to rise over the sound of the violent thugs.

Looking up, Paulo watched as their would-be killers looked away from them and towards something that filled them with drove in, she seemed less like a lady cat and more like some dark force of vengeance,
The thugs tried to react to this with shooting their unseen terror, but before they got the chance, the Ice Queen burst out and apparently bashed the leader's face with a bat as she passed. Paulo had never seen her before, but he wasn't disappointed. As a dark rider bound for one destination with the goal of wreaking out justice on Augustus.

To his surprise though, she didn't stop. People in the crowd struggled to get out of the way, and she just drove past.

Paulo's awe wore off with horror when he realized she'd left them and the thugs were about to have their way…until he heard more motors and saw two more riders.

One of them appeared to be the Ice Queen's sidekick Snowflake but the other one appeared to be male and wore an outfit similar to the Ice Queen's, the male also had some bizarre creature sitting behind him.

As the thugs scrambled to meet them, Snowflake leapt right off her motorcycle, causing it to swerve right into several gangbangers, knocking them over.

The male did the same kind of thing, only he leapt straight up in the air and grabbed the creature as he did so.

"Sic him boy!" He yelled out, hurling his beast like a baseball towards the leader as he stood up.

The creature latched onto the man's face like a Xenomorph facehugger and began attacking him, clawing and biting his face off.

Some members of the crowd, inspired by this great display of badassery, began to attack their captors though most of them just ran.

Paulo looked on in amazement as both superheroes proceeded to beat up the thugs, which despite the looks of things seemed hilarious one sided (and in the favor of the masked heroes.)

He had something of a grin now, perhaps his luck hadn't ran out just yet.

This grin dimmed however as he noticed a very large swarm of gangsters began storming out from all the other streets, from the looks of things about 50 from each street.

The girl noticed and looked worried, the man however…

"Showtime Bitches!" Yelled the man, proceeding to pull out a large machine gun from behind his back.

Paulo thought this was it, but as surprising as it sounds this was not the most dangerous fight in town.

Swan Hotel- 9:45 AM

Augustus had already received a call from his men, the Ice Queen was out on the streets trashing his men.

Most crooks would be in shock and fear at this.

Augustus wasn't though, he was in glee at how the Ice Queen had chosen to join the game, and she didn't disappoint.

He was looking at security footage of the lobby, the Ice Queen's motorcycle had just burst in. The glass windows shattered and she knocked over a goon standing too close to them.

There were several men in the lobby and all of them were useless against her.

As she jumped off the bike, she lunged right towards the first man she found and punched him hard enough to send about half his teeth out.

Augustus knew he'd pose no trouble, nor the others as she beat the holy Hell out of them.

He was especially fond of how at one time, she knocked someone down put the man's legs between hers and smashed them together.

That guy would be lucky to receive anything less than a limp.

He knew though that she couldn't use the elevators after how his men preformed some modifications to the roofs so her only option would be the stairs, which were heavily guarded.
This defense would crumble at her but he knew this already.

Looking up from it and back at the other supervillains (who were in the room with him for an hour or so) he said two words that made clear she was there.
"Prepare yourselves."

Downtown- The same time.

Longcoat was enjoying himself amongst the chaos.

While Daisy, Clover, and the various bystanders who'd had enough of this chaos were struggling against the zerg rush of thugs but he'd already broken about 43 spirits.

Currently he was performing an impromptu tap dancing routine atop the face of an iguana that thought he could beat him.

"HAHAHA! Now this is the life!" He yelled out, casually punching out a goon in the process.

His battle crazed glee however dampened a little when he looked down another street to see another wave of thugs…and an armored car with guns and blades attached leading the pack.

Daisy took note and her spirits dropped (while also bashing a cat in the jaw who was trying to grope her.)
"Oh no! Now we're in for it."
"Like Hell we are!" Longcoat roared.

Quickly reaching behind his back, the superhero pulled out what looked like a massive bazooka and also a submachine gun.

"Alright you bastards, let me show my ultimate technique.

Daisy didn't even know what to think as a giant drill larger than the gun itself fired out of the gun and smashed right into the car.

The car exploded when the drill hit and much to Daisy's own surprise the cats inside didn't die, rather getting thrown about.

Picking up on Daisy's confusion Longcoat added something "Safety shot, that and it was specially placed."
Turning back to the angry mob he slid to the ground and shot up the knees of everyone in the front of the angry mob.

Perplexed further Daisy asked "Wh-what let you do that?"

"Fighting spirit!" Longcoat yelled out while pulling out a large flail "And some stuff I got from an alternate future. C'mon Snowflake, let's show these losers a better helping of it."
Longcoat rushed forward into battle with a battlecry that could get him mistook for an ork. While Daisy was less battle crazed she shrugged and charged forth with a similar cry.

Clover however just continued to bite people's faces. And Paulo was currently trying to fight off somebody with a lead pipe…while Clover was biting his face.

Yeah, Paulo can't fight all that well.

Swan Hotel- 9:55 AM
Lucy was a tad tired and pretty pissed, she'd had to run up a stairwell and beat up about fifty men on the way up.

Not to mention a little pit stop on the past five floors.

But now she was at the penthouse, and very soon Augustus would be in a body cast.

As she opened the doors, Lucy stormed right in.
The room was large and empty, resembling a Roman plaza with a semilarge fountain and a staircase on both sides. But in a few seconds Augustus walked out of the chamber near the top of the staircase. And he was followed shortly thereafter by Alejandro, Katie, Carter and Carson.
Augustus had a wine glass in his hand and casually sipped it as he smirked towards her in contempt "Ever heard of something called hygiene?"
Lucy was having enough of this and pointed towards him "Augustus you bastard! You've terrorized everyone in Roseville, you put me through hell, and you've done all this just to get your jollies. I'm going to beat the holy hell out of you once and for all!"
"That may sound good on paper" Augustus said, sipping again "But you forgot my bodyguards. Are you going to beat them too?"
Carter had had enough waiting and turned invisible. Lucy could hear the footsteps and snarled "Oh there's no way I wouldn't, I heard of what they did because of your tricks."
She could hear a small grunt as Carter leaped and to the surprise of all present she raised back her fist and cleanly punched him right out of the air.
"Like how Carter sliced up a bunch of firefighters on 9th street when they tried to put out a fire he started in an orphanage!"
Carter turned visible after the blow but that wasn't all, the force caused his helmet to crack open and for him to fly right in the fountain.

Carson took the initiative and quickly drew his pistols at her, two bullets flew from his guns but Lucy quickly backflipped away from them.
"Or how Carson shot a family and made them bleed to death?"
Pulling a grenade from behind her back she hurled it at them. Carson's eyes widened behind his mask and he shot the bomb…but unfortunately for him it was already close enough to hit him.

The blast sent him flying backwards into a wall, knocking him out. Augustus and Katie were spared by hiding behind Alejandro.
Augustus realized it'd be a good time to leave and gave orders to the others.

"You two hold her off, I have to attend to the machine."
Zipping back inside the room, Alejandro roared furiously before leaping towards Lucy in a feral pounce.

Katie also jumped down, and as Lucy leapt out of Alejandro's grasp a massive Venus Flytrap burst through the floor.
"Don't think you'll stop me" the Ice Queen hissed "You, Katie, you may have killed those innocents in the hospital earlier but you don't have a prayer of stopping me when mad."
She nimbly dodged a hammer like blow from Alejandro's meaty fists as they slammed into the floor "What about me then chica? You couldn't even dream of stopping me."
Lucy's mouth rose up in an absolute snarl "And YOU!" She howled "Are the absolute worst! I know what you've done, you've eaten babies, you've stomped pregnant women and raped God knows how many unfortunate souls in this Hell! Even if Heaven itself forgave you, I wouldn't! Not even if my own life depended on it!"
Alejandro smirked as he leapt up into the air "Now that's more like it!"
Lucy said nothing, rather pulling out a detonator of sorts "No it isn't."
She pressed the button and a large explosion rocked the floor.
"What was that?" The frightened Katie shrieked.
Lucy leapt up just in time to avoid Alejandro's pounce "The past five floors collapsing, you seriously thought having the previous floor completely filled with dirt and seeds would save you?"
As Alejandro hit the floor, he cracked it and through a quite small hole realized Lucy was right and the floor had vanished beneath them.

It was then that he noticed the hand grenade Lucy had left on the ground.

With an explosion, Alejandro slid through the floor and into a five story drop. And given both his weight and velocity he'd fall a lot further than that.

Katie, being of very little brain looked on in shock like a deer when it meets a car. Not noticing Lucy was coming out of the air until she'd stomped right on her, punching her out as she flew to the floor.

As everyone had been beat, Lucy stormed clean up the stairs and burst into the next room. And what she saw shocked her.

On the floor were two things, one was a large machine that Lucy guessed generated the force field.

The other was Sandy. Bound and gagged on the floor in her nanite based battlesuit.

Lucy looked at Sandy in surprise, before her very eyes lay on of the people responsible for her near suicide.

Sandy's helmet had been smashed open some time ago and as she looked up Lucy could detect a sense of fear, evidently Mike must have told her about Lucy's alter ego.

As she looked down, she heard a noise that sounded like both a jet turbine and a motorcycle engine revving up. Noticing a balcony the Ice Queen ran towards it just in time to see Augustus fly off in some kind of air traveling motorcycle.

Lucy saw a second one there and deduced that he obviously intended for her to follow, and against Lucy's better judgment she decided she'd do so.

After she dropped the forcefield, they'd need more people to control the riots.

Lucy walked right back in the room and was about to try and figure out how to turn the machine off, when she heard some muffled speech from Sandy.

She was about to ignore her when it occurred to her, Sandy might have seen how it operated and save her precious time.

Walking over to her rival (who was long time unaware of this) Lucy pulled the ball gag out of her mouth.

"How do you turn this off?" the white furred cat coldly asked, skipping any niceties.

Sandy was a little worried but replied "It can't, not through the controls. You have to destroy it. My suit told me."
There was a moment of silence between the two as Lucy began to fish through hammerspace for some high explosives "Lucy…" Sandy began, struggling for words "I-I'm sorry."
"About what?" the Ice Queen growled as she began to set the charges.

"About your trouble, I-I didn't intend for you get hurt."
"It was your advice that caused this Sandy, and Mike's nothing more than a cold hearted bastard. You two deserve eachother."

"Lucy. I did tell him to confront you-"

"But I've been trying to get him to fix things with you the whole year."
Lucy was confused "Huh?"
"When Mike told me about how he called you out, I was furious. I was upset that you hit him but to be honest, he went too far with saying nobody loves you.
"For the whole year I've been trying to get him to apologize, to try and fix the problem I started. But somehow when he did try he could never reach you, even when he did see you all you'd do is run from him.
"I feel really bad about what happened, and Mike does too. Remember the night when he found out you were the Ice Queen?"
"How could I not?" Lucy groaned.
"When I saw him that night he was sobbing, sobbing without stopping at all, and when he told me what happened, how you threatened him;he really hurt you. And until then neither of us knew how much he did. I know it isn't equal to all the suffering you've had…

"But I'm sorry. I really am."
Lucy was rarely awestruck or surprised these days but she was just plain blown away at this. She didn't realize this, she may have been aware that either Sandy or Mike was a bit sorry but she didn't think they were completely repentant.

As she stood there, Lucy looked at the chains binding Sandy and could instantly recognize them as the kind that used small electromagnets to restrain technology based criminals.

Lucy pulled out a buzzsaw from behind her back "Hold still" she said to the somewhat scared Sandy "This won't hurt a bit; I just need to free you."

Having reassured her, Lucy put the saw on the cuffs and began to tear them away. In a matter of minutes she freed the Golden Guardian from her binding.

As Sandy stood up Lucy turned back to the machine "Where's Mike?" She asked as she began to attach the timer to the plastic explosives she'd planted.

"I don't know but Augustus took him earlier, just before he left I overheard him saying that 'A man should die in his home'"

Lucy stopped a second "He's going to kill him" she said, a sense of dread coming over her.

The Ice Queen ran off towards the balcony "Activate the timer and handle the riots. I'll get Augustus."
"Lucy!" Sandy cried out.
The grey clad guardian turned to see her saddened face "Please" she asked "Please make sure he's safe."

"I will" Lucy said as she ran back to the other sky-cycle.

Finding an ignition key within it, our heroine turned it on and prepared to fly out.

Augustus was finished. He may have realized it but come Hell or high water she would ensure he'd pay for his evil, now more than ever."